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Evolution is a lie and evolutionistism is evil

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Started: 11/6/2014 Category: Science
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I am doing this debate because of Pro's appearant support of evolution in one of his previous debates. If pro does not accept, then it's because he is scared of the truth of creationism! The Bible must be intepreted literally rather than in its intended context!!

"Hello class! Want some Darwin?" Evolution is an pseudo-scientific lie that has been lobbied into our schools as "science" by its proponents. It is unscientific, based on random chance, violates the 2nd law of thermodynamics, and evidence is against them. There is also no observed evidence of new genes forming. Evolution is also racist. Evolution is not a valid scientific theory.

Evolution claims that the universe was created by a huge explosion, and then the solar system formed out of nowhere after some stardust collided together randomly and turned into the sun and the planets, abiogenesis turned rock into organisms, and that a monkey turned into a person. Evolution is a theory and not a low, and it is just a wild guess by some racist guy named Darwin who worships Satan and supports Hitler and genocide.

Now that we now what evolution is, let us see how plausible it is. Evolution is based on complete random chance. Have you ever seen a tornado run through a warehouse and turn the warehouse into a car? Even with natural selection, which makes it so that structures that are closer to cars are more likely to survive the tornado, it is still impossible. The same applies to evolution. Random chance is not a plausible explanation for the universe and life.

This brings me to my next point: the 2nd law of thermodynamics. It states that entropy always increases in closed systems. Higher entropy means disorder. Evolution creates order over time, which contradicts the 2nd law of thermodynamics. Some atheists may use the loopholes of "the organisms can exchange matter and energy, and therefore entropy, with the outside world, reducing their own entropy at the cost of increasing the entropy of the rest of the Earth" or "Earth is not a closed system", but that is not true as they are just desperate to prove that evolution is true so they made up a bunch of lies.

If evolution was true, then we should see new species forming (speciation) and transitional fossils. However, this is not the case. All of the alleged speciation events and transitional fossils were frauds, because Darwin made up the Piltdown man, the Nebraska man, and etcetera, which were supposedly the missing links between humans and apes. Speciation is untrue, too.

Even Stephen Jay Gould admitted this:

"The extreme rarity of transitional forms in the fossil record persists as the trade secret of paleontology. The evolutionary trees that adorn our textbooks have data only at the tips and nodes of their branches; the rest is inference, however reasonable, not the evidence of fossils...We fancy ourselves as the only true students of life’s history, yet to preserve our favored account of evolution by natural selection we view our data as so bad that we never see the very process we profess to study" (

In the cambrian explosion, the world's first multicellular organisms suddenly spontaneously appeared out of nowhere and left their fossils. While some atheists may use loopholes, such as claiming that the cambrian is a historical period stretching millions of years, and not spontaneous, and that "transitional fossils" between old species and species created in the cambrian were found, but they cite the works of evil liberal scientists, who support Hitler, which is proof that they are wrong. The cambrian explosion can only be explained with a supreme being creating the life.

Evolution requires new genetic information to form. However, all we see is genetic information decreasing and not increasing. Evolutionists claim to have evidence of new genetic information, but that is a lie as they have been trying to prove it for a long time.

Evolution also says that some humans are superior to others, because some are closer to the "apelike common ancestors" than others, which is racist!

Evolution requires an old Earth, but the rate that the Earth is slowing down proves that the Earth must be young because back 4.6 billion years ago it would have been 14 hours per day and that is impossible because 6000 years ago a day was 24 hours and is has been 24 hours for all of the Earth's lifetime.

Belief in evolution is correlated with disasters, such as tsunamis and earthquakes. It is also turning people into evil homosexuals. We must stop evolution from destroying America!


Hi kids! It's me, Mr. Atheist College Professor! I am here today to discuss that unscientific lie known as Creationism, which is defined as the belief in a misogynist psychopathic sky bully who will send you to hell for all eternity for not satisfying His narcissistic childish personality. What nonsense that is! If God is so good, then why did I contract an std after a one night stand with my transgender girlfriend? It's plain tyranny that there are consequences for our actions! Tyranny, I tell you! God doesn't exist and He is a tyrant!

But alas, I am getting off subject. Before I get into more detail, I would like to share my story with you. I was raised in a religious home, and I was indoctrinated from a young age with Bible stories. When I got older, my parents, who homeschooled me, exposed me to "scientific" textbooks which propagated the myth of Creationism. To an easily malleable young mind like my own, that garbage seemed like the truth, and I never questioned Creationism...
Until I went to college. In college I was the creationist hick with braces and a "My mommy homeschooled me" T-Shirt. I had spent my whole life either indoors or in my yard, and I had never seen the outside world, because homeschooled kids are kept in complete isolation to keep others from exposing them to the truth of Evolution. In college, my wise atheist professor shattered the myths and downright lies fed to me by my homeschool "education". I believed that the earth was flat and that the Earth was created in six days 6000 years ago. After listening to my professor speak his words of truth, I turned my back on religion, embraced truths such as evolution and a round Earth, and became an atheist professor. I now realize that my parents are religious nuts and I mock their primitive beliefs to their faces on a daily basis. I have no respect for people who believe in outdated fairy tales like God and religious people should be castrated so that the world contains only atheists. After belief in God is eliminated, we shall finally embrace science and morals, two things which are completely incompatible with belief in God. Now don't get me wrong; I am not militant. I merely hate religious people and want them to be exterminated like the filthy vermin they are. There is no such thing as a "militant atheist". Theists, who have committed rape and mass murder in the name of their manmade tribalistic beliefs, are the ones who are truly militant.

