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Is Haphazardly Ever After a good Musical?


I believe Haphazardly Ever After is a good musical. If you wish to debate I think we should decide the format for the arguements. I propose that this first one is format deciding and the other two are body paragraphs and there to be no conclusion....

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Thomas the tank engine is one of the best shows to be created


Thomas the tank engine is the one of the best shows ever to be created! If you want to discuss how to format our debate, please answer. I am happy to have this first round to decide on format, three body paragraphs and a conclusion for the fifth round....

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Pokemon should be allowed in school.


Pokemon should be allowed in school, its fun and entertaining for children before school....

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Cinema-an antisocial activity


Cinema today is a money spinning industry. It flourishes on the gullibility of the youth and it takes people for granted. Children are distracted to an artificial world. Cinema thrives on black money. It runs a parallel economy. In the process people's lives are affected economically besides affecting their mind. Can we not call this an antisocial activity and take appropriate action to curb it....

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If you eat your shoes, does that make you a cannibal?


Eating your shoes does in fact make you a cannibal. Back in nam I ate someone's shoes for a strength and dexterity buff in sacrifice for intelligence and the people there called me a cannibal. Now, the word cannibal comes from the latin word, carnival. At carnivals, there are people. People have shoes. Therefore, if you eat shoes you are a cannibal....

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Is "Batman" in,and of itself,right?


Hey,what's up? This argument is about the idea of Batman being morally,and philosophically right. Now i'm gonna explain and set my standards. My idea of Batman:Basically Batman is brutal. Not afraid to torture,break bones,and impale. Batman is a super-genius in all fields of well,everything. He's a hacking genius,computer genius,engineering genius,etc. He has an IQ of at least 200-250,and has photographic memory. Hence he has a photographic memory,and being a genius in all field,he know exactly...

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"In My Pants" Joke Smackdown: Song names


We meet again for another "IN MY PANTS" debate. This one will be about song titles that sound funny with "In my pants". The rules are the same as before: One joke per round. I will now display my joke (I am saving at least two for the last rounds ;) Ready yourself). Smells Like Teen Spirit... IN MY PANTS NOTE: NO SONG TITLES THAT ARE ABOUT SEX, PORN, OR MASTURBATION...

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Harry Potter should not be banned.


Greetings opponent. In the following debate, you will be arguing that the reading and viewing of the Harry Potter books and films should be banned by government legislation. I will be arguing that this should not occur. Before we begin, I will lay out the rules and the structure. If these are broken by either me or my opponent, the offender will be expected to apologise in the comments section and the voters should give the conduct points to the non-offender. However, I am sure that both my...

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Smash Bros: Nintendo Edition


This is a debate for new characters for Super Smash Bros. But the requested character must be owned by Nintendo, or at least has games for a Nintendo device.Rules:1. You cannot request a character that was already featured in a Smash Bros game. So you can't request Pichu (Melee), Solid Snake (Brawl), Ice Climbers (Melee, Brawl), or any other already present fighters.2. You're required to post 4 special moves (Neutral B, Side B, Down B, Up B), and the Fina...

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e.c. segar's popeye comic strips are better than max fleischer's popeye cartoons.


e.c. segar's popeye comic strips are the REAL popeye. they show the one eyed spinach eater in all his glory. the cartoons by max fleischer, however, are weak and stupid. in these, popeye does nothing except beat up bluto. in the comic strips, popeye has a wide variety of opponents, including toar, tork, jabbo, the sea hag, jack snork, mr. chizzleflint, clint gore, and general blozo, as well as an assortment of nameless brutes who pop up for no reason. this is a wide variety of villians w...

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