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Embryonic Stem cell research should be legalized

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Started: 5/18/2015 Category: Science
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Do you know of anyone in your friends or family that has a mental or physical defect that affects their life? More than 134 million parents, children, and friends across the United States have one form of serious mental or physical deficiency. Specialists have found a likely cure for AIDS, Alzheimer"s, ALS, blindness, and even cancer. However, those who have very strong ethical and religious views have hindered the specialists and patients that could be helped by this "Universal cure". Stem cell research has been a large issue of debate since its discovery some 30 years ago.

Even with so many good effects that can come from this misunderstood subject, many people still oppose it. It is our job as a generation to push back the paranoia and the risks, and together we might just cure these millions of people who need our help. If we could cure even a fraction, we would be one step closer to a world without disease.

What is a stem cell?
A stem cell is the cell from which an embryo, it generally multiplies for the first month until it differentiates into the different types of cells such as brain cells, skin cells, nerve cells, and so on.
How can a stem cell be used?
An extracted stem cell may be given chemicals in order to convert into any type of cell in the human body. Once a single cell has been converted, it will continue to multiply until a full organ is made.

What are the benefits of stem cell application?
Unlike extracting organs from the deceased or the living to give to critical patients with organ complications, stem cell research can make the organs inside of any well-designed hospital, reducing the risk of damage to the organ from transportation, the critical time needed to get the organ to the patient, providing more organs into the hospitals so there would be no "waiting line" and reducing he effects of rejection from the human body.

Why do people oppose it?
Members of the Catholic faith and others who share their morals feel that an unborn fetus must be terminated in order for the stem cells to be retrieved. What these people may not know is that stem cells can be retrieved from the "leftover" tissue samples that were not part of the fetus when formation began, also if a woman has needs to abort her child for any reason, the embryonic stem cells can also be harvested during that time. Research on adult stem cells taken from the bone marrow of a healthy adult, have already saved tens of thousands of lives due to the transfer of the cells to necessary areas. However the adult stem cells can only be used to replace a select few cells, while embryonic cells can be used to duplicated any cell in the human body, and possibly save millions more.

Even with so many good effects that can come from this misunderstood subject, many people still oppose it. It is our job as a generation to push back the paranoia and the risks, and together we might just cure these millions of people who need our help. If we could cure even a fraction, we would be one step closer to a world without disease.


Thank you for the opportunity to have an intelligent exchange on this topic, Abarnett.

This is not a topic that I have a really strong position on at the moment. I tend to think that the claims of either side could well be exaggerated. I am taking the "con" to learn more and grow in this area.

Claims that fetal stem cells are necessary to cure modern diseases may be vastly overblown. That will be the "wake-up" call that I sound throughout this debate.

In fact, adult stem cells may be much more effective. Not only that, but adult stem cells has very recently made embryonic stem cell research "obsolete." [1] Many people may not even know about adult stem cell potential, unfortunately, nor understand how widespread it is in the human body. [2] Perhaps, no fetal stem cell research will even be called for in the future.

Interestingly enough, adult stem cell research has been used to wipe out the effects of diabetes which the Chinese have used fetal cells for in their research. [3], [2] So, if there is even a remote possibility that doctors who might benefit financially or otherwise from encouraging the number of abortions who would be utilizing fetal stem cells instead of adult stem cells, would that even be ethical given the financial conflict of interest? I wonder if the scientists have thought that far ahead. Additionally, in the cast of type II diabetes, it may not be necessary to harvest either fetal or adult stem cells since the condition can be removed dietarily. [4]

We have to ask ourselves, "Where are the research dollars going at this point?" Are they going to support the fetal stem cell research or the adult stem cell research?

The widely touted claim that that embryonic stem cells are more powerful or versatile than adult stem cells is being questioned. [5] Adult stem cells are called "pluripotent" due to the fact that they can "transdifferentiate." [5]

This is, indeed, a striking and revealing statement: ""At present over 70 diseases have been treated with adult stem cell therapy. In fact, blood forming stem cells have been used in transplants for over 30 years.[ft]"In contrast, the track record for the use of embryonic stem cells in clinical applications demonstrates no successes: "However, to date, no approved medical treatments have been derived from embryonic stem cell research."[ft] [5]

Thus, is my opponent's argument built more out of "hype" than "fact"?

Another apparent benefit of fetal cell transplantation is attempting to cure "erectile dysfunction." [6] Do we really need to take fetal cells to prevent this problem? No, not at all. When stress is removed through natural means, regular function is resumed which has been demonstrated in numerous studies. [7]

In summary, not enough people are even familiar with adult stem cell technology as opposed to fetal cell technology. Adult stem cells can transdifferentiate (move from one organ environment to another and adapt) as can fetal stem cells. Adult stem cell technology shows fewer side effects than fetal stem cell technology. Finally, many conditions don't need *either* fetal or adult cell stems for their treatment since they are naturally alleviated through diet and exercise. Prevention is more important than putting a medical band-aid on a problem.

I look forward to future rounds of clarifying our positions and rebutting various arguments in this ongoing societal







Debate Round No. 1


AdamBarnett forfeited this round.


At this point, I would assume that my opponent has gotten busy and it is Memorial Day weekend now.

I'll wait to see if he has a response to any of the argument which I previously proposed which question
the efficacy or utility of stem cell research and whether adult stem cell research might not be more
effective in cases where this sort of research is really necessary.

Debate Round No. 2


AdamBarnett forfeited this round.


Well, since my opponent has been unable to respond to the challenges that I presented, I would urge the voter
to go with "Con" in this particular instance.

As to those who are "on the fence," as I am myself, I would encourage and offer a similar challenge, more for
research and information purposes, than anything else.

Vote con!!
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by theisticscuffles 3 years ago
Thanks, AdamBarnett, for the opportunity to engage on this topic.
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