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Eminem is a better rapper the Lil Wayne.

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Started: 4/17/2013 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Eminem is a better rapper then Lil Wayne, and I will break this down.

No debate here, Eminem is the best selling rapper of all time. And Lil Wayne doesn't even come close. This obviously goes to Eminem. NOTE: Just because he sells more doesn't mean he is better. It just means that more people go out to buy Eminem then Lil Wayne.

I will give this to Lil Wayne, since he is very consistent and active. While Eminem had a 5 year hiatus from 2004-2009. This goes to Wayne.

All Lil Wayne has is clever punch lines. His flow is always the same, and it is bad. While Eminem has a numerous amounts of different flows. And he broke lyrical boundaries on songs like "lose yourself" and "till I collapse". Till I collapse is where almost every word was part of a rhyme scheme, in the first verse of the song.

"Till I collapse I"m spilling these raps long as you feel 'em
Till the day that I drop you'll never say that I'm not killing them
'Cause when I am not then I'm stop penning 'em
And I am not hip-hop and I"m just not Eminem.
Subliminal thoughts when I'm stop sending them women are caught in webs spin and hauk venom
Adrenaline shots of penicillin could not get the illing to stop.
Amoxacilin is just not real enough.
The criminal cop killing hip-hop filling a minimal swap to cop millions of Pac listeners.
You're coming with me, feel it or not you"re gonna fear it like I showed you the spirit of god lives in us.
You hear it a lot, lyrics that shock is it a miracle or am I just a product of pop fizzing up.
For sizzle my whizzle this is the plot listen up you bizzles forgot slizzle does not give a f."
This is a feat that very few rappers can do. And Lil Wayne doesn't come close to anything like this, infact Lil Wayne even admits that he cant mess with Eminem.
And here is the proof:
Eminem uses rhyme schemes within rhymes schemes within rhyme schemes. And has even been acknowledged by many other famous rappers out there. Wayne has almost no lyrical talent what so ever. I will admit, in Carter 4 and a few of his older stuff was impressive. But not even close to Eminem's level. Lil Wayne has corny lines, "I"m so Holligrove, New Orleans
home sweet home depot
you will need a hammer
it go down like Frasier
I ain"t talking Kelsey grammer
I be stuffting on your boys I need an alka-seltzer sandwich
Since I heard Plies I done brought the phantom back
Went and got me a 52 inch
I'm eating like a big dog
I"m so full, I"m so good
I"m so straight, you so fake
I'm so real
I"m so hood"

"I'm so high I make it rain"

And so much other stuff. Not saying Eminem has never produced anything that was bad. His albums Encore and Relapse were terrible.
But he has many classics. Eminem takes this easy, when it comes to lyrics, flow, rhyme schemes, punch lines.

Eminem raps about his life. Lil Wayne continuously raps about the same stuff again and again. It's also booty, money, car. Rinse and repeat. Eminem raps about his life, his alter ego slim shady is a part of Marshall Mathers, that he exaggerates. But he has a variety of stuff. What ever mood your in, and if your going through problems, he will always have a song to make you laugh, cry, etc. Lil Wayne doesn't
He likes sticking to the same stuff. His latest album was based on just his piece for the entire album. I will admit, that Eminem is not on top of his game. But he is still good none the less. Not as good as The Eminem Show. But still good. Just listen to Bad Meets evil: The Hell Sequence album. But the sane could be said about Lil Wayne. He is putting out garbage. Eminem takes this.

No competition. Eminem destroys on all levels. Lets compare some random freestyles.

Lil Wayne

Eminem destroys by putting multi syllabic rhyme schemes and takes it to a whole new level. "Pull your verse out the beat and stomp on it, suplex it on cement, like I'm on some straight out of Compton s***". Lil wayne has no complex rhymes or even clever lines like."You're about to see peace destroyed
It'll never be restored
When I unleash these beastly hordes on your CD stores
Wanna stop it
You gon' need a priest, at least three swords
A license to ill from the Beastie Boys, three Ouija boards
A squeegee and please be warned
Don't ask what the squeegee's for
Or the holy water, acid raps that'll eat these floors
Eat a hole in a rhyme book, you see these horns" No debate here Eminem destroys on so many levels. Eminem owns.

Overall, Eminem destroys Lil Wayne in almost category. And he is the better rapper.


