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Evolution is a tool of God

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Started: 5/3/2015 Category: Science
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You don't accept comments so I'm making this in an attempt to have you read the title. In a debate youre currently in youre arguing against evolution, but immediately refer to the Big Bang - an entirely seperate theory - and challenge that instead. I propose God put evolution in motion, and that evolution is the work of God; more of an informal post to you (please accept comments - criticism is how we learn and expand our point-of-view), but if you'd like to explain how a Deity created the universe without something as epic as the Big Bang, or how a Deity created the millions of species in the world without tools like dna, natural selection, and evolution, please enlighten me.


Ok so since I just joined this site, I didn't realize that I had it set where I didn't accept comments and would like to apologize for that. Being a Christian I have heard what you are saying about God starting evolution before. I believe that God did not start evolution but that God spoke the world into existence (Genesis 1). I know that God created the dna in everything so things like evolution and natural selection were not necessary. I also just wanted to point out that I am just sharing my beliefs and opinions as a way of spreading the Word of God to everyone who might read this debate.
Debate Round No. 1


Could the "breath of God" be a metaphor for creation? I can only speculate as to "how" a deity would go about creating the universe; though the Big Bang seems to make the most sense to me; especially compared to simp!y "breathing" it into being. an intelligent being could theoretically have the tools and tech to bend space time and create the things stated in Genesis in actual "days", but in Genesis the word "day" (when refering to the first day, the second day, etc.) is translated from the hebrew word "yom" - meaning either a twelve hour period of time, a 24 hour period of time, or a long, indefinate amount of time... An "age", or "era" - this could account for the old age of the earth found through carbon dating and the age estimate of the universe. To an omnipotent, immortal being time would be nothing; and the millions of years of creation (through setting evolution in motion) would be necessary to ensure perfection (a perfection not yet realized; we are still evolving - even speech is fairly new to our species, as new as 10,000 years ago. Imagine what the species will have deveolped into in another ten, or even hundred thousand years if we continue to be the alpha species of our planet.


You have a very valid arguement. It sounds like you have read (at least parts of) the Bible. I fully believe that God being as omnipotent as he is, that if he wanted to use the Big Bang then he could have. However I refuse to argue with what the Bible says,therefore I believe that the earth was spoken into existence by an All Powerful God. I also believe the days referred to in Genesis are regular 24 hour days mainly because the Bible says the "light He called Day and the darkness He called Night and this was the first day". I take that as meaning the day was as long as it is now because you have the night and day. You also seem to recognize God's power, so I have to ask, if God is powerful enough to start evolution, why would he wait? Why wouldn't God just create us the way he wanted us and cut out the middle? If God did start evolution and people evolved over millions of years then why do people die if we are still evolving today? Is this as good as it gets for the human race?
Debate Round No. 2


I propose that while The Creator is a hyper intelligent being, our limited perception sees existence in relation to time/space, cause and effect, life/death, etc. To an immortal being one billion years would be a blink of an eye. To your question(s) "why would he wait? Why wouldn't God just create us the way he wanted to and cut out the middle?"; I believe that is exactly what the Creator is doing; but there is process, cause and effect - our limited perception needs to make sense of what is going on, something cannot come from nothing.

We are somewhere in the "middle" and have the unique opportunity to see how far our species has come and work toward improving the environment and setting up our future generations for success. I believe we are far from "as good as it gets" and are far closer to the beginning of our specie's "success" and perfection than we are to its height (peak, end).

As for death, we are carbon based life forms! Finite - if cancer does not get us, oxidation or muscle (heart) failure will. Perhaps in the future the race will perfect artificial organs, or be able to grow them from stem cells and transplant them relatively cheaper than we can now, lengthening our lifespan, though brain disease (Alzheimer's and Dimensia) would then be the enemy to combat and "cure"/prevent. The Old Testament, The New Testament (of Christ), and The Holy Quran all state that death is merely the beginning to a new life, an afterlife in which you will either exist (heaven) or be destroyed (Complete Death), as well as reasons for/insight into the purpose of life and the necessity of death.


lana forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Chaosism 2 years ago
@ lana, I have a question for you if you are willing to answer:

Do you believe in the Bible so much that no matter how much evidence you are shown to the contrary, you will still go on believing the Bible word-for-word, anyway?

I ask this because there have been various surveys of the U.S. and according to them, only between 40% and 46% of people surveyed believe in creationism according to the bible. Since the U.S. is about 75% Christian, this indicates that the majority of people disbelieve Genesis creation. (This does not necessarily mean that they support Evolution, though.)

I ask this question genuinely; I will not rudely criticize or be mean or judgmental.
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