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Enrique Iglesias is Gay or Bisexual

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Started: 11/16/2012 Category: Entertainment
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I will be arguing against the notion that Enqirue Iglesias is gay. I.e. my position is that Enrique is heterosexual, not bisexual or homosexual.

This is to be an entertaining debate, and several of my friends debate with me, claiming that Enrique is gay or bisexual. I disagree with them and thought it would make a fun debate.

Enrique Iglesias: The popular Spanish singer/songwriter known for popular works such as "Bailamos", "Tonight I'm Lovin' You", etc. Formally known as Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler.


1. The burden of proof will be shared. Whoever makes a better case should be the winner.

2. Please don't play semantic games like saying everyone is on some scale of sexuality and by definition everyone has some curiousity, therefore making everyone bisexual. You can have a man crush and not be homosexual or bisexual.

3. First round is acceptance and greetings. Second round is for arguments. Third round is for more arguments and rebuttals. Final round is for closing rebuttals and closing statements. Please leave a comment if you have any questions on this.

Good luck, and may our debate be ever fruitful!


I think he is bi, not gay.

Thank you.
Debate Round No. 1


I would first like to thank RationalMadman for accepting the Pro side of this debate. May our debate be ever insightful and entertaining!

Enrique's long-term relationship with a girl
Enrique has been in a relationship with Anna Kournikova for over ten years, and have invested $20 million into a home together in Miami [1]. This is clear proof that he is interested in women.

Enrique is asked a hypothetical, if he were interested in guys, and he doesn't correct the interviewer
In an interview with PrideSource, he mentions that he has close gay friends, and is essentially very supportive of all his fans, regardless of their sexual orientation. One of the interview questions is "if you were into guys, who would be your type?" Enrique's answer was essentially that it's a tough question and that he doesn't know, but the fact that he doesn't correct the interviewer and say he actually is into guys is evidence that he isn't. [2]

Since many have claimed he is gay, why not just come out and say he's not gay if it's untrue?
In the same interview, Enrique answers that he doesn't care about people claiming he's gay. He says "I've never cared about the gay rumor", implying that the idea that he is gay is simply that: a rumor.

Enrique tells George Lopez that he's not gay
In an appearance on George Lopez's talk show, when probed about whether he's kissed a guy, he responds by giving Lopez a peck on the cheek, and then says "You know, I'm not gay George, but I gotta say that if I was gay, you'd be my kind of girl".

We have several pieces of evidence indicating that Enrique is interested in women, and more importantly for my position in this debate, not interested in men. This, by definition, is heterosexual, not bisexual or homosexual.

It's certainly possible that Enrique could be attracted to guys, but he has given no indication thereof, and, on the contrary, when asked about being gay, which would imply interest in guys, he either states that he's not gay or doesn't mention an interest in guys. Given the fact that he has shown he is quite comfortable around guys and with friends/fans/etc. who are gay, we have strong reason to believe that if he was sexually attracted to guys as well, he would have shown or stated it, such as in his drunken admissions at a concert in Australia. [4]

I look forward to Pro's first round of arguments!






Firstly I shall tear your argument apart then form my own.

Your first point that "Enrique's long-term relationship with a girl" is no basis to disprove his bisexuality. It is redundant.

the fact that he hesitates to state a guy he is attracted to and doesn't assert the point that he is into guys to an interviewer is 0% evidence that he isn't bisexual, it only means he isn't overtly stating he is.

"I've never cared about the gay rumor" indicates it is true. If it isn't, a straight man would probably be bothered whilst a bi man also has reason to find some truth in it. To answer your question "Since many have claimed he is gay, why not just come out and say he's not gay if it's untrue?" Firstly, he is with a girl and to say he is gay would break her heat because she would then know the only way he got off to her in bed was by imagining a man instead. Additionally, he might be bisexual and feel no need to publicise the less socially accepted side of his sexuality is perfectly happy keeping it hidden whilst being proud of the heterosexuality within him.

"You know, I'm not gay George" doesn't disprove bisexuality.

You displayed 0% evidence to disprove his interest in men, only to suggest he is ashamed of it.

My main contention is the nature of his outfits and videos.

Firstly ALL his videos have overtly sexy and horny women in a drunken state. This is as if he is unable to be seen without a ton of raging women around him in public, as if he is compensating for his homosexuality perhaps? Just a thought, think of it like this: What does an average or dumb man do? They hang around friends dumber than themselves. What does a relatively ugly woman do? Hang around uglier ones. He is hanging around ridiculously heterosexual men all the time. Often making duos with the notorious Pitbull and Lil Wayne to make him seem rather 'decent' as a man for women. Just a possible interpretation.

I also would like to point out that since he picks such notorious sexual beasts as partners in rhyme (pun intended) he perhaps has a thing for such men? You would actually find that both Lil Wayne and Pitbull happily do duos with several men of different walks of life as well as women. Enrique ONLY picks men for his duets... Yet another point.
Debate Round No. 2


I would like to again thank my opponent not only for accepting the debate, but for adding some excellent music videos which I hope will bring joy to the debaters and voters alike.

First I shall mend the tears Pro has attempted to put in my arguments.

