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Epic Rap Battles of History Personas : (pro)Ajab vs (con)Progressive Dem

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Started: 8/20/2014 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Thett3 is ajab and starts it off. He will pass the last round to even out the rounds and start following this. Lego

typing anything other than "Pass" in the last round results in a concession

This is a no vote debate with me and thett3


Eyy yo

This battles gonna end faster than your relationship with GCL.
As I give you a Pakistani b!tchslap and send you straight to Hell.

Oh Lord! What have you gotten yourself into Progdem?
Do you have any idea who I am? My rhymes are rhetorical gems,
My IQ is off the charts, my philosophy is sound, my politics intact.
And you? You're nothing but a common Keynesian hack!

Seriously, just go back to sucking Keynes's d!ck you little shite.
But if you do, I'll attack you for adding sexual content to this site.
I'm so badasss I break the law of noncontradiction, a Muslim crusader, an idiots threat,
A sexual asexual, asexualizing the site with my sensual steamy sexual threads.

Don't make me destroy you like I destroyed Liz when she gave me sass,
Unlike her, Pots isn't here to defend your sorry democratic asss
Ajabi-- I Jab A Keynesian, send him down the Road To Serfdom,
And the funny thing is, I'm only beating your asss out of boredom.

I've got way better things to do, like discuss with my philosophy master.
That's right Prog, unlike you there are intellectuals to whom I actually matter.
Not just intellectuals either, but DDO members too boo.
Dennis, Kitty, Sargon all have my back. What about you?

I spit lines so cold they make the ice bucket challenge look like a fire.
Fuccking Progdem so hard that even JMK will view me as an object of desire.
Just like my position in this battle, I'm number one and I'm a Pro.
If this was a mafia game, I'm so powerful I would be a Godfather JOAT.

Cockblock you with my roleblock, only to find out that you visited no one.
What was I thinking? You have as much value to the town as you do sex appeal: none.
Of course you visited no one, just sat there crying. Are we talking about mafia or your social life?
I do not know anymore, but what I know is that they may as well be the same--does that cut like a knife?

The truth hurts sometimes, and I know how to deliver.
Ontologically doing to you what alcohol does to your liver,
Destroying your value faster than the fed destroys the value of the Dollar
Rhetoriclally tackling and pummeling you until you holler.

God exists, and do you know how I know you atheist sod?
Because I am Ajab. I am a genius. I am perfect.!

So Choos Mera Lora my strange, sad little friend,
Until then I'll be waiting for you to deactivate once again.

Debate Round No. 1


What you talking about ajab, progs the name and my relationship with GCL is swell
I'm going to open you up like one of the vaginas i've never seen, and then ask whats that smell
Comparing us is like comparing computers, your an old apple and i'm a brand new dell
Im bout to do do some dragon ball z sht, i'm going to put your freeza in a cell[1]

You want to compare IQS?, mine hangs as low as my D**k
They're both kind of thick, and are as solid as a brick
My thoughts are like my semen, they come out way to quick
If your IQ is so high, why do you never shave your stick, your just a fuking prick

Oh you mean liz, the person you called the cancer of the site
The thing provoked pots into action and then started a brand new fight
It was muslim vs muslim, it was literally quite the sight
Pot's popped that viking swag, and ended you with his might

You seem to like kant so much but if he saw you, he would say your a categorical imperative
your messing with someone that will show that your not even relative when its comparative
This battle was over before it started, it was a pre determined narrative
Just do division, I'm a plus and your a minus that should show you that your a negative.

I've left the site before but never because I lost a debate
The moment you challenged roy it was sealing your fate
He's like a well well armored plate and your arguments did not translate
That battle does the same thing girls to do you, when you see them you lose weight [2]

You are God?, I guess you are whipping out some of that plimsoll sht.
Im an economic atheist, literal knowledge and facts is something I emit
Why even take this battle when you already lost, you should have just quit
This is another debate you lost, so get ready to blame the voters and throw a fit

Sorry man, no one has your back because its fact your a hack
You like to distract and redact the things you say and that sht is totally wack
You don't sexually impact anything and you lack any tact and pretend your a class act
If you subtract your impact you come up with the fact that your arguments are cracked



Wow Prog, is that the best you can do? Seriously man, that round was pathetic.
I wasn't insulted at all. I'm a categorical imperative? What? I don't get it.
Your lines are as pathetic as your debates you noob little sniper.
Seriously, learn to actually debate before messing with your afflicter.

I'll punish you so badly you'll feel like a homosexual in my country
When you lose this round 100-0, you'll be like "people don't judge me!"
Well you're way too late bro, that ship already sailed,
On DDO you're a joke, an example of a member who failed.

I've seen GWL make arguments more coherent than yours, so keep enjoying that silver spoon you punk
Do you even understand anything you say, or are you just quoting from The General Theory--uncrusted as it is with your spunk?
I'll be on you like gulab to jamun, progessively crushing your democratic asss twenty two times,
You'll lose this battle worse than your party lose the 1984 election, dying when I bust a rhyme.

