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Euthanasia is a human right.

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Started: 11/27/2012 Category: Health
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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It is really cruel do die under great pain, or to force people to life in a very miserable condition, for that reason, Euthanasia should be considered a human right.




Euthanasia: the act of putting to death painlesslyor allowing to die, as by withholding
extreme medical measures,a person or animal suffering from an incurable, especially
a painful, disease or condition.

Human Right: any basic right or freedom to which all human beings are entitledand in whose
exercise a government may not interfere (including rights to life and liberty as well as freedom
of thought and expressionand equality before the law)

I location will be the western 1st world democracy, focussing on the United States

I will lay down some terms:

The rules will be as follows:

1. No Semantics
2. No Plagiarism
3. 2,000 characters.
4. Forfeit/Concede results in immediate loss.
5. Round 1 is terms. (done)

If you deny these terms I will not partake in this debate.
Debate Round No. 1


david.palbino forfeited this round.


Under the terms of the debate a forfeit results in an instant loss.

I will for the sake of it lay out some arguements.

Sanctity of Life

  • All human beings are to be valued, irrespective of age, sex, race, religion, social status or their potential for achievement
  • Human life is a basic good as opposed to an instrumental good, a good in itself rather than as a means to an end
  • Human life is sacred because it's a gift from God
  • Therefore the deliberate taking of human life should be prohibited except in self-defence or the legitimate defence of others
Dying is good for us

When people are dying they may be able, more than at any time in their life, to concentrate on the important things in life, and to set aside the present-day 'consumer culture', and their own ego and desire to control the world. Curtailing the process of dying would deny them this opportunity.

Suffering is something which draws upon all the resources of a human being and enables them to reach the highest and noblest points of what they really are.

Suffering allows a person to be a good example to others by showing how to behave when things are bad.

Other people have rights too

Euthanasia is usually viewed from the viewpoint of the person who wants to die, but it affects other people too, and their rights should be considered.

  • family and friends
  • medical and other carers
  • other people in a similar situation who may feel pressured by the decision of this patient
  • society in general

Debate Round No. 2



I have to say that some time dying is the best think that can happen to us,

For example, if you have an extremely painful cancer which is going to torture you for another month before killing you, then I would say that the most morally correct think a doctor can do is to help the patient to die (if he/she with)

Why are you referencing God when you know that non of us beliefs in fairy tales?

Apparently I screw the debate by missing 1 round.

Can we start again?



smoothpoints forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by MouthWash 5 years ago
*cough* *cough*
Posted by david.palbino 5 years ago
sxxx, I' miss the turn,
Can we start again?
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