Enrique's long-term relationship with a girl
You will notice in my first argument round I merely used this evidence to show that Enrique is interested in women. I didn't try to deduce from his relationship with Anna Kournikova that he isn't bisexual. However, my side of the argument is that Enrique is straight, and in order to do that, I must show in the beginning that he is interested in women. Therefore, this evidence is not redundant.

Enrique is asked a hypothetical, if he were interested in guys, and he doesn't correct the interviewer
I think it is clear, as Pro states, that Enrique is not overtly stating he is. However, I would argue that Enrique is far less likely than most people to be "ashamed" of having attraction to other guys, as you claim I suggest. I think the following reasons are indicators of his comfort with people who have same-sex attractions:
        • Enrique has interviewed with a gay pride website
        • He has several close friends and business partners who are gay, for whom he has nothing but respect
        • He performed at "Club G-A-Y" in London and, after huge crowd enthusiasm, decided to "pretend [to be] gay for a few minutes" and then serenaded a gay audience member to his song "Hero"
        • He gives George Lopez a peck on the cheek as a guest on Lopez's show

While it isn't far-fetched to believe that someone could be bisexual and not want to admit they are attracted to others of the same sex, I have given reason to believe Enrique has no reason to hide such an attraction while Pro has given no evidence to suggest he would not publicize it, only speculation and opinion.

Con: "You displayed 0% evidence to disprove his interest in men, only to suggest he is ashamed of it."
I have indeed displayed some evidence, such as his quote stating he is not gay. However, I have found no sources where someone has directly asked him "are you bisexual?" or "do you have an interest in men" so there is no direct answer to that question.

I have made the argument to the contrary, that he would not be ashamed of being bisexual if he were. It is not my burden to disprove his interest in men, as such a thing is near impossible. It is my burden to show that we have no reason to believe he has an interest in men with the evidence available.

Next I will refute Pro's arguments.

Argument 1: All of Enrique's videos have super sexy/horny girls who are intoxicated

First of all, it is clear that not all of the girls in the video are drunk. However, this is besides the point, which is not that Enrique doesn't need girls to be drunk to charm them.

My opponent speculates that it is "as if he is unable to be seen without a ton of raging women around him in public". However, this myth has already been debunked by the fact that he performed at a gay dance club in London, which was male by a large majority. He also serenaded a man on stage, destroying the idea that he must always be around women in the public eye.

Pro then gives some food for thought, but I think the food is a bit stale. He asks (and answers): "What does an average or dumb man do? They hang around friends dumber than themselves. What does a relatively ugly woman do? Hang around uglier ones."

However, I disagree with the answers, and Pro has given no evidence to back up said claims. Why does an average dumb man hang around friends dumber than himself? This is obviously contradictory, since for every man hanging out with a dumber friend, there's a man hanging out with a smarter friend. Likewise, the rule applies to women hanging out with uglier/pritter women.

Enrique was also popular among women long before he duo'ed with Pitbull and Lil Wayne, striking down the notion that he only does so to bolster his opinion among women.

Argument 2: Enrique only sings duets with other men. Therefore, perhaps he has a thing for men

Pro next makes the claim that, unlike the aforementioned artists Putbull and Lil Wayne, Enrique only sings duets with other guys, leading to the conclusion that perhaps he has a thing for men, which is why he only sings with them.

However, this claim is patently false as Enrique performed a duet with female singer Whitney Houston in his song "Could I Have This Kiss Forever".


[2] video;


Scrap all arguments and consider this:

How to disprove his bisexuality? If something is unfalsifiable how can I prove it in the first place?

His sexuality is something only he can know.

Safer to bet on bisexuality than heterosexuality in the same way that betting either or red on a roulette is more risky than betting both (yes you technically would win nothing and lose nothing by doing so but I am focusing that you lose nothing).
Debate Round No. 3


I'd like to again thank my opponent for taking the Pro side.

Please don't scrap all arguments, as that defeats the entire purpose of the debate. My opponent has tried essentially giving up on the debate.

I don't think it's possible to prove whether or not he's bisexual, however the point of the debate is to argue one way or another. I have successfully argued with evidence showing why Enrique is heterosexual and not bisexual, since even my opponent acknowledges that he is not gay.

Pro's last argument: Bisexuality is the safer bet

Unfortunately for my opponent, this is also untrue. According to an article written by a gay author, the UCLA School of Law's Williams Institute estimates that 1.8 % of the population are bisexual, while 96.2 % of the population arenot LGBT, i.e. heterosexual. [1]

Therefore, statistically speaking, a safer bet would be to bet on him being straight, although I'm only presenting these data to counter my opponent's argument and I am not suggesting that the voter vote Con simply because it's statistically more likely that a person is heterosexual.

I have provided several arguments for why Enrique Iglesias is not gay or bisexual, and have successfully refuted my opponent's arguments. Thank you again for participating in this debate. Vote Con!



I don't concede much.

I concede.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by RationalMadman 5 years ago
Sorry I never mentioned my point about his outfits. My bad.
Posted by Contra 5 years ago
People are not going to accept this debate. Would you rather just have a "better song" debate, we post our songs and videos that go with it, and the voters pick who has better songs?
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