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Error of Evolution Theory,Creation View as Truth - School assignment

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Started: 3/22/2012 Category: Science
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Thursday, March 22, 2012
The Error of Evolution
Many people and Theologians are believing in a evolution theory, by this process removing any creation Facts but adapting to more a scientific mindset where the creation of man and the universe has spurned into a moment where spontaneously this dot of matter erupted expanding the existence of the universe where time and space began. While some refer to the Big Bang Theory as accurate Evidence of the existence and evidence of the universe.. Not only can evolution be False,but as science always changes. The theories for man`s origin as evolved species of primates or from an amphibious creature evolving through a series of Evolution states.
Not only is this wrong but inaccurate to the forming of the Universe and Mankind existence as there is a substantial evidence for the Creation account of mankind from God a ultimate being creating the Existence of all things Atheists will disprove such a account to even prove an erroneous account of man from primates..
please fill free to blog and give opinions for this reason i am writing for a school assignment where ill need to show what evolutionist and Atheists believe names will not be given .. thank you


I would like to thank Pro for instigating this debate.
As Con I will be arguing for evolution, and refuting Pro's points against evolution.
Before we begin I would like to define Creationism as "the literal belief in the account of Creation given in the Book of Genesis, creationism denies the theory of evolution of species".
I await Pro's initial argument.
Debate Round No. 1


k thank you for your support ... lol
continuing on
ill be holding the view of Creationism or fundamentalist
now let us begin
as Christianity,Jewish believe in the 7 day Record of creation
where God created the Heaven and the earth,stars galaxies ,water est est..
i will hold to the Genesis theory and explain with detail why the big bang theory and man existence as well humanity is truth and how Evolution is error. so as we venture through this subject
ill start with the literal 7 day period
now the bible states a God creating humanity and the earth sky and day and night est est total of seven days. now many will hold to as literal or some hold to as thousands years for such state to exist. now as the bible should be taken as literal i will presume this theory
now God created the universe in which God spoke it into existence im not referring to just "big bang " theory as some find but i am saying that all existence everything God created night/ day so on so forth all they way down the list
in studying this theory thermodynamic is involved revealing evidence to the expansion as well the evidence to the universe as well the cosmological theory which states that their needs to be an uncaused cause for the existence of everything.
stating in the theory of cosmological "Whatever begins to exist has a cause"
meaning the universe began to exist
therefore,the universe has a cause


My opponent's argument consists of the following:
1. The Scientific Laws of Thermodynamics support the idea that everything that exists requires a cause.
2. The universe exists, thus there is a cause of the universe.
3. The cause of the universe is God
4. Because God is the cause of the universe, the Christian Bible is to be taken literally and credibly to explain the existence of the universe.

This logic is erroneous on multiple levels.

To advance this argument we must assume that the Laws of Thermodynamics justify the existence of God. Note that this isn't a valid conclusion since thermodynamics apply to Newtonian Physics not quantum physics(1) and chaos theory(2), the sciences that apply to a scientific understanding of the creation of the universe.

The fallout of my opponent's argument is that there is no reason to assume that since there is a God, the Christian Bible is a credible source to explaining the creation of the universe.
There are many religions with a holy book and their own creation story(3). There is no reason to assume that the Christian Bible holds the truth to the creation verses any other religion.

Debate Round No. 2


Pboy21 forfeited this round.


It's unfortunate that my opponent was unable to post a response for the last round. I extend all my previous arguments and believe I have successfully negated my opponent's claims.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Pboy21 5 years ago
oh no i just trying to do a school assignment lol im a freshamn in college i took a senior course so lol yeah just trying to finish lol
Posted by DouggyFresh 5 years ago
This appears to be a duplicate of the other debate you are currently participating in. You should delete one or the other.
Posted by larztheloser 5 years ago
I agree with Zaradi - this should be forumised.
Posted by Pboy21 5 years ago
do you hold to more of an Evolutionary side of Creation or more to a Creation account ?Meaning are you more leaning to the evolutionist as there is no creator or an creationist or fundamentalist view?
Posted by Pboy21 5 years ago
maybe science has its limits? but that still does not prove the existence of mans origins my question was where did man come from and how was the universe created?
Posted by Zaradi 5 years ago
There obviously is a cause, but we currently lack the technology and the ability to definitively conclude how we came into existence.
Posted by Pboy21 5 years ago
Maybe but what is your view on the Existence of the universe and mankind?
Posted by Zaradi 5 years ago
Wouldn't this be better as a forum topic...?
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