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Evolution (CoRaST)

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Started: 9/27/2013 Category: Science
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Welcome to this debate, everyone!

This will be the first debate in something I call "CoRaST" ; i.e. Campaign of Reason and Scientific Truth. I noticed that my opponent, IwinYoulose333, posted a comment to a debate recently[1] and - while it wasn't the subject matter - mentioned evolution and one of common misconceptions. So, with this debate, I hope to instate my opponent's belief in evolution, try and help clear up any misconceptions and run things down. Indeed, I do hope for a graceful concession from my opponent by the end of this mighty debate! ((If my opponent does consent, please award him the conduct point))

Why challenge to a debate?
I feel a debate between IwinYoulose333 and myself would be better than something on the forums due to ease, effectiveness and the lack of "hardcore" users such as Medic that will (willingly or no) throw up straw men. I lament that, but as a result I believe a debate is the best way forward.

I, of course, could be completely wrong about my opponent today and if that's the case I implore him to state otherwise. Unfortunately, IwinYoulose333 isn't allowing messages to be sent at this time. (19:05 BST, 09/27/13 {American date})

On the assumption that I am, in part, correct though; I shall press on with the rules!

1) The first round will be for acceptance and Con must put forward his case.
2) In the fifth round, Con must put - and only put - "No argument posted here as agreed".
3) There can be no "Vote Pro" or "Vote Con" at the end of the debate unless one of the debaters consented.
4) A forfeit of a round is an automatic forfeit of conduct; a forfeit of a round is only a forfeit of conduct.
5) Sources are considered accurate unless they are proven otherwise.
6) The BoP is shared (please see below)

I sincerely hope that my opponent, IwinYoulose333 will accept this debate today! I believe it should be entertaining, enlightening, interesting, friendly, and good fun!

One last -and rather important - thing then. What is the debate resolution, exactly? A fair question! Each debater must put forward contentions. Con as to why the theory of evolution by means of natural selection is flawed and should not be considered a scientific theory. Pro as to why the the theory of evolution by means of natural selection is scientific.

Good luck to all! If one has any questions, please post a comment! Allez!





I am sorry MysticEgg, but I cannot as you said post my case, as I do not fully comprehend the subject over which we debate. I do remember mentioning evolution in a recent post, but I do not know what "common misconception" you refer to. I do however, accept your debate and look forward to it. All I ask is that you restate the subject of this debate more clearly.
Debate Round No. 1


Thanks to my opponent for accepting this debate today; I will clear up the resolution and then move onto my opening contentions.

((Please note, any use of the word "evolution" - unless stated otherwise - means "[biological] evolution"))

So, the resolution is about evolution. As Pro it will be my burden to demonstrate how the theory of evolution [by means of natural selection] ((ToE)) is both a valid conclusion to draw from the evidence presented and - thus - scientific. My opponent will have two burdens:

a) To show how the ToE is unscientific and/or seriously flawed.
b) To refute my contentions or show how they do not support my resolution.

i) To promote Creationism and/or Intelligent Design.

If my opponent actually views evolution as scientific and I am debating another "evolutionist" then I do apologise to all, but I don't think this is the case due to:
a) My opponent accepted. And
b) In the context, my opponent's reference to evolution sounded genuine.

To clear up any misconceptions the audience, voters, and myself could hold, however, I would ask that my opponent states his views on evolution either first thing next post or as a comment. That would be a real help to everyone!

Lastly, I would like to offer a mutual agreement to revoke rule two from this debate. I feel it would make the debate fair again, because my opponent didn't post an argument in round one; albeit for valid reasons.

Now that's out of the way; onto my contentions!

What is evolution then?

Simply put, evolution is - simply put - "any genetic change in a population that is inherited over several generations."[1] This is usually seen by mutation and the process called natural selection. It is easy to see natural selection as something that organisms "can do" but it is not that. It is an entirely natural process that has no objective and is a kind of by-product of survival of the fittest.

Contention One: Natural selection leads to evolution
So, let's take rabbits of the same species. ((We'll just call them "rabbits")). At a genetic level, in the genes (part of DNA) there is a mutation which causes one rabbit to have 1cm longer ears. This will give it an advantage over other rabbits. When a fox comes-a-prowling to hunt rabbits and eat them; the rabbit with longer ears will, because of its better hearing, be more likely to survive and run away because it would be able to hear and track the fox better.

Assuming the rabbit survives and mates, it's offspring will have longer ears, too. Therefore, we could now have [an average of] six baby rabbits[2] with a better chance of survival. Rinse and repeat! Before you know it; we have more rabbits with longer ears throughout the population while the less-acute rabbits are dying off. And that is natural selection! A genetic mutation in a single offspring can give it traits that allow it for a better advantage for survival. Therefore, there is a greater chance of these advantageous traits passing on to the next generation and now all rabbits in that habitat have longer ears! They have evolved!

Now this is all very nice on paper, but in reality? Absolutely! A common example is pesticide resistant bugs; constantly forcing us to develop new pesticides, because natural selection is in play, meaning insects with a natural resistance to pesticides have a higher chance of surviving and reproducing.[3 - slide four]

Another is rat snakes, which, by means of natural selection, evolved various skin tones and colours because at first, those tones had a better chance of surviving and thus reproducing[3 - slide three]. Natural selection has been observed![3][4]

Some Creationists will call this "microevolution". This is merely another name for biological evolution. If you accept microevolution than, by definition, you accept biological evolution by means of natural selection, too.

Contention Two: The fossil record supports evolution
That's right! History's with us, too! The theory of evolution predicts that as we move up though higher level of strata, we should see more complex life forms fossilised. We find this; which indicates evolution as something we has been constant and is thus the best explanation for life as we know it today! There isn't any evidence to indicate otherwise and the fossil record allows us to draw conclusions.
Here are some sources utilizing the fossil record.[5][6]

I'll leave it at that for now and leave the floor to my opponent! If anyone has any further questions, please post a comment! See y'all next round!




IwinYoulose333 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


A real shame that my opponent has forfeited. I will merely implore my opponent to return! Until next round!


IwinYoulose333 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Sorry, guys, I guess I'll wait it out...


IwinYoulose333 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


*Sighs* Sorry, everyone. I'll see y'all around.



IwinYoulose333 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by MysticEgg 3 years ago
Come on, dude! Only seven hours left. Please come back...
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Reasons for voting decision: A full forfeit, in which Pro put forth effort in typing a response, as well as putting arguments and sources forth, which were not responded to whatsoever due to forfeit, thus getting conduct, arguments, and sources. Con did post one round at least, and it wasn't atrocious in terms of S&G, so I left that even.