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Euro-centric distortions on African Antiquity and it's importance/relvance in today's world

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Started: 5/8/2009 Category: Education
Updated: 8 years ago Status: Voting Period
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My argument is simple but sensitive. Please back all claims.

The global view of Africa is a sad one. What Africans in Africa and those displaced globally, have given the world has been placed in a washing Machine filled with Bleach. It has been accepted that the Birth place for all of Wo/Mankind is located in the heart of Africa. So how is Philosophy accredited to the Greeks? The first literary composition EVER written was The Maxims of Ptah Hotep (A black African), which was a book of philosophical thoughts on how to live life.....

It appears to be purposely driven. If not, why hasn't this smudging of history stopped? We are only left to assume that all Euro centric history is suspect.


2398 - 2245 B.C.

The I Ching:

2800 BCE-2737 BCE

So that is older.

Oh wait they changed it. It's not older anymore.

Africa must have won a war with China.

History is written by the victors.
-- Winston Churchill

Apparently my opponent somehow believes it is wrong to subjugate African people and establish a white racist state and then deny that they ever existed?

here's your homework. And

Palestine is not in Africa, and "mizrahim" means "Oriental."

"Ashkenazi" means white.

And genocide is worse than racism.

Resolved, that Zionist revisionism of not only its own but also Palestinian history is worse than Eurocentric revision of African history.

Don't make me go through my "Con gets to take a stand too" rant again.
Debate Round No. 1


I appreciate my opponents ability in attempting to construct the world's biggest straw man; however the revision of those histories, "Zionist" and that of the "Palestinian", are completely off target. Genocide vs. racism sounds like an appealing argument but it completely strays from the original argument.

My opponent did briefly point out the age difference between 'The Maxims of Ptah Hotep' and 'I CHING'. With all due respect, in 4500bc Ancient (Black) Egyptians began using burial texts to accompany their dead, these were the first known written documents. The Maxims of Ptah Hotep is the oldest book, it was attributed to the 5th Dynasty and portions of it were found with Prisse Papyrus from the middle kingdom ("which [in it] contains the last two pages of the Instruction addressed to Kagemni, who purportedly served under the 4th Dynasty king Snofru"). In any case, this was a book that was written long before the 5th Dynasty. Furthermore, Ancient (Black) Egyptians have been writting things on papyrus since 4500bc(e). Perhaps my opponent should read The Maxims of Ptah Hotep, it's not very long.

Let's shine the light on my original topic again. Please explain why you are FOR the Euro-centric revision of Ancient African history? No more straw men, eh?.

Suggested Author:
Cheikh Anta Diop


OK I have to go through my rant.


The way a debate works is first one side takes a position and defends it; then the opposition takes a stand disagreeing with them and they take turns admiring their own stand and trashing the other guy's. I am really considered quite a radical in these parts when I insist this is the way it works. It will take a long time for this to become accepted in land and it certainly is terribly unfair to let the opposition take a stand just like the other guy but that's just the way these unfair rules are written. These unfair rules should be changed becuse better debates happen when all you have to do
is make some stupid statement like "Murder is wrong" and no matter what happens at the end of the debate it is scored by stupidly asking if you still believe that murder is wrong.

But I argued that since murder is the illegal killing of another person with malice aforethought that a better statement would be that ANY killing of another person with malice aforethought is wrong.

It's a good thing this sleazy tactic was soundly defeated by the judges. Everyone knows that murder is wrong.