Now, I shall explain why God is a myth invented by illiterate shepherds who wrote about this horrific myth in a book called the Bible to encourage rape, slavery, and genocide.

First of all, the majority of society believes in Evolution, and it's extremely unlikely that the majority in a nation of well-educated people would believe in a lie as ridiculous as Creationism.
Before I continue, I would like to point something out: I've heard many Creationists call those of us who believe in proper science "Evolutionists". Is there such thing as a gravity-ist? Of course not! Evolutionist is a scientific fact because the scientific consensus is that evolution is a scientific fact, so stop calling us by that ridiculous name! We demand that our position be treated with respect, you pseudoscientific simpletons! And yes, we'll still be calling you Creationists, because your belief is clearly unproven and based off misinformation, misquotations, and lies.

Second, Evolution is a well-documented scientific fact, verified time and time again by scientific findings. Wikipedia has a quite extensive page on the evidence for Evolution. I will admit, Wikipedia dismisses all Creationist claims as unscientific and misrepresenting what Evolution scientists say and it doesn't fairly show the Creationist viewpoint like it does for Evolution, but that's because Evolution is proven true, no point denying it, and Creationism should retreat to the Dark Ages where it belongs.

Now, I recently have had the privilege of visiting a Creationist in prison. Yes, prison is where Creationists end up because they are too stupid to have a job.
Anyway, I decided to ask him why he was a Creationist. Predictably, he said it was what the Bible taught. Instead of asking why he believed in something as hate-filled and murderous as the Bible, I asked him what proofs he had of Creationism.

He said to me: "Two life forms which are extremely similar are not necessarily related. You say that an ape is related to a human because they have very similar genetics. But if you think about it, an ape, in order to be the way it is, requires the genes that it has. It doesn't necessarily have genes close to those of humans because they are related, but rather because humans and monkeys have similar body structures. That is, similarity does not equal relationship."


Then, he said to me: "Because of this, alleged transitional fossils do not prove evolution, because you cannot prove that it actually served as a transition between two life forms. All you know for sure is that the life form in question seems to be in between Form A and Form B. But it didn't necessarily come from Form A, nor did it necessarily turn into Form B."


Then, he said: "The Theory of Evolution depends on the assumption that the Earth is old enough for that level of change to be a plausible reality. Carbon Dating has been shown to be almost worthless after said object reaches a certain age, and a large variety of factors can effect how much C-14 an object has. I am sure that similar flaws exist in other dating methods."


Then, he said: "But for any kind of life to be possible in the first place, you have to have the right conditions for life. Sure, if you're simply going by planetary conditions you might be able to find another planet with the right conditions for life. But what about the Universe? By the nature of the Universe, it has a certain set of scientific laws. If the nature of those laws were even slightly different, the nature of the Universe would be so different that life would not be possible. Unless you believe in the Multiverse, which I do not think there is any proof of, you've only got one 'shot' to have a Universe with all the conditions needed for life. This proves God's existence, as well as the argument of a First Cause."

Oh man, this is riddled with scientific inaccuracies and misrepresentation of atheism and evolution. I have faith in the existence of the Multiverse! There is no God for there is no evidence for His existence! As for the First Cause, who created God? Surely God must be bound by all the same laws of physics and logic as everything else because God is bound by this Universe.

EVOLUSHUN IS TRU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Debate Round No. 1


1. Scientific concensus

Con claims that scientific concensus says that evolution is right, therefore it is right.

This claim is BULLPOOP!! You see, scientists practice scienmacy, or the practice of worshipping the deity of the religon of science, Gaia! (

Some evilutionists claim that some evolutionist scientists are "Christians". That is BULLPOOP!! Only MY intepretation of the Bible is the TRUE ONE, and historical context and metaphorical meaning must not be considered, yet those evilutionists claim to be Christian and decide to disagree with my biased intepretation of God's word!

Plus, this is an argument from authority! Only my biased, cherrypicked intepretation of the Bible is the true authority! This is a logical fallacy, evolution is WRONG!!

2. Wikipedia

Con claims that Wikipedia proves evolution. WRONG! In the year 1006, the Vatican decided to promote idolatry of bland, tasteless crackers ( and the pagan moon god of "Islam", by creating Wikipedia to promote their pro-Catholic propaganda!

To do that, they forced people to be "neutral" and use "reliable sources", when we all know that my flawed intepretation of the Bible is the most reliable source.

3. Men and Gorillas

Con caims that we came from apes because we are genetically similar to apes. Than tell me why we have one less chromosome then apes. Some evolutionists explain it away with "chromosome fusion", but that is a lie because of the fact that we have never observed chromosome fusion.


