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Evil must have had influence on religion(s)

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Started: 5/27/2015 Category: Religion
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I am curious about this bc i never really get a straight answer. i would like my opponent to argue how it is logical that religious text was not influenced by evil in any way. Or at the very least, used for the purposes of a humans greed, control, ego, power, etc.

I haven't taken a logic's course in a long time so please excuse me if i didn't do this right. I basically look at the logic like this:

P1: Evil people exist
P2: Evil people crave power among other narcissistic things
P3: Evil people are not all unintelligent
P4: Evil people are methodical and manipulative
P5: Evil has always existed

Conclusion: If one was an evil person x number of years ago and saw how easy it was to gather people through religion, they would use the religion for their evil desires against the followers. Hence, religious text must be tainted by evil.


Hello i will be debating against you in this. I am unaware if you are an atheist or you follow a religion so i don't know how you will look at this. In your next argument could you please state it and if you follow a religion please state what religion you are apart of.
I believe that some religions may have been influenced by sin
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for taking this debate, and i will be glad to clear up your questions. I am not affiliated with any religion nor am i an atheist ... it is hard for me to pinpoint exactly what my spiritual views, let's say i am a spiritual agnostic atheist lol. i think this definition fits the best. I believe in something more, but i think this 'thing' is much more complicated than we are giving it credit for (and i am not saying it is just one 'thing' either).

I noticed in the comments that people said that evil didn't exist before religion, so i will clear that up as well. My definition of evil is basically something that works within its own self interest with no empathy for others it hurts through its actions, something that will harm others with no regard, and something that doesn't care or is accountable for its actions towards others. Evil did exist before religion and always has. I think our morality has evolved. I think thousand of years ago the people that were evil but less sophisticated got thrown out of their tribes and died off. But there is also intelligent evil...these ones survived by going with the flow. Yet, although i believe it evolved it doesn't diminish the fact that it's a mysterious thing in regards to emotions of good and evil.

I believe in the good message of religions. I wear a bracelet with a cross on it bc i love the main point of love the religion portrays. I come from a family with both Muslims and Christians. I guess i can call my family moderate however bc every time i ask if they believe in the evil parts...they confess they look over those parts. I actually believe in the values of religion. I argued with my uncle, which also doesn't affiliate with a religion, that religion should stay bc people don't take the bad parts seriously anyways. They just like a group to go to where they know there is a lot of love, and that is a good thing. But...he made an interesting point. If religion stays, then it is possible somewhere down the line someone will take the words literally. This taint will cause them to give justification to their evil desires.

This is what i think is the most brilliant evil of religion. It gives justification to the evil desires of those that have them. So, i just cannot except that all religious text is not tainted in some way by evil man. I actually really wanted to debate this point yesterday bc i saw a news article about that one (i think) politician guy that molested a couple kids in his home. Then his dad and him went off on how we are all a little evil and god help us to always keep that desire away from us...and, that his son is forgiven bc he repented and knew it was wrong etc etc. This disgusted me. Yes, what he did was evil...i get he said sorry...but it doesn't defeat the fact he did it and harmed these kids for the rest of their lives. This, bottom line, is matter what religion says...there is not justifying it.

I'll stop my thoughts here and give you a chance to correct me if i am looking at this wrong or am ignorant to a specific point. I am gladly waiting for your response. I am sure you will enlighten me by the end of this debate. Thank you again for taking the challenge. On a side note: i have a trial brief to write for homework so this is my first draft. I am sorry for any grammatical errors or vagueness. Feel free to ask me to clear anything up, or lecture me if you must lol :p Cheers!


deathstrokeisbrett forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Well, that was anticlimactic lol... Please don't present an argument in the last round for i cannot refute it if you do. If you wish to do so, let me know in the last round and i will create another debate with you.

Thank you for your time and i hope you have a blessed journey.


deathstrokeisbrett forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by vi_spex 3 years ago
good is truth, truth is the opposite of false, and evil can not exist without religion
Posted by canis 3 years ago
Evil/good only exist in religion. In nature it does not.
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