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Started: 3/26/2015 Category: Society
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People have a choice to to decide when to die. It's my body so I can decide what to do with it. I should not be prevented from killing myself when I am suffering. I would rather die gracefully than to wither away in front of my loved ones.


Hello, highway2hell!
Thank you for sending me this compelling argument.
I would like to argue against euthanasia.
Your right to death is perfectly justified, however your right to kill yourself is not. Everyone has a right to die because it is an undeniable, guaranteed part of life, but we cannot intentionally kill ourselves because it is suicide in and of itself. In today's society, the majority of people find suffering to be the worst of evils in this world, however so many beautiful goods can be taken from suffering. How one responds to suffering determines the good that will result.
Debate Round No. 1


What good can come out of suffering? The only thing I can see coming from suffering is despair and pain. No one should be forced to bear a pain that they could escape. We euthanize animals because we don't want to see them suffer. Can't we do the same for ourselves and others?


Thank you for your reply, highway2hell!
I would like to argue that there is, in fact, 7 objective goods that can come out of suffering.
1. Enlightenment
-No, this is not the Buddhist version of the enlightenment when one is fully knowledgeable on matters of truth and life, and neither is it the Enlightenment period of the 18th century. This enlightenment is a realization that someone (including yourself) may be suffering. The quote, "You don't know what you have until it's gone", definitely applies to this form of enlightenment. Through suffering, people may recognize that they took for granted many things that they thought would always be there. Take for example, a marathon runner who gets into a nearly fatal car crash. As a result from the crash, his legs are amputated and he can no longer continue in the same way in his marathons. He is confined to a wheelchair. This sounds awful and full of despair, but as a result the man has a better appreciation for what he has now, and his family is enlightened to the fact that he could have died. This is truly a good that can come from suffering.
2. Detachment
-Prioritizing is the key thing here. Many times when we suffer it is because of our own doing, and thus we can fix it. For example, if you are tired then you must prioritize what is more important: the Internet or sleep. Suffering gives us a new perspective on what is truly important in life. Sometimes it is only through suffering that this can occur.
3. Reparation
-This is a good result of moral suffering (suffering that we bring upon ourselves through sin). When one is suffering, they can offer it up for someone else. For example, if we are having a bad day, then we can suffer in silence and offer it up to God for our own or others' sins. This, however, does not have to be a fully religious concept. It is meant mend our life back to what it was truly meant to be like. A life without unhealthy thoughts, actions, or behaviors is the goal of reparation, and it can be accomplished through our own actions.
4. Display of Virtue
-Suffering can help one to grow in and display one's virtues. Prudence, justice, fortitude, temperance, patience, hope, and love are just a few examples of virtues that can come forth from a person in a time of suffering. For example, a grandchild is visiting their grandmother with dementia and must repeat what they have said over and over again. Now, this small but often times frustrating suffering can cause the grandchild to quickly get agitated and yell at the grandmother, or the grandchild can display the virtue of patience, repeat with kindness what they have said, and understand that the grandmother is suffering too and must be treated with love.
5. Humility
-Sometimes when a person's pride and ego are too big, they must be humbled through suffering. A man may think that he is top dog and can do anything in the world, but one day he is reminded that the world does not revolve around him when he sees a homeless child on the street. There are bigger things than him in this world, and he must realize it. In the religious sense, one may think that they can do anything and don't need God. Something that one cannot control might happen and one thus suffers, but they come to the conclusion that they are not God and must humble themselves.
6. To Draw Out Love
-A suffering man not only can learn to love others more, but others may learn to love him more. This one is closely linked to enlightenment in that we realize that someone is important and thus great love is poured forth. A great example is on the following link ( ). There is a movie, The Woman Who Willed a Miracle, that is based on this beautiful story. In short, this woman's love for her adopted, suffering son brought for great gifts for not only their family but for the world. Please check it out if you have time.
7. Build Character
-The ye old sayings, "Rub some dirt on it" and "Suck it up", actually are pushing people to build character, such as perseverance. Heroism is built off of suffering. When we see a hero, there is almost some sort of trial or suffering that they had to endure in order to get to where they are now. These are the people we look up to, respect, and want to be like. Suffering got them there, and yet so many people view suffering as the ultimate evil of this world. An example of this is found in the following link. ( ). In short, it is about a girl who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. She could no longer play her favorite sport, soccer, but she pushed through her suffering and went on to be one of the best track runners in the country.

Now, these prove that there is more than just despair and pain in suffering. However, your argument also calls for me to counter the "since we euthanize animals, then why not people?".

