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Emotional abortion for men

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Started: 9/12/2011 Category: Philosophy
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This will be an emotional debate, primarily based on the philosophical question as to men's rights concerning abortions.

I cannot imagine anyone being against this, but for fun try to deny this. Who knows what we might've misses

NOTE: this debate can be easily denied, as there are certain countries with poor health-system. However, in DK, where I am from, woman attends a doctor when pregnant and so the debate is based out the system where women attend such places or, at least, when the fathers name is to be added after the birth.

I am fighting for PRO.


There should be a general timeframe from when men can deny responsibility, emotion and economical; the timeframe being from when he's told and X-weeks ahead.

It should be legal for a man to claim, from the date of receiving the knowledge, that he wishes to have an emotional abortion.

This should be based on the humans involved, meaning: if the man chooses an abortion the woman has NO claim on him and he's free to leave. If he doesn't leave, or comes back, the emotional abortion is null and void within and he cannot call for it again.

To ensure the women's interests if a man choose to come back, and she allows it, they must add his name to the birth-certificate. After this he cannot emotionally leave again and he will be bound economically, at least, till the child is off age.

While there can be problems making sure the woman isn't denying just having told the guy, to expire his "thinking-time" it could be checked by possibly a doctor who attends the pregnant woman.

From the first attendance the woman must notify who the father is, and if she doesn't know she cannot claim him later on.
If she does the doctor can call for a meeting with the father to ensure he knows his options.

If above seems impossible then, when filling out fathers name on the birth certificate, the father must be present and if not he is requested to attend a quick meeting to ensure that he knows his options. If that is not possible the name of the father should be illegal to add.

If the father denies knowing, and the woman claims he did, the man can request for a hearing, as in courts.


Hi, I've been looking for a open debate for a while and I came across this one. Id like to state before hand these are not my personal beliefs and I'm just debating for the experience.

Resolved: Emotional abortion for men should be legal and an option.
I am here today to prove that emotional abortion for men should not be legal or held as a option. Abortion is defined as "the termination of a pregnancy after, accompanied by, resulting in, or closely followed by the death of the embryo or fetus" the word is also closely linked to the word "Abandonment."
If the evidence proves that emotional abortion for men are unjust and unfair, then the judge shall determine us, the negates of this resolution, the winners of this debate.

Accidental pregnancy's don't exist. If you are toughening part in a sexual relationship, regardless if you use birth control or not. The chance of pregnancy is always possible. Therefore the man and the women (unless in the case of rape) understand the possible risk they are taking. Taken by a recent poll by, 31% of women said they weren't planning on have a baby. But they had one didn't they? Regardless if you and your partner were trying for a baby or not, engaging in sex, has it's undeniable possible consequences. So both persons taking part are responsible for the outcomes. Such as a child.

A women who has to take care of a child on her own has a extremely difficult job. If a man is going to have an emotional abortion, he should have to pay child support. The child is his, shouldn't he have to contribute to its life and well being? Also a child with one parent or a divorced family has a 45% higher chance of developing a mental disease or depression later in life. No child should have to feel unloved or neglected by one family member and feel that, that one person does not want them.

In this case, the women and the childs well being is the most important. If a man gets a women pregnant, then he should be held responsible and take some part in the child's life.
Debate Round No. 1


Chance-pregnancies (and regular) and the occurance of abortion happens. If one is looking to deny that go to a church and deny the modern world we live in. In the world we live in we have science and knowledge, but that doesn't mean that you should use abortion instead of birth-control, of course not. Not taking the necessary precautions, no matter what you do, is usually not mature. And in such case, the logical thought would be, that if a person is not mature enough to think about using a condom, how should they raise a child? (see link)

Accidents happen, with and without birthcontrol, but we live in a world where we can afford to get abortions, no matter how it occured. There are, nowadays, safe procedures to abortions, which means there are minimal costs on behalf of the female having it.

As for the ethical questions. What is most ethical? That a woman gets an abortion and, usually, learns from her actions, or that she's forced to keep a child she cannot take care of or perhaps even wants to take care of?

Medically the fetus doesn't feel pain until well into the pregnancy and therefore the ethical issues about "pain and cruelty" is removed. (see link)

The only reason I can imagine denying anyone the right of abortion, physical or emotional, is the ethical in it, which modern science has basically cleared up.

It is indeed a difficult job for a woman to raise a child on her own. But most women manages it. While I agree that if you've added a child to the world it's YOUR responsibility. The problem, however, is that women can freely choose to have or not to have the child, irregardles of how the man's feelings. Men have no say and are forced to comply.

I realise I have to add something extra:

If a man is to denies responsibility of a child he can only do it a certain number of times. It should not, in any way, be fair for a man to trick women into pregancies and slip away without taking his responsibilty.

That of course means that in a world were this would be possible it would also be necessary for a woman to attend a doctor if she's had more than x abortions, to check her mental status and update her on the current facts of abortion.

So, when it has happened X times there should be a legal procedure questioning his motives and attitude of both men and women.

As for the health risk of divorced family I need evidence for that. It should be on everyone's minds, that you should NOT stay together for the children. Logically, it's more likely a child suffers if their home enviroment is split due to the distress of the parents.

I wonder how many women would want to get pregnent if they knew they would stand alone.

I realise this might seem inscriminating towards women, but it's not meant to. The point is merely, that women have a lot of control and it's not fair towards the men.

A universal law should be made, allowing men to get an emotional abortion, though, if it happens too often he should get a hearing of sorts and the same with women and abortions.


Lily30278 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by brian_eggleston 6 years ago
This is great debate: what an original idea! It has a lot of merits.
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