Quoting now from LD Debate Terms:

Value: The value is usually given in the wording of the resolution. Its purpose is to establish context (what the resolution is about, the topic of debate), and to establish ground (what part of the resolution each side must defend). The value should not be confused with something that most might think of as a value, i.e., something that is necessarily intrinsically good (such as freedom or liberty). Rather, a value should be thought of as a position or a stance of belief within the presence of other positions or stances— it is relational. In this sense, a resolution may have a value of "increased environmental regulation" or "civil disobedience." In short, the value (sometimes referred to as a value premise) is the position that the resolution is asking you to defend. Thus, in the resolution "violence is a justified response to political oppression," the affirmative value is violence and the negative value is political oppression. The debate should then focus on the contexts in which the choice between the two value positions must be made. Many coaches and debaters think that the value is rarely presented in the resolution. This position holds that a value must be something of intrinsic worth, i.e., something that might be commonly believed to be a value. The result is that debaters very frequently argue values, such as liberty, freedom, or justice, which may sound wonderful but do not necessarily apply to the resolution. In these instances, the debate rarely, if ever, deals with issues of concern to the resolution. Value objection: An argument used primarily in nonpolicy debate which argues that there exists a competing value to the affirmative value. The argument has to be proven to be more important than the affirmative value.

Criteria: There a several interpretations of criteria in LD. There is no definitive answer.
One interpretation is that criteria are a set of standards used to evaluate conflict between the affirmative and negative value premise. Thus, the criteria is contextually found in the resolution through words such as "ought" and "justified" which inform debaters of the type of standards and justifications needed to uphold competing values. For example, in the resolution "violence is a justified response to political oppression," the criteria for the debate are the standards chosen to determine the conditions of when or if violence can be "justified" in response to political oppression. In other words, what determines when or if violence can be justified? The criteria are often referred to as a lens or a weighing mechanism because all arguments in the debate need to be shuttled through the standard.
A second interpretation is that the criteria are the standards used to define the value. In other words, if the value is justice, the criteria are the standards for determining a just conditions. In this interpretation, the values are rarely taken from the resolution, and often taken from the words "ought" or "justified," what in the above definition of are considered the words that define the criteria, not the value.
In any case, by definition, a criteria is a standard, the real question, and one that should be debated in every round, is what it is a standard for and of. It is also critical to know how the value and criteria are intended to relate.
Debate Round No. 2


Quoting from "LD Debate Terms", only shows you can't defend why you are FOR Euro-centric Distortions of African Antiquity.

African people were the first to inhabit the earth, Gloger's rule was given as an explanation why Blacks were first, archeological finds have basically proven this rule. One will never find a Caucasian older than an African as Caucasians are African ancestors. Look at the first people who arrived in what we call Europe. All the oldest art work on that continent comes from a tribe of Africans called the Grimaldi, look it up.

Here is a small bit of history to support my claim that european distortions on my ancestry have been blurred, purposely:

2.5 MM -- Homo habilis (African) appears.
1.0 MM -- Homo erectus (African) appears.
150 M -- Homo sabiens sapiens (African) appears.
43000 -- Africans begin iron mining in the Nile Valley.
33000 -- Invasion of Europe by the Grimaldi Negroid from Africa.
30000 -- Africans of Monomotapa create the first sculpture of a human figure.
30000 -- Arrival of Australians in Australia.
20000 -- First Cro-Magnon in Europe.
17850 -- Africans cultivating and harvesting barley and einkorn wheat in the Nile Valley.
15000 -- Africans in Kenya domesticate cattle.
12000 -- Sebelian II rules in Pre-Dynastic Kemet.
10000 -- The first calendar is introduced by the Africans of the Nile Valley.
8000 -- Sebelian III rules in Pre-Dynastic Kemet.
6020 -- Africans in the Congo use markings on bones to develop a numeration system. 4100 -- The first solar calendar is introduced by Kemet and Kush.
3800 -- Emergence of earliest Nubian civilization.
3758 -- The world's first religious principles are written by the Kushite, King Ori (right & wrong).
3400 -- Nubian Kingdom of Ta-Seti founded.
3150 -- King Narmer (Menes) unifies Upper and Lower Kemet and establishes Memphis as capital.
3000 -- Modern West Africans develop more complex societies in Nigeria.
2980 -- King Khasekhemuwy rules in Kemet during the 2nd Dynastry.
2900 -- Kush invades and establishes the Kingdom of Elam in the Empire of Persia.
2685 -- The Grand Lodge of Luxor was built at Danderah by Khufu.
2650 -- Imhotep of Ta-Merry builds Step Pyramid and Saqqara complex during Zoser's reign.
2500 -- Indus Valley civilization in India develops, Dravidians from Africa are foundation builders.
2465 -- All the great pyramids at Dahshur & Giza, sun temples and mortuary complexes completed.
2323 -- Pyramid Texts inscribed in tomb of King Unas.
2300 -- An African King rules Mesopotamia, King Patesi of Lagash, more generally known as Gudea.
2150 -- Kemet experiences cultural upheaval (until 2040 B.C.E.).
2040 -- Mentuhotep II unifies Kemet and relocates the capital to Waset.
2000 -- Beginning of the Kingdom of Cush in Sudan with its capital at Kerma.
1897 -- Amenemhet constructs the great Kemetic Labyrinth.
1783 -- First Asian invasion of Kemet by Hyksos (until 1550 B.C.E.).
1700 -- Agricultural revolution in sub-Saharan Africa. 1550 -- King Ahmose defeats the Hyksos and reunifies Kemet.
1504 -- Thutmose I expands rulership to include Persia and Iraq.
1500 -- Beginning of the Olmecs in Mexico (to 800 B.C.E.).
1473 -- Queen Hatshepsut rules Kemet as first female pharaoh.
1391 -- Thutmose III rules Kemet at the height of its military power. Queen Tiye rules by his side.
1353 -- Amenhotep IV (Akhenaton) introduces concepts of Aton as the only God in Kemet.
1333 -- Tutankhamen becomes the king.
1306 -- Seti I, the father of Rameses II builds major tomb in the Valley of the Kings.
1290 -- Rameses II (Rameses the Great) rules Kemet for 67 years.
1070 -- Period of great social, political, and religious decline in Kemet (until 750 B.C.E.).
970 -- Cush becomes an independent kingdom with the capital at Napata on the Nile.
760 -- King Kashta rules Meroe until 751
751 -- Piye (Piankhi), Nubian king conquers Upper and Lower Kemet removing foreigners
716 -- King Shabato rules Meroe until 701
690 -- Taharqa leads military invasion of Spain and Palestine.
667 -- Nubians battle Assyrians for both Lower and Upper Kemet.
600 -- Pharaoh Necho (Niku) II commissioned Hanno to circumnavigate the entire continent of Africa.
548 -- The Secret Temple of the Mysteries System of Delfi is burnt to the ground.
538 -- King Analma'aye rules Kush until 533.
533 -- King Amani-natake-lebte rules Kush until 513.
525 -- Kemet invaded by Cambyses and becomes a part of the Persian Empire.
513 -- King Korkamani rules Kush until 503.
503 -- King Amani-astabarqa rules Kush until 478.
500 -- Nok culture thrives in western Sudan (Nigeria).
478 -- King Sisaspiqa rules Kush until 458.
460 -- Herodotus arrives in Kemet searching for knowledge.
458 -- King Nasakhma rules Kush until 453.
453 -- King Malewiebamani rules Kush until 423.
423 -- King Talakhamani rules Kush until 418.
418 -- King Aman-nete-yerike rules Kush until 398.
398 -- King Baskakeren rules Kush until 397.
397 -- King Harisiotet rules Kush until 362.
380 -- 30th Dynasty is the last period of rulership by native-born Kemetic kings (ends 343 B.C.E.).
342 -- King Akhratan rules Kush until 328.
332 -- Alexander of Macedonia (Alexander the Great) defeats the Persian army and conquers Kemet.
328 -- King Nastasen rules Kush until 308.
300 -- In Kush the royal institution of the Kentake (Candaces) or Queen Mother is established.
300 -- Africans in Kenya develop a complex calendar system based on astronomical reckoning.
280 -- Merotic Script, an indigenous form of written communication is introduced.
260 -- Queen Bartare rules Meroe until 250.
250 -- Zenith of Meroitic civilization until 100 A.D.
218 -- Hannibal leads his army across the Alps to challenge Rome.
170 -- Queen Shanakdakhete rules Meroe until 160.
41 -- Queen Amanishabhete rules Meroe until 12; Roman invasion occurs in 23.
30 -- Augustus Caesar claims Egypt as a province of Rome.
22 -- Africans living in Tanzania produce carbon steel in 1,800�C blast furnaces.
12 -- Queen Amaritare rules Meroe until 12 A.D.
62 A.D. -- Queen Amanikhastashan rules Meroe (Nubia) until 85 100 -- Hausa Bokwoi rose as an empire in Nigeria
Copyright�1998. Nique Fajors. All Rights Reserved.