ARE YOU F*&@%*!G MENTAL!? you must have been born without the ability to hear because we can start off by the most obvious! how about lil wayne is more successful, more famous, is in a million times more songs than M&M!
Debate Round No. 1


My opponent in his argument doesn't even address one of the points that i made, buy instead decides to attack me personally by saying "ARE YOU F*&@%*!G M*#~%^L!? you must have been born without the ability to hear". I want to ask my opponent to spend less time coming up with a half ashed argument and more time refuting my points, as he didn't even address one of them. Not only that, but he came up with his own argument in which he provided no evidence and false statements. And then goes on to even say "we can start off by the most obvious!". This shows how ignorant he truly is. Now that i got that out of the way, i will now debunk his entire argument. Even thought he didn't even bother addresses my argument at all, i will still give him the respect to at least address what he says: This is what he states " lil wayne is more successful, more famous, is in a million times more songs than M&M!" I will now debunk this argument in two ways. But before I do, let me mention he provided no evidence for any of his claims.

1. " lil wayne is more successful"
No evidence has been shown for this argument. But I will provide evidence.
Eminem is the best selling rapper of all time. He also has 4 albums in the top 20 best selling albums of all time. Here is my evidence for these two statements.

Lil Wayne's best selling album is the Carter 3 which only sold almost 3.6 million copies, which is good.

Now this is Eminem's best selling album, which sold more then 27 million copies. Almost 7 times what Wayne could do. And broke plenty of records.

Lil wayne has only won 4 Grammy awards, and 10 BET awards. Which is good, now lets look at Eminem.

Now lets look at Eminem's awards.

1. 10 American music awards
2. 17 billboards music awards
3. 4 brit awards
4. 13 Grammy awards
5. 2 Juno awards
6. 11 MTV European music awards
7. 12 MTV music video awards
8. 2 Juno awards
9. 11 MTV Europe music awards
10. 12 MTV music video awards
11. 2 Much Music video awards
12. NRJ Music awards
13. 7 peoples choice award
14. 7 teens choice award
15. 5 world music awards
16. 1 academy award
17. 2 Emmy's
That is a total of 95 awards won. He has a total of 200 nominations.
Lil wayne has only about 14 awards won. Wayne has 4 grammies. Eminem has 13.

So lets sum this up, Eminem is the best selling rapper/hip hop artist of all time, has 4 albums in the top 20 best selling rap albums of all time.
Has won 95 awards. Lil Wayne doesn't even come close to making any of those categories. And Eminem has way more awards won, as well as albums sold. And Eminem and Lil wayne have almost the same amount of albums. And as you mentioned yourself. Lil Wayne has way more songs. That's true. But Eminem is still overall selling way more. There is no debate here. Eminem didn't just beat him in every category i mentioned. He completely destroyed him. He is way past Lil Wayne in almost every category. So i repeat the question again. Lil Wayne is more successful? Not even close.

He also stated that Wayne is "more famous".
Again provided no evidence. They are both on a mainstream level. But Eminem has won more awards. Even though Lil Wayne has been more consistent and produces more albums and mix tapes. Eminem still won more award, and achieved more.

He also stated that Wayne is in "a million times more songs than M&M"
If my opponent read my last argument, he will know i already conceited to that. Lil Wayne puts out more stuff and is more consistent.

2. The second thing I could say is that none of the points my opponent brought up are relevant in this debate. It doesn't matter who is more successful or who is more famous, or who is in more songs. The debate is who is better. It's true that they do lay a factor and that's why i included album sales in my first argument. But the things you stated are not major factors which decide who is better overall.

And here is something to add to my debate from round 1. Lil wayne also uses auto tune, its not that noticeable but its there. Eminem doesn't. And Lil Wayne doesn't even write all of his songs.

This time, I want to ask my opponent to address my points. And not give me some half ashed a


ninjamagician32 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


I already stated everything I need to in the first two rounds. Now it's up to Con to try to refute it. He so far hasn't assessed even one of my points. So for this round i have nothing to say until Con continues this debate by bringing up his own debate. It is up two him to assess my points and bring up his own argument.

Btw, I'm having a lot of fun :)


ninjamagician32 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Come on man, stop forfeiting, put up a debate. Why you going to accept the challenge and then p*ssy out?


ninjamagician32 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


zaidpatel forfeited this round.


ninjamagician32 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by cb2050 4 years ago
Eminem is, and always will be a better rapper then lil wayne.
Posted by kyree_lover 4 years ago
To me eminem is a better raper then Lil wayne. Eminem actually raps whats on his mind
Posted by YYW 4 years ago
Lil Wayne has his moments, but Loose yourself or this:

just seals the deal.
Posted by thett3 4 years ago
How is this even a debate? Little Wayne, please. Eminem is clearly far superior
Posted by zaidpatel 4 years ago
My bad, I corrected it
Posted by Sheldor 4 years ago
Eminem is indeed a better rapper than Eminem.
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