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Euthanasia is Unreasonable

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Started: 10/26/2014 Category: Health
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Euthanasia is an unreasonable option because there is no need for it.


I am happy to accept this debate and defend euthanasia.
Debate Round No. 1



Euthanasia is a way in which people can prematurely end their life in order to avoid or end suffering.
This is not a wise decision for many reasons,

First there are several objective goods to suffering that I would like to present
1: Enlightenment~ one realizes how precious life is
2: Detachment~detaches us from the things in this life that are not necessary
3: Reparation~to fix our lives (suffering that one might endure as a penance or such)
4:Character building~how one responds to suffering can help build character
5: Humility
7:Drawing out love in others who help the person suffering
Thus, one should not end his life in order to avoid or end suffering.

Second, we did not begin our life and so we have no right to take it away. There is a difference between rights and freedoms. A right is something that we are entitled to, while a freedom is something that we are capable of doing. We are able to kill ourselves, but that does not mean that we should.

Third, euthanasia has cause many negative psychological effects on those who allowed one to be euthanized.

I hope this answers any doubts you may have, I am happy to answer any questions.


VogonPoet forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


LuciaR forfeited this round.


Apologies for forfeiting the previous round.

Since the point being debated is in absolutes, if I can find any scenario where using euthanasia is a better option than not, my point is proven. For this purpose I will use the scenario of being terminally ill and having terrible quality of life.

When dealing with euthanasia, I see two choices. We can force people to endure terrible conditions before dying, or we can give them free will to do as they wish. We can waste medical supplies on people with no hope who don't want to be alive anyway, or we can redirect those supplies to someone who needs them more.

That is the crux of my argument, I will now address my opponent's.

The first 6 arguments, all of which relate to character building, have no bearing on terminally ill patients who have only weeks or months to live.

Drawing out love in others who help the person suffering could be an outcome, but more commonly the result is different. Terminal illness can tear families apart. Objectively, a terminally ill patient costs their family money, time and emotional pain.

The second argument is a non-sequitur.

Psychological effects will happen regardless. Seeing a loved one waste away in pain before dying can also cause negative psychological effects, arguably worse than if they had let them die peacefully.

I am looking forward to my opponent's response.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Simcha 2 years ago
You are wrong
Posted by VogonPoet 2 years ago
Sorry about the forfeit of round, didn't realize how short the response time was.
Posted by lori17224 2 years ago
Life isnt that precious...
Posted by moneystacker 2 years ago
What do you mean by no need for it.. don't people use it because they would rather die early instead of going threw pain left from cancer or whatever?? Isn't it a need for people who can't endure the pain and stress of realizing you are going to die anyway?
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