-There is no evidence for new genetic information forming, only destruction of information caused by negative mutations
-There are no positive mutations
-There are only a handful of supposed transitional fossils, and they are all of dubious validity. For example, all of the alleged ape-men fossils are either fully ape or fully men, all of the alleged bird-reptile fossils are either fully reptile or fully bird. The alleged dino fossils do not have feathers, the supposed feathers are fluff that are actually collagen in dinosaur skin. [1]
-The avian lung is drastically different from the reptile lung, birds have air sacs, while reptiles have diaphragms. Evolution cannot explain this.

[1]P.J. Chen, Z.M. Dong, and S.N. Zheng, An exceptionally well-preserved theropod dinosaur from the Yixian formation of China, Nature391:147–152,1998; X. Xu, X.Wang, and X. Wu, A dromaeosaurid dinosaur with a filamentous integument from the Yixian formation of China


Hi kids, it's me again!

In the last round I proved beyond any reasonable doubt that evolution is true. But even if Young Earth Creationism and Common Descent were two ideas with equal scientific backing, I'd still argue that Creationism should not be taught in schools, period.

If you're one of those stupid Creationists (in which case you shouldn't breed), you're probably wondering why. Well, there's a very simple yet very powerful answer to this question: Separation of Church and State!

You see, Creationism and Intelligent Design endorse the idea that a Deity created the world. Creationism favors Christianity above all others, despite the fact that almost every religion believes that a supernatural power created the world. Therefore, in the name of neutrality and Separation of Church and State, that wicked unscientific idea advocated by child molesting Republicans should be banned from our schools!

You see, according to the first amendment, the Government cannot favor religion! Rather, the First Amendment says that religion should stay out of everything the Government does. That means that the Government cannot endorse Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism, Yazidism, Zoroastrianism, Druze religion, Samaritanism, tribal beliefs, animism, shamanism, spirituality, or any religiosity at all!
Now, that Creationist in prison (see the previous round) told me "If no religion is endorsed in schools, and religious beliefs are criticized in schools, you have lack of religion, which is atheism. In refusing to endorse any kind of religion while criticizing religion, you are endorsing atheism."
That's false false false! It's NEUTRALITY! Lack of and criticism of religion is neutrality and fairness, not atheism! Learn the difference, you retarded Creationist!
Let us remember something: atheism is not a religion. Therefore, it deserves to be exempt from all the restrictions placed on religion by the first amendment. Atheism, which is the belief that there is no God, is in a completely different category as religion, which stresses the belief in God. Schools should not be able to teach that God exists. Instead, we should teach that God does not exist and all religion is false. NEUTRALITY IS SO AWESOME!

Besides being unconstitutional, teaching Creationism to children is dangerous to the future of our country, which we don't care about anyway because the United States is the ultimate imperialist devil.
You see, if students do not realize that humans descended from abiogenesis, rather they believe that a Deity created us, all scientific progress in the fields of computer programming, space exploration, history, mathematics, and electronics will not only halt but it will be lost forever! Why? Because no Creationist can be knowledgeable in math and computer programming, as they believe the evil lie of Creationism.

Debate Round No. 2


Con has gotton out of topic: this is not about religion it's about evolution.

All of my arguements from the first round still stand because con has not refuted them


nun of my opponits argumets need to bee refuted they are ottomatically wrong because a Creashunist came up wiht tehm
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Atmas 2 years ago
The humans who left Africa did evolve more than those who stayed, but evolving doesn't mean they got better, it just means they evolved different traits. Skin color and facial structure mostly. I always point out that the humans who wiped out and mated with the Neanderthals went on to be the white people of today.
Posted by Vox_Veritas 2 years ago
Do you think that was a little too harsh?
Posted by Vox_Veritas 2 years ago
And actually, though evolutionists are not generally racist, the theory could be interpreted as racist, as when our apelike ancestors split off and went to live in various places it's possible that some groups evolved more than others.
Posted by jh1234lnew 2 years ago
Christiuns burn good athests at steaks, but evolution is a work of those evil Christuins maskurading as athests.
Posted by Vox_Veritas 2 years ago
I must admit though...It's easier to make fun of Conservatives than it is to make fun of Liberals. Perhaps because we have more crackpots.
Posted by Vox_Veritas 2 years ago
I'll accept soon.
Posted by Vox_Veritas 2 years ago
NO for evolushun is way the truth the life Charles Darwin is sacred profit and Origin of Species is infallible word of god of atheism.
Posted by jh1234lnew 2 years ago
I AGRee wit you vox on teh fact taht atheists should bun christiuns at steaks okay butt we need to face fact that eviliutin untrue
Posted by jh1234lnew 2 years ago
Butt its not plagirizism because I maded the tread
Posted by Vox_Veritas 2 years ago
You literally just copied and pasted from your troll thread which was labeled "The Evil Lie of Evolution".
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Reasons for voting decision: evolution may not be true, but the important thing is that con proved evolutionistism may not be evil under religious circumstances. Thus, con wins.