If we are given our fair share of history then most historical European accomplishments begin to crumble as they are built, created...... on the shoulders and minds of the Black African People.

Time begins with the Black Africans as my ancestors created the first calender, Geometry, Philosophy, Medicine.....etc.., are all from my ancestors, yet those who want to hide this will have us believe that Egyptians were White people, how absurd! Look at some of the old bible movies Blacks were avoided when casting these roles about African history. Insane! Yet with all the information we have all the technological advancements we have achieved still Black Africans get no love in our history books outside of Slavery. When one has to distort history to look like the creator of all then it has to be noted that those types of people really hate there own ancestry, thus leaching off everyone else.

All in all, For one to be for the distortions of African Antiquity only shows complete denial, hatred of ones own self and an arrogance that perpetuates hatred for others. This distortion on African history plays a huge role in genocide and gentrification, because of the compacted effects of lies and deception.

My opponent has decided not to stick to the argument, and prefers to copy debate rules while spilling his new found information all over the place like a 3 yr old pouring milk into cereal, all the while remaining arrogant and in a deep state of "I don't want to know the truth" . Euro-centric distortions on African Antiquity is wrong and should be corrected to reflect truth.


I thank my opponent for a very enlightening and inspiring brief look at an entire civilization which has been pillaged.

I have to point out that white people had to come from somewhere and also have a history. The fact is that I don't particularly care about that either. The history of the Hawaiian people, from accomplishing a sailing and navigating feat unequaled even by the British Navy, to settling, populating and greening and unifying what would become the Kingdom of Hawaii is one that particularly comes to mind as one needing to be told as well. The story of the Native American culture and its destruction is certainly known to the world. There is not a lot to be proud of there either.

Very difficult. Does my opponent really believe that it matters what I believe or don't believe or what I am arguing or not arguing, or to say that I believe this or that, especially when it not just this or that. Please delete the last three words from my argument in the book version.

Marginalization of a people, whether whites in Asia, the poor in New Orleans, or Native Americans, or American Blacks, or Hispanics, or Japanese internment, or modern Central Africans, or East Timorese, and there are others whose plight is worse, is more hurtful than any sticks or stones, which eventually heal and are forgotten. Not the words left unspoken so much as the ones that weren't left unspoken but should have been.

A focus on any one of these merely perpetuates inequality by saying that one form of racism or genocide in any worse than any other. It is not, and to say otherwise is sowing the seeds of further racism and divisiveness, and is not consistent with the equality we seek. If we are to be one we must be one, and not different. Of course we have different hair color and eye color but we do not have wars about it. Someday skin color won't matter either.

Everyone must become more conscious of people who are different from us and kill them.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by InfraRedEd 8 years ago
I'm not going to read your stupid book while people are dying needleesly in genocide both in Africa

and elsewhere due to misinformation and lack of information.

We are debating Africa and Zionism or we are not debating.

I would happily refute my opponent's arguments if there were any.

It is not fair to expect me to argue that Black people are doing just fine. Such an assertion is indefensible.

All I am asking for is fairness.
Posted by TheSkeptic 8 years ago
Reword the resolution so it shows an opinionated claim. Something that can be supported or attacked. If you do, then I probably will take this debate :)
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