Like Izbo, I've shown incredibly restraint in the face of unrelenting stupidity
I'm a master, I have better things to do than respond to your inhumitity
Economic atheist eh? Don't make me laugh bro, we all know Bernanke is your Father,
Yellen is your Jesus, and Keynes is your Holy Spirit. It's the unholy trinity of quantitative easers.

Once again I ask, who on DDO has your back bro?
Kitty is my Kutti, Dennis is my bestie, who likes you, hoe?
No one? That's what I thought. I'm only doing this battle out of pity.
I know you need some attention because your life really is that shittty.

You'd better go and pull an Aperion and get your multis to vote on this ddebate. Or just run away like a tenant without rent.
You're sure to lose. I'm unbeatable, irrefutable: when I lose it's because the judge didn't understand my argument.
VTL Prog. FOS on Prog for being such a little bitch in this mafia game.
Just kidding. If being a little bitch was your scumtell, mafia would always be in pain.

Your IQ hangs as low as your dick, eh?
So it's tiny then? Hai hai hai!
Now sit down my weak little friend,
And just shut up until this battle ends.

Debate Round No. 2


You read kant and worship him but you don't get I called your life irrelevant and self centered.
I put you in a category and labeled you egoistical, FTs meta could be your mentor
Calling my dick tiny man, it's as long as your ego and stings people like a mosquito
Why do you think im a social liberal, Im half black and my dick is as thick as a burrito

I'm going to pull a thett3 on you and sacrifice myself and make this a total slaughter
My fingers going to hit your face, and by the end of this ride i'm going to chant for my father
You want to be a proper philosopher but you have the mindset of a toddler
you think you have the mind of a scholar, but this is like comparing a euro to a dollar

Multi accounts to vote on this debate, you're the one that begs for votes
Spamming people to no end when you objectively lose so sit back and take some notes
Roy beat you so bad he left you up the creek with a battle and stole your boat
He rammed your own ontological argument in your face so hard that he taught you to deepthroat

Every time you get in a fight you hop on the forums and preach that you want to learn meekness
You lie to people nonstop and then expect to beat me, btch please i know your weakness[1]
So much vomit coming out it's a ceaseless sequence now your staring speechless
How can you expect to win a battle when i know your faults so much that i could write a thesis

Your put your self on a higher plane of humanity than the rest of mankind
You think your such a genius that your mind is perfectly designed and not confined
It's like you think you took the pill from limitless and your intelligence was refined[2]
But the pill you took was a placebo and your actually blind

Read that fuking last bar and tell me how you have a chance to win
You call Denny a friend but he showed you his azz and you puked again
I commend you for trying to break every trend and mend and befriend to try and blend in
I'm sorry I started to offend and condescend but you can't even contend, this is just like the movie i'm about to transcend

I was going to do this live via google but my gf kills everything sometimes lol

The last bars were killer when I tried them vocally, I actually had a beat for it too. One day when I am actually able to talk :/



Don't talk about Kant, Obama worshipping fuckk
You know so little about him, you'd probably pronounce it Kunt
Ajab on the mic, knocking you down so far you'll blush
And say "Damn, I'm lower than the DOW under Bush..."

If the voters didn't unerstand my argument, that is not my fault.
They're all so idiotic that they should stay focused on art.
A vote against me from people as foolish and ignorant as them
Let's just say, I consider a vote like that to be a win.

I'm a brilliant mind the likes of which cannot be contained.
And no, Prog, that's nothing like your Lord Keynes.
When I'm rich and famous people will read this and smile
And say "Wow he destroyed that idiot Prog by a mile".

Yes it's true, I puke at the sight of minors showing me their bodies.
They are simply so ugly compared to the girls I have in real life calling me a hottie.
Seriously, have you seen me? My beard is incredible! My eyes are like a window into my soul, and it's great!
What about you Prog? I'd mock your looks, but you're too much of a bittch to show your face!

I'm going to do to you what Bluesteel did to Izbo.
Put you on trial, win, and you go down in legend as a bozo.
You'll rage harder than Jifpop, and get as many votes for president too
Just go back to worshipping Mikal bro, you good for nothing noob.

I already know what my opponents got to say about me, preemptively.
Taking it out. Yeah, I did lose a live debate to Tim but at least he was trolling.
And I'm willing to debate people who aren't 1900 ELO noobs.
I have balls, humility, and intelligence even if I don't like seeing boobs.

I'm surprised you even agreed to this battle, honestly.
I'm glad you did though, you could use some company.
Feel better bro, we accept you for who you are.
A sad little nerd who will never be an economic star.

