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Everquest is the Most Revolutionary MMORPG of All Time

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Started: 10/2/2008 Category: Technology
Updated: 8 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Since it's launch in April of 1999 the online computer game Everquest has captivated the minds of millions of players worldwide and revolutionized the MMORPG industry.

Before Everquest there wasn't a single game out there that allowed a player to interactively explore a 3D world along with thousands of other players simultaneously. The MMORPG's that did exist only allowed a player to explore a 2D world and had nowhere near the content that Everquest did.

Today, most of the major MMORPG's employ some of the same features that Everquest introduced to the gaming world.

These features include, but are not limited to the following:
-3D Character Modeling
-First person viewing capabilities
-Interactive NPC's with advanced AI
-Complex economic systems
-Advanced Tradeskill Platforms
-Mobs requiring massive raiding parties

Without Everquest, the MMORPG's of today would be nowhere near as sophisticated as they now are.


My first argument is that you said,
"Without Everquest, the MMORPG's of today would be nowhere near as sophisticated as they now are."

Ok there is millions of mmorpg games on net. I believe that is a opinion. Not a fact,back to my point you haven't tested all of the thousands of MMORPG games to state that. If you say is the best how come I don't see announcements on online.

"Before Everquest there wasn't a single game out there that allowed a player to interactively explore a 3Dworld along with thousands of other players simultaneously."
What if some players didn't like playing in 3d.There is millions of Internet users around the world which think differently.

You cant state that. Most of the people don't know what is "Everquest".There is thousands of online games in the world including ps3,xbox360,ps2,computer. That are way better than "Everquest".

Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for taking this debate Water321.

1. There aren't millions of MMORPG games on the internet. First you state that "there is(sic) millions of mmorpg games on net" then you go on to say "you haven't tested all of the thousands of mmorpg games". Which one is it, millions or thousands?

2. At it's launch, Everquest was one of the first 3D computer games in existence. Everyone wanted to try out these fantastic new 3D computer games. The majority of computer games, console games released to day are 3D games. In fact all new console games are in 3D. To say that millions of internet users do not play 3D games is ignorance.

3. It's perfectly fine that most people don't know what Everquest is. I don't expect for the majority to even know what an MMORPG is. Do you even know what an MMORPG is? From your response it sounds like you don't. Furthermore, this debate is focusing on how revolutionary Everquest was, not whether or not there are way better games than Everquest.

4. MMORPG's are mainly played on computers. While some have been tested on console systems it was realized at an early stage that MMORPG's are much to complicated for console systems without keyboards, etc. All statements made talking about games on PS2, PS3, XBox, etc are thereby false and not admittable as evidence.


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Debate Round No. 2


Given that my opponent has posted a video instead of an actual response to the debate I feel there is really nothing else to be said. Everquest is the most revolutionary MMORPG of all time and there's nothing else to it.

Vote Me!!!


water321 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Wayne 8 years ago
haha, i never heard of Everquest xP
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