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Elitism in India: Policemen have become Personal Guards of the Politicians!

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Started: 5/13/2015 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I am speaking For the motion,

Indian society has been divided into two parts, the HAVEs and the HAVE NOTs

HAVEs are the Politicians, Policemen and the Bureaucrats. HAVE NOTS are everyone except them, And they have bricks thrown at them.
And that is the reality of India today.

I raised this topic because today itself, On 13 May 2015
Because today in Delhi,
A mother was taking her two school going children to school for a Parents"-Teacher"s Meeting, when a policemen asked for Rs.200 bribe, because a red light she jumped. And when she spoke against the bribe, the policemen took a brick to throw at her. When she further protested, he even threw it at her from a 3 feet distance which fractured her hand. The brick could have even hurt her head and it could have been a serious head injury.

First thing of shame, that the police had the audacity to throw a brick on a citizen.

Second thing, this policeman should have been arrested immediately, but is arrested only after a lot of noise has been made by the media.

Thirdly, I will support to call it a Culpable Homicide, because the injury to the head of that lady could have lead to her death. And the policemen should be acted upon with that crime.
But he was not, he was merely suspended. He will join after some time. What fear are these policemen having?

If he would have been a Politician or a Bureaucrat who jumped the red light, the Policemen might just have given a "Salaam".

The well-aware voters themselves decide whether it is a rare occurrence or a daily reality in the country of the intolerable behaviour of police officials?
The police which was meant to be protecting us, now we are needed to be protected from their atrocities on us!

As the slogan of Bharatiya Janata Party was before elections that, "Acche din aane wale hain!"
The "Acche din" (Good days) have come for MPs and MLAs and Not for the Common Man.
Corruption has become so endemic in the country, that a policeman considers his right to get the bribe or he will put some charge on you.

And even when caught and voice is raised against these cops through our powerful media, they are merely suspended and not sacked. So, they later return to their jobs and can again become a menace to the public.

Look at the Elitism in the country,

MLA's children drive around on the main roads in Vijaywada celebrating their birthday and violating the law, breaking red light signals in front of Policemen and the policemen says nothing. That"s how they are treating the Politician"s kids.

Second case comes of, a Bharatiya Janata Party"s MLA Rustam Singh who slaps a toll-booth officer on highway when he asked for the toll tax.

There are in-numerous such cases showing the Elitism of the Politicians and Policemen working as their Personal Body-guards.

But the Policemen still stick on their regular mind-set that the simple citizen is to be used, is to be taken bribe from and is to be beaten.

Police is not for the people, with the people.
Police is for the Elites and with the Elites.

Here, I conclude my case. Thank you for reading!

Expecting some strong points with certain good examples from the Con.


Thank you Instigator for this debate. I will just like to add that i am not familiar with these events nor with the current situation in India but i will give my 2 cents for this debate.

Job Ethics
You might add that police is bad due to ... But i will say that at the end of the day that individual will take off his cap and his uniform and go home to his wife and children. As you can see here he might be a completely different man after that "mask" falls off. I do not believe that police is the correct term to blame in this situation. I will presume that the individual is responsible. Since police in essence, has the responsibility of a civil force responsible for prevention and detection of crime, i do not believe that these individuals are policeman. They are a deviation of that task.
Debate Round No. 1


I think so that Con has not read my Argument in its entirety.

The cases presented are not one but many and have got repeated in-numerous times in many years.

I will like to take my Argument further and add a few more recent details:

There is a chief minister in the State of Haryana in India, this minister had a convoy. The convoy killed a pedestrian on 3rd of March and all walked away without anyone of them undergoing any sort of legal procedure.

Another Example, a minister in India named Azam Khan, asked the police cops to search for his buffaloes which were lost. The Police is meant to serve the citizens and not to search the lost buffaloes of a politician, especially in a country where there are so many better issues to solve and are pending since years in their Police stations.

Policemen are not ready to search for a Car or any other valuable property of any normal Citizen, but they have got time to search for the buffaloes of a Politician. This is a very popular case known to anyone aware with Indian News and Politics.

In April 2013, the Assistant Police Commissioner of Delhi slapped a young girl at least four times inside a hospital because she was protesting against the rape of a 5 year old girl. The girl even got an intense injury in her ear due to that slap and the policeman was suspended for a few days.

Had that policeman slapped a ruling party politician instead of that girl, would the policeman would have only been suspended for a few days or thrown out of the service? The answer is clear; he would have been thrown out of service.

Indian National Congress' leader and a leading Indian Politician Rahul Gandhi's convoy were allowed to hold up the traffic for 5 hours because of his road show.

What else will we consider it, if it is not Elitism in India making Policemen, Personal Guards of the Politicians!


Hence, the argument given by Con, "I do not believe that these individuals are policeman" goes wrong, as the cases are so many in number and even more cases with further details are available in the given site in Reference, if someone wants to see.

As there are so many cases occurring frequently, this makes it very clear, that it is not the individual, but the powers given to them as policemen in India make them work in such a ruthless and rude manner towards Normal citizens who do not belong to the Elite group. The parliament needs to pass laws regulating the behaviour of the Police force.

If the cases would have been a few in number, we would have certainly taken into consideration the nature of the policeman as an individual human, But the cases being so many in number which clearly makes us believe that something is wrong with the regulation of police force in entirety.

Here, I would like to rest my case with the conclusion that Elitism in India has made Policemen, Personal Guards of the Politicians!

Thanking you all!

Vote Pro!


I have read your arguments in the first round. That is why i covered the individual not the function of it. A person who is a sniper or an assassin does not mean that person is a murderous psychopath. He or she might be living among us and you will have no way of knowing. The cause of this is due to the job requirements. As i mentioned, the "police" is not the same since a policeman is a civil force (for the civilians) So when you say that policeman have become the guards of the politicians it is in fact not true. It is a different job title (disguised by the police name) that has become corrupted to do what you mentioned.

Bottom line, police are not against the civilians but on the contrary. The people who you are calling "policeman" are in fact a deviation of that role. You may call it bodyguards.
Debate Round No. 2
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Reasons for voting decision: I award Pro spelling and grammar because Con constantly missed punctuation. Con kept spelling "I" as "i". "Since police in essence, has the responsibility of a civil force responsible for prevention and detection of crime, i do not believe that these individuals are policeman." - here, "police" is considered a common noun in vague sense of the word, and singular "policeman" is used instead of "policeMEN". Con's arguments were of bare assertions. Con cites a *personal* belief and says they don't believe that such people are policemen, but Pro shows that the fact is they do have a job in the police force, hence are policemen. Con says they are a deviation of that role, but Pro demonstrates that they nonetheless have the specific occupation mentioned, and Con's kritik is, thus, unfounded. Therefore, arguments and S&G to Pro. As always, happy to clarify this RFD.