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End Affirmitive Action

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Started: 2/28/2014 Category: Politics
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P1: Affirmative action was created to provide "equal opportunities for members of minority groups and women in education and employment."

P2: It gives minorities and women a fair chance for success.

P3: Unfortunately, society does not disregard race or gender.

C: If the government decides to end affirmative action, it would be ignoring the reality of prejudice.


P1: Affirmative action has presented equality, but in very few places. For example, look at Stanford University, they believe affirmative action has divided the campus even more rather then unify and help the minority groups (

P2: Affirmative action actually hurts the minorities applying to universities as it only serves as a beneficiary to Asian-Americans (

P3: Affirmative action has not done enough to hold off long term discrimination.

Conclusion: After nearly 4 decades, Affirmative action should be put an end to.
Debate Round No. 1


P1: The fact that affirmative action has presented equality is enough. It's in place to make sure there is equal opportunity in the workforce and in education. It's been serving it's purpose.

P2: It doesn't hurt minorities. Acceptance and enrollment rates among minorities have increased since it's been put into action, and where the law has been eliminated, those rates have fallen. (

P3: Its purpose is not to end or hold off discrimination on its own, but since we live in a society that takes race into consideration, its needed.

C: The government should not end affirmative action.


P1: Affirmative action has not presented enough equality, most of the inequality has been shown in the area of education, especially in areas such as Brazil, where Black people and other minorities were not receiving the proper educational treatment (

P2: Though Affirmative action prohibits discrimination and racism, it still presents the chance for people to fail, for example, a minority can get a job, but still has a chance to get fired.

P3: Affirmative action present a lot of political barriers that questions the situation most minorities are in today (

Con: Put an end to affirmative action.
Debate Round No. 2


P1:70% of college official say Affirmative action IN THE US has had a very positive effect on higher education. (

P2: It has more positive qualities than negative side effects, including helping women as well. For Example, In 2012 "woman made up 46.9% percent of the workforce", and and had a decent percentage managerial/professional positions. (

P3: It's a way to help lessen stereotypes & discrimination by exposing the talents & abilities that minorities have, to their counterparts, employers, & leaders of educational institutions.

C: Affirmative action is necessary


Affirmative action has provided college students who were accepted in to their school of choice but performed poorly when they got there. Affirmative action has provided "winners and losers throughout the years,"( In which Affirmative action has drawn a wedge between the people within the communities and those who have been rejected in certain work places, and universities begin to reject those who have been accepted. Therefore, Affirmative action is unnecessary and needs to be abolished.
Debate Round No. 3
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