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English essay contest.

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Started: 3/29/2015 Category: Philosophy
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Hey ! I love writing so i thought i'd have some fun here...

Simple rules... Con please propose a topic...

...If you noticed I put this debate under philosophy...I'd rather the Essay topic be somthing asbtract/concept.

Let's have some fun :D

Voters please ignore trivial grammatical mistakes for the both of us.

Vote rather on substance :)


I'll happily accept this. Also, good luck on your ELA assignment!

The question I pose for the pro side is this: Is it worse to fail at something (con) or never attempt it in the first place (pro)?

I believe that it is better to fail at something. Why, you may ask? Because at least you tried doing that thing, and you will not get eaten up by the anxiety of thinking about what could have happened if you didn't do that thing.

To expand, I would like to point at crushes. I had a crush, and a very serious one, on a girl a grade above me from when I was in 9th Grade to 10th Grade. Many days, I worried myself sick over what could happen if I told her I liked her, and eventually, as that year went by and I matured, loved her. Then, one day, I did. Surprisingly enough, she reciprocated, and she had held the same feelings for me for over a year. Sadly, our relationship faltered because she began developing feelings for another while we were not together, thinking we would never be. To this day, I still love her (it's been a year) and I still wonder what could have happened if I had confessed earlier.

Even so, I do not regret being with her at all. I imagine I would still be wracked with anxiety over what could have happened if I had done nothing on that late April day in 2014. I'm glad I did it and got to see the end result rather than ponder endlessly if I had done nothing.
Debate Round No. 1


What a wonderful thing failure is. Buried deep within failure, hidden by grave misapprehensions, childish fears, and stupid clichés, there lies the possibility of a great harvest of future wisdom, of untapped progress, and of euphoric ambition. Thankfully, few have the necessary courage, to reap such benefits, thus, thankfully few succeed.

Courage is necessary to be intellectually honest, in examining ones failure so that progress may happen. Failure is the revelation that there is room for improvement, and Scapegoats are useless in the quest for success. Courage is necessary to face failure, rather than shielding oneself with meaningless, stupid clichés pushing failure into some obscure corner of the mind. Failure is an option, and one you may find yourself in again if you do not let it in, so that you can make room for the next.Courage is necessary to ask oneself the dangerous questions brought on by failure. Failure asks, why don’t you just quit? Aren’t you good enough already? How badly do you want to succeed?

Thankfully, failure is the greatest teacher of courage. Once failure drags you down to rock bottom you know which way is up. Once failure strikes you so does the revelation that failure is inevitable, inescapable, and imminent. Once suffered failures sweet blow, the realization that there is nothing to fear, becomes strikingly self-evident. What a wonderful thing this is.

Thankfully, for most if these revelations even occur, it is in their later years, far too late in life to be seized, not having failed earlier in life and more frequently, was their failure.

They, ignorant, and full of idiotic bliss, claim to be content with what they have. Well, considering the risk of striving for something perhaps out of reach have was never taken in fear of failure. Of course they are content with what they have. Because they never dared to ask for anything more. Because they live in a cowardly world of mediocre content, where failure is unsurprisingly nonexistent. Because to the ones that fail the least, progress is slow and scarce, since no risks are allowed, and happiness is a fabricated veil, hiding quiet desperation.

They, are the real failure. The ones who never fail.

So live. Fear nothing.



thisissparta789789 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


thisissparta789789 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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