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Every parent before having their first child should be required to attend parenting classes

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Started: 11/10/2013 Category: Economics
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All parents should have to take parenting classes before having their fist child. This would be good for many reasons:

Obviously it will prepare parents better and might improve a lot of parenting skills. Experts believe that over 20% of Australian parents are unfit. So if we say a 1/4 of the population are parents, that would be 22 million divided by four = 5.5million. @0% of 5.5 million is 1 million and 100,000. That is alraming. Imagine how many kids are being raised bad. This would have a huge chance of decreasing and it might give many kids a better and higher educated life.


Thank you for posting this debate. I will be arguing that parenting classes should not be required for first time parents.

I would like to preface my argument my noting that I am a parent of a beautiful 4-year-old daughter, and that in fact, I did participate in parenting classes before her birth, and continue to take as active a role as possible in ensuring her healthy physical, emotional, and mental development.

I believe that first-time parents who would not participate in parenting classes by choice, will not receive any benefit from being forced to do so.

Good parenting is not something that can be learned through studying and listening to lectures, or by practicing diapering and feeding babies (fake or real). And certainly, first-time-parents who are forced to sit though such classes and workshops will not absorb any more than you did from your least favourite compulsory high school class. All of the information will go in one ear and out the other.

Also, I read every book I could find about caring for babies, pregnancy, child development, etc. Not to mention the hours and hours that I spent participating in parenting classes and workshops. I was so excited and wanted so badly to prepare myself to be the best parent possible, but when push came to shove (literally) and I was holding my baby daughter for the first time, all of that went out the window. Good parenting in the real world is subjective, and everyone just has to do the best they can. Nothing that you learn can possibly prepare you for actually being a parent.

If a parent's priority truly is to ensure the well being of their future child, they will do everything they can to prepare themselves for parenthood without any organization or government entity forcing the issue.

If a future parent would not choose to prepare themselves before the child is born, what makes you think that they will make good parenting choices afterward?

Debate Round No. 1


My computer has stopped working, I can't see your argument but I have been told by my phone you have replied. Since this will be a major issue and I'm heading over seas tomorrow, I will have to end my behalf of this argument. Thank you for trying and if I could see your comment I'm sure I'll be saying how good it was.


I'm sorry to hear that you're having computer troubles.

Have a good trip!
Debate Round No. 2


unheard forfeited this round.


It is unfortunate that we were unable to argue this debate fully, but I hope voters will be able to make a decision on the initial arguments that were posted.

All the best to Pro!

Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: This is really a borderline vote since the debaters were not able to fully elaborate on the issue, which is interesting enough to deserve a deeper treatment. So to some extent this vote will involve more of my personal preference than what was exposed by the debaters. While mandatory classes may not be the best way to go, I think Pro posed a very valid question. The society as a whole should be doing more to help first time parents. Con states that mandating classes will not be a good idea, which is partially true, but at least some first time parents could benefit from it. So, same as some subjects in school leave many students indifferent or bored but can positively impact some others' lives, I think some sort of orientation could help at least some parents to be.