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Every Country should have the same currency

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Started: 2/4/2012 Category: Economics
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Every Country should NOT have the same currency. Countries with poorer backgrounds cannot, and would not be able to Afford everyday items. This means that the human rights act would be violated, rendering countries poverty stricken.


Okay I will take this challenge.

As Pro I will refute Con's claims that if there was a worldwide currency:

1) Poor countries would not be able to afford anything.

2) Human rights will be violated.

As to the first claim, prices are set by the local merchants in that country. You can even see within America that the price of a cheeseburger can vary greatly from state to state, and differ greatly from rich communities to poorer communities, even though the same currency is used. This is done so that the local consumers can afford the goods, otherwise there would be no sales, and the merchants would be out of business.

Con may imply that a worldwide currency would be disastrous like the euro was with Greece. However, Greece would be far worse off if the richer and more responsible countries in the EU coalition did not absorb some of the devaluation of the EU. A devaluation of a worldwide currency affects all countries, not just the poor ones.

Human rights are historically often violated with totalitarian regimes. A worldwide currency does not seem to have any correlation at all with the type of government instituted. I look forward to con attempting to draw this correlation.
Debate Round No. 1


To start you statement stating that cheeseburger prices in america change from state to state has no, what so ever information to back up that argument, and for the sake of this debate is false. There is no proof that burger prices around america are different. You stated that the price of items is in the hands of the local merchant. That too is false. The value of currency has a lot to do with the price and value of gold at the time of printing. There fore it should be left to the areas with a better gold value to increase there worthiness of the currency.

Currencies are mostly based of the flow of trade that that country has. If the India Rupee was weaker then it is easier for a British person to move to India to either to start a new life style or to move away for reasons concerning that individual. With a world wide currency everything in the world would be the same price, meaning that their is no escape. Now you will probably think, what if the Indian person wants to move to Britain. A world wide currency would not help that Indian ( or country with a weaker currency) move at all since there's is not stronger.

Countries that produce more products generally have a stronger currency, if their was a to be an inplied world wide currency then there would be no need or incentive to produce more, meaning that production on a world wide scale would decrease.

Look at the EURO, When it first started off everything went fine, but as we are now starting to learn the EURO is in big trouble. Europe is now predicted to go into a depression next year. Imagine what the implications would be if this was on a world wide scale?

And for my final argument the Euro also suffers from the fragmented political structure that governs the economy it represents. Since all the countries that are involved in the EURO can issue its own debt, the EURO itself is now used in 16 different bond markets. Each country then in tern has its own tax prices and how it decides to spend the money of that country. Some countries have larger debts than to others, simply a world wide currency would not work.


So, far my opponent has decided to jump all over the place and lose focus of his original argument, contention, and resoulution:
--- that a world currency only hurts poor countries and causes human rights violations.---

All my opponent has presented so far is to agree with me that devaluation of currency is bad...duh.

I will present the cheeseburger data in round three. What a dissapointing debate so far.
Debate Round No. 2


Bob_Pollard forfeited this round.


Con Pro please.

As an aside..I am strongly against a 'world' currency, but not for the reasons the resolution is stated.

Lack of accountability always breeds inefficiency, incompetence, and indecency in anything, not just a world currency.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Bob_Pollard 6 years ago
I just typed my argument on my iPod, then for some reason it crashed. So now I am back on. I will type a response as sOon as I get Onto a computer
Posted by Greyparrot 6 years ago
Precisely why its not exclusively bad for poor countries ONLY...
Posted by 16kadams 6 years ago
I agree with con, look at the EU they fall we all fall.
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