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Eminem is a better rapper than 2Pac

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Started: 2/18/2017 Category: Music
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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A loosely structured debate, though it has got to contain rules:
Con will start arguing in Round 1 and waive the final round.
Can't form new arguments in the final round, only rebuttals and conclusions.
If Con or I do not fulfill these rules, that constitutes as an automatic forfeiture.


I love both Eminem and 2pac. However, I am going to have to disagree upon this one.
I know what most people will say: "2pac is dead." "Em is still around" Both statements are true but that doesn't show the
amount of lyric stability that each of the rappers have. So dissecting each rapper is pretty black and white.
Eminem's rap style is generally fast, slurred to fit words into rhymes, all the while incorporating jokes, profanity, and subtle middle finger's to today's society and the world we live in whether it has to do with poverty, news, politics, or his life in general.
Now 2Pac is different in a sense that he is not as fast as Eminem when it comes to rhyme. However, 2Pac is a lyrical combatant when it comes to inducing metaphors and juxtapositions in his lyrics. 2Pac was a lyrical genius, not even on a music industry standpoint like eminem, but on a literacy standpoint. He made his songs easy for the most uneducated man to understand. He was a person that was easy to connect to and love since all he ever wanted was the world to be a better place. Eminem's gain though was for the respect and loyalty and to vent his frustrations. See the difference?
All I'm saying is that in comparison. 2Pac is a great lyricist and raps for the world and for everyone that has ever dealt with pain. Em raps for the betterment of himself and to "stand up for the little guy" so to speak.
Debate Round No. 1


I. Lyrical capability

Eminem is untouchable when it comes to crafting rhymes; he's one of the best in the entire music industry.

Just looking at the rhyme scheme of Eminem's Lose Yourself: ABCCCABCABBCABCDDDDABCAA, is an incredibly complex rhyme scheme. That isn't a skill everyone possesses, interlinking rhyme groups flawlessly, that is. [1]

But when it comes down to internal rhymes, external rhymes, block rhymes, free rhymes, use of rhythmic phrases, idiosyncratic grammatical phrase groupings all rapped while telling an elaborate story with a complex flow; no one can deny he is the best rhymer in the music industry.

Speed and Consistency

In a segment in Rap God, Eminem rapped 6.46 multi-symbolic words per second. This song landed Eminem the Guinness Book of World Records in which he was praised for the most words in a song. [2]

II. Vocabulary
The most recent study shows that Eminem has the widest and most diverse vocabulary in music. Eminem clocks in at 8818 unique words, [3] the largest vocabulary size in music history.

To put this insane static in perspective, The Beatles has a vocabulary of unique words of 1,872.

III. Awards

Eminem has 15 Grammys, [3] compared to 2Pac's 0. [4]
Eminem has an Oscar, compared to 2Pac's 0.
Eminem has broken 2 Guinness World Records, compared to 2Pac's 1.
Eminem has a total of 350 awards, 2Pac has 5.

IIII. Respect from the Community

Famous rappers talking about Eminem:

"Eminem’s rhyme patterns are super dope and he can squeeze a million words in a couple bars." - Chamillionaire

"Who is the best rapper ever? I’ll probably have to say Eminem. I would definitely say Eminem. He came from a whole another culture, literally. Mastered it, outsold everybody and he did every kind of record imaginable. He could take any topic and make a song out of it. I haven’t seen any artist do that yet." - Akon

"Why would I diss Eminem, the illest lyricist on the f*cking planet? What the f*ck do I stand to gain by dissing the biggest rapper in the country? How could that help me? And for the record, I do think Em is a better rapper than me." - Royce da 5’9

"You notice out of everyone I’ve ever talked about I NEVER f*cked with Em and I NEVER will. When he’s pissed off, he ain’t gonna punch you in the mouth, and he probably can’t beat you up, but he’s gonna f*ck you up. You don’t f*ck with that crazy white boy." - The Game

"I want you to make some motherf*cking noise for the greatest of all time, Eminem!" - Drake

"He [Eminem] f*cked him [Jay-Z] awfully on that record. [Renagade]Completely. Like D*MN! I don’t want Eminem on my album. I’m cool. - Snoop Dogg

"If he keeps doing what he does now, he will be bigger than Michael Jackson. Em is an incredible artist." - Dr.Dre

"Nobody wants to f*ck with him when we talk about music." - P. Diddy

"Eminem is like the godfather of rap." - Tony Yayo

"Technically, Eminem is the most skilled rapper I’ve ever heard." - DJ Khalil

"I think he’s one of the greatest lyricists around. I think the guy’s a freaking lyrical genius!" - Queen Latifah

"His wordplay can’t be matched. If you listen to him; it’s sick! It’s ill, it has cancer [and] it has AIDS; that’s how sick it is!" - Tech N9ne

"You don't f*ck with the white boy, Jay knows, everybody knows. I love Em. He’s dope he's always been dope and as far as any type of lyrical war the guy, I don't think anyone can beat him." - The Game

"I think that’s one of the most exciting things hip hop can look forward to. He contributes so much lyrically and musically, he’s amazing." - Nas

"I can’t f*ck with Eminem." - Lupe Fiasco

"Eminem is the greatest, ever." - Akon

"You know how a person is made for something? Eminem is made for hip-hop. The best rapper is a white man." - 50 Cent

V. Freestyling Ability

Freestyling is an actual sport and a highly difficult one at that. The ability to create a rap off the top of your head, linking each multi-syllable word together, being able to create incredibly witty punchlines and jokes off the top of your head, and several more obstacles to get through to be a strongfreestyler. Eminem is the best freestyler, bar none. The first step to being a strong freestyler is to stress and train your posterior lateral temporal, mental lexicon, medial prefrontal cortex, [6] all of which Eminem has mastered over the years while into training and performing for battle raps. [7]

To compare artists, this is Eminem masterfully freestyling for seven straight minutes:

And here is 2Pac's off-tempo and incredibly rough freestyle that lasts a solid 45 seconds: (keep in mind, I'm not cherry picking, this is 2Pac's most popular freestyle, I would recommend you to listen more of both of their freestyles)


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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by lua 1 year ago
46571, except it isn't, almost everything I mentioned, the complexity of his rhyme schemes, the vastness of his vocabulary, how fast he can rap, and how many awards he has received can all be measured and calculated.
Posted by 46571 1 year ago
It's all subjective, not objective. Both are overrated imo.
Posted by lua 1 year ago
RepublicansvLiberals, you got 3 hours! Please tell me you're not running out the clock.
Posted by WalkingClouds 1 year ago
I have listened to some 2Pac's songs and I find that even the simple tone of Eminem voice is better.
Posted by Apoc 1 year ago
Eminem is BY FAR a better rapper than any rapper to date. rhymed over 6 words with Orange and made it happen so smooth you didnt realize what was happening
Posted by dsjpk5 1 year ago
Of course he's better at rapping than tupac. Tupac is dead.
Posted by lua 1 year ago
"Can't form new arguments in the final round, only rebuttals and conclusions."
Con's final round would be Round 2, just wanted to make that clear!
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