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Eminem's recent freestyle on Donald Trump was really foolish.

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Started: 10/13/2017 Category: People
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For those of you don't know what I'm talking about, here it is:

While I respect Eminem as a rapper and think, for his standards, it was an OK freestyle, I think one of his later lines was a really dumb thing to say.

"Any fan of mine who"s a supporter of his
I"m drawing in the sand a line, you"re either for or against
And if you can"t decide who you like more and you"re split
On who you should stand beside, I"ll do it for you with this: Fvck you!"

Now, Eminem's been known to say outrageous things and cause controversy, and while most of the times this can be smart, in this case it was not. Saying "f*ck you" to your fans is not a good way to go about. While I am a fan of his, I will return that "f*ck you" and middle finger right back to him. I will not be politically or morally swayed by a good rapper, and so I am against.

However, this is not a debate on whether I should be for or against Donald Trump. This is just a debate on whether or not Eminem is retarded. He can have his political views for all I care, and if we disagree, that's fine. But then ostracizing those who have a different opinion from your fan base really dumb.

Take this from an article from

"His fan base is strongest in whiter and more rural places: West Virginia; southern Ohio; eastern Kentucky; deep north Maine; the Ozarks in Missouri; across the Great Plains. And, of course, Eminem is popular in his hometown, Detroit.

All of those states"save Maine, which splits their electoral votes"went for Trump. There"s no word on if Eminem did read that piece, but it"s easy to assume that he knows his fan base well, which makes these lines pointed and very, very specific."

If most of his fans are white rural kids, like myself, then he can be in for some trouble. Here's another link showing how he's already losing support.

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