Debate Round No. 3


It's surprising you start with saying kunt, because you have no idea what one is
The one time we talked about it you were like WTF, it was almost like a pop quiz
I mean look at your fist round, fuk, kunt, blush, and bush, not one those things even remotely rhymes
The only thing your proved is that your IQ is as low as your self worth, that should literally be a crime

Fault, art , them , win this is just becoming painful to read.
Why are you even trying at this point, just do me a favor concede
Keynes, Keynes. keynes you broken record sounding stupid son of a btch
You puked so much when you saw angel of death in a bikini, that they had to give your throat a stitch

Lost to Mestari? that's an understatement, you got trolled and got beat down like that the btch you are
Tim went superman on you and hit you so hard, he put you out like a burning star
Your not a master of philosophy, you can't even beat shakuntala in debate
After he beat you he wrote a story about how he left cum stains on your face for a low rate

I recall reading vivid poetry, something about showers of cum and explosive vagina stars
This guy is one of the worst poets in history, and you tied with him that should leave some scars
Sometimes i think I hate you because you are a depressing, self centered, egoistical little twit
I wish I could say more but this round is coming to an end and it wont fit, its similar to my dick


Seriously Prog your rhymes are as pathetic as truth_seekers.
In this last round, I'll spit dope rhymes that appeal to the voters.
Dickk jokes can only carry you so far in a diss rap battle
And why do you even care about your dickk size, you asexual?

Yeah, I "tied" a debate with the erotic poet Colin Dean.
It took five of you idiots votebombing me and me win record still came up clean!
Seriously Prog if this is the best you can do, I'm really disappointed in you son.
I'm tempted to just leave this battle because everyone knows I already won.

I beat you worse than Mikal beat you in that song debate.
And you can't just shrug off my insults by saying "haters gonna hate".
Know why? Because they're all true, and to you they hurt.
But it's okay, just run away from DDO and continue to lurk.

You say that I'm a broken record?
You're the one who always talks about economics, nerd.
I doubt you even understood half my attacks.
I'm going to get more votes than thett3 has had cats!

Seriously, your imagery here doesn't even make sense,
But I don't know what I expected, when it's you I'm going up against.
Nice try going after my IQ, but we all know that it's enormous.
I have 5 tests to back me up, your argument is just preposterous.

If you hate broken records so much, why don't you ever shut up?
This is your entire contribution to the site you putz:
May I lick your balls, Mikal? Would you like to take a second to talk about Keynes?
You're like a Mormon missionary bro, except your holy book is more than just stupid, it's boring and plain.

This is Ajab signing off, dropping the mic and walking away,
Khuda Hafiz, b!tch!
Debate Round No. 4


You right jabi, I am asexual, i'm a sexual beast
I'm a fuking economic bully, ima take your lunch money and feast
You greasy headed paki you think your an islamic priest
This battle is a bomb that is strapped to you chest and your about to be deceased

I would destroy you in economics and philosophy alike
You don't even understand ontology so you should just a hite
"haters guna hate" is what you told yourself when roy put your head on a pike
Now these bars that im spitting are hitting you like a missile strike

I've spit two economic bars this entire battle and of course you sound like you are broken and on repeat
i think you have a hard on for keynes because hes been in your mouth so much that he has took the place of dennys meat
I mean eating pork is a sin but you will swallow dick like a pro
I guess that explains why you can't spit bars, cus your spitting cum like a hoe

you admitted yourself that test scores are irrelevant and not even valid
But just like your arguments against roy, everything that you say is invalid
This is a sonnet of your lose that they are going to make into a ballad
When you see a pair of tits, why do you tend to toss up your salad

angel - of -death that was such an ironic name when compared to the situation
At least she didn't flash you because you would have died from lack of respiration
penetration, masturbation, ejaculation are all common sensations but you consider it a mutation to use lubrication
Your life is an aggravation and complication to everyone around you , so you should have a comendation

Your eyebrows look like pubic hair, and your IQ is these size of an asian cock
rose are red , violets are pink, allah kicked you out of his flock
You retarted looking, tan looking, Muslim sucking son of a fake God
The second you decided to leave the site, everyone began to applaud

This battle is over, just like your chance at an erection
You enjoy talking about fuking donkeys more than actually giving a woman affection
I have an objection to your complexion, because it needs an inspection
your so gay that your life dream is to be like one direction
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by ESocialBookworm 2 years ago
... nac
Posted by Epicknightmc 2 years ago
This is odd.....
Posted by Danielle 2 years ago
I just tried to vote on this debate but I am ineligible apparently. It was VERY close with ultimately a victory going to Con. Round 1 of the battle was a total tie, Round 2 slightly went to Pro and Round 3 slightly went to Con. However the Round 3 margin was a little bigger so Con wins. Both sides did awesome! The jabs were hilarious. My only criticism would be that a lot of the lines, especially the really long ones, didn't seem like they would sound good if rapped out loud. But then again it's hard to translate over text, so who knows. Good job to both, seriously!
Posted by zaheer12a 2 years ago
It's Hindi/Urdu for "suck my dick" and is considered quite a big insult.
Posted by bossyburrito 2 years ago
What does "Choos Mera Lora" mean?
Posted by PeppermintPenguin 2 years ago
If this Ajabi guy was really rapping this he wouldn't say, "God exists, and do you know how I know you atheist sod? Because I am Ajab. I am a genius. I am perfect.!" because he'd go to hell.
Posted by Kc1999 2 years ago
I fap to this
Posted by 9spaceking 2 years ago
Can't do nada.
Posted by YamaVonKarma 2 years ago
... The debate is not on the front page. The rambling comments of said debate are.
Posted by YamaVonKarma 2 years ago
... The debate is not on the front page. The rambling comments of said debate are.
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