We, as people, are higher in dignity and overall intellectual capacity and abilities than animals. In the religious world (especially Catholicism), we can dispose of the animals in a humane way that God put on this earth for man because they are lesser than human beings, and do not hold the same level of dignity as human beings. We must be stewards of God's creation and euthanasia of an animal in order to end their suffering is acceptable. They are not made in the image and likeness of God, and thus are not due the same respect that human beings are.
In the secular world, we can come to the conclusion that people have a rational soul while animals have a sensitive soul that does not have a will or an intellect. As a result we can put down a pet that is suffering because it would be more humane, then keeping them alive. People, on the other hand, are worth far more due to their intellectual capabilities, and can offer the world so much more. We are fundamentally different and greater than animals and deserve far more respect and reverence than animals do.

Thank you for your time!

With much love,

Debate Round No. 2


What happens if I don't experience these objective goods? What if my quality of life is so diminished that it places a financial burden on my family and an emotional burden on me. Once my quality of life is degraded, I can't do anything. I'm only a waste of resources and time. I might as well be put out of my misery if I am just taking space, time, and the money of others when I can't do anything for myself. It would help my family financially and emotionally to just let me go.


Thank you, highway2hell, once again for your reply!

Your argument that one may not experience these objective goods is a valid one. However, many times in life there are times when we cannot see the purpose behind our suffering, and believe it is all for not, but more often than not this purpose is revealed later on in life.

For example, a high school student may be bogged down with homework, numerous projects, and seemingly impossible tests, and they think "I cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel, and all of this work is meaningless". As time goes on, and the student becomes an adult they see that they did indeed get something out of all that suffering. They built character. They pushed through the hard times, and came out alive and more knowledgeable.

Another tough but applicable example is the loss of a loved one, especially an unexpected or premature loss. We often think "Why her/him?", or "(S)he was such a good person and so young". These are valid questions that sometimes are not answered for a very long time. ( In the religious world...the purpose of suffering is sometimes not revealed until after we die in the eternal life of Heaven revealed by God). In some cases, we will never understand the reason for our suffering on earth because it could inspire or affect another person without our knowledge. This is a beautiful gift that we can give to others.

Your next argument, "What if my quality of life is so diminished that it places a financial burden on my family and an emotional burden on me"?, is one many people today consider and take into account when making such decisions regarding treatment and life support.

Do not put a price on yourself. Do not say if the finances amount to X amount of dollars, then I will kill myself and get myself out of the way. You are priceless, and a financial burden should not cause you to kill/euthanize yourself. When considering an expensive treatment/procedure/life support, it is, however, acceptable to refuse burdensome, dangerous, extraordinary, or disproportionate treatments/procedures/life support, but you may NOT kill yourself to avoid such financial burdens. You may refuse an extraordinary treatment, and die a natural death. The human person is the single most extraordinary species on this earth, and should not have a price set on them. It is morally and ethically wrong to take your life under such conditions.
If you have more questions on ordinary and extraordinary means, this website has a good explanation. ( ) I know it is a Catholic website, but Catholics base their teachings on Natural Law and truth. I am sorry I cannot go into this in detail because I only have 5,000 characters left and have more questions/arguments to answer/respond to.

The quality of life is an interesting and important topic to discuss because many people consider it the life determining factor of life. A typical reason one may consider euthanasia is that one's quality of life is low or not up to par. This is a terrible way to determine the worth of one's life. There are hundreds of thousands of impoverished people in this world , who could very easily take a look at their life and decide that it is not worth living, but they have hope. They know that there is a reason to live. Sometimes it is extremely hard to find that hope or believe there is a reason to live, but it is there nonetheless.

A beautiful example of some people showing the world that society's standard for the quality of life does not need to be the standard in which one lives is a father-son duo, the Hoyt team, who compete in triathlons even though the son is disabled. This link will show you a piece of their wonderful story. ( )

Suffering is unfortunately the reason so many people take their lives by suicide, but we must know and understand that suffering is not the ultimate evil in this world. We can receive many blessings and goods from suffering, or inspire others to do great things. Our lives are priceless, and our human dignity is inherent and unrivaled. These are just a few of the reasons why euthanasia is so wrong. We are all worth our time on earth, and we should uphold the dignity of others to let them know this. The beautiful phrase, "Love conquers all", should be taken in consideration when making any decisions in life. Suffering can be conquered by the love of ourselves, and of others.

Thank you again, highway2hell,

Debate Round No. 3


highway2hell forfeited this round.


Mannahfromheaven forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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