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Evolution vs Creation

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Started: 9/20/2013 Category: Science
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First round will be acceptance round only.

In this debate we will be arguing which of these two is based on verifiable, observable and testable evidence.

Evolution: The scientific theory that the diversity of life was caused by change in the inherited characteristics of biological populations over successive generations.

Creationism: The belief that the diversity of life was created in it's current state by a supernatural force.

In this debate pro will have to provide evidence as for why evolution is true while refuting the evidence for creationism provided by con. Con will do vice versa.

The opponent may choose whether to argue in favor of Young Earth Creationism, Old Earth Creationism or other versions. Alternatively they may also argue for Intelligent Design.


I accept. Also I would like to clarify the definitions regarding creationism:
-Creationism: belief that God created universe.

-God: A being conceived as the ruler of the universe, the principal object of faith and worship in monotheistic religions; a being who is attributed with immense power who rules over physical domains.

-Faith: Belief or trust: belief in, devotion to, or trust in somebody or something, especially without logical proof.

-Limits: I would like to point out that the limits of this debate (basically the evidence which is provided) are within the confines of human understanding and interpretation and therefore no evidence can be provided by one human to discredit the evidence of another human who has proclaimed the existence of a deity because their evidence is based on the research of human comprehension and understanding. Therefore, no evidence in this debate can be effectively used to discredit the existence of a god due to the fact that no human can provide scientific evidence that a god does not exist.

-BOP: Any evidence that can be used to prove a god does exist by definition by the Con, automatically wins the Con this debate.

Thank you.
Debate Round No. 1


My opponent attempts to shift the debate to the existence of god rather than evolution vs creationism, i am not going to argue the existence of god as that is an entirely different debate. My opponents task is to provide evidence that the diversity of life was directly created by god, not that the universe was caused by such god.

My opponent also provides a false dichotomy. He says that if any evidence can be used to prove god's existence he win's automaticly. But god's existence itself is completely irrelevant to evolution, many people that believe in god also accept darwinian evolution. And as i specifically stated that the task for con is to also refute the evidence of evolution it means that con does not win if he where to provide evidence for a monotheistic god. He also has to refute and discredit the evidence of evolution.

So i ask my opponent to stick to creationism as the diversity of life being directly created by god as opposed to evolution. Otherwise theistic evolution also falls under your category.

With that said i will now present my case for evolution.

In a nutshell, evolution can be simplified to the following algorithm:

- A mutation occurs in an organisms' genes.
- If the mutation is useful, it survives and breeds, spreading the mutation.
- If it is not (e.g. a mammal being born without lungs), it doesn't survive or breed, and the mutation is not spread.
- If this process is done over many generations it can result in the development of new varieties and species.


The evidence for evolution has primarily come from four sources:

1. the fossil record of change in earlier species
2.the chemical and anatomical similarities of related life forms
3.the geographic distribution of related species
4. the recorded genetic changes in living organisms over many generations

First let's start with genetic mutations and change in inherited traits. The change in a species' inherited traits from generation to generation which is the key point of evolution has already been observed countless of times, everytime a new baby is born it inherits traits from it's mother and it's father and sometimes gets it's own genetic traits through mutations, the baby is clearly different from it's mother and father but also very similar.

Now let's move on to the driving cause of evolution which is natural selection. This process of natural selection resulting in evolution can be easily demonstrated over a 24 hour period in a laboratory Petri dish of bacteria living in a nutrient medium. When a lethal dose of antibiotic is added, there will be a mass die-off. However, a few of the bacteria usually are immune and survive. The next generation is mostly immune because they have inherited immunity from the survivors. That is the case with the purple bacteria in the Petri dishes shown below--the bacteria population has evolved.

People have developed many new varieties of plants and animals by selective breeding. This process is similar to the bacteria experiment described above. Selection of specimens to breed based on particular traits is, in effect, changing the environment for the population. Those individuals lacking the desirable characteristics are not allowed to breed. Therefore, the following generations more commonly have the desired traits

But this is just evolution is a very short span, how about macro-evolution? Is there any evidence that we indeed started from very simple organisms millions of years ago? The answer is yes as the fossil record supports this.

Remains of animals and plants found in sedimentary give us an indisputable record of past changes through vast periods of time. This evidence attests to the fact that there has been a tremendous variety of living things. Some extinct species had traits that were transitional between major groups of organisms. Their existence confirms that species are not fixed but can evolve into other species over time.

The evidence also shows that what have appeared to be gaps in the fossil record are due to incomplete data collection. The more that we learn about the evolution of specific species lines, the more that these so-called gaps or "missing links in the chain of evolution" are filled with transitional fossil specimens. One of the first of these gaps to be filled was between small bipedal dinosaurs and birds. Just two years after Darwin published On the Origin of Species, a 150-145 million year old fossil of Archaeopteryx click this icon to hear the preceding term pronounced was found in southern Germany. It had jaws with teeth and a long bony tail like dinosaurs, broad wings and feathers like birds, and skeletal features of both. This discovery verified the assumption that birds had reptilian ancestors.

Furthermore there is plenty of evidence that we are related to apes.

- A centromere-like region of human chromosome 2 corresponds with the centromere of the ape chromosome
- The ends of chromosomes have repetitious telomeric sequences and a distinctive pretelomeric region. Such sequences are found in the middle of human chromosome 2, just as one would expect if two chromosomes joined
- Humans and chimpanzees have innumerable sequence similarities, including shared pseudogenes such as genetic material from ERVs

Creationism on the other hand is not only untestable, unverifiable, undemonstrable and not within the bounds of the scientific method but it also claims that each species was uniquely created by god, yet this contradicts the observed evidence of evolution in DNA, fossils and biogeography.

Now keep in mind that i am not proving or disproving god here, god could have guided evolution as theistic evolution supporters believe, or it could have gone through pure natural processes. Either way it is undeniable that there is observable and testable evidence conclusively proving darwinian evolution, as such the hypothesis that the diversity of life was designed or created is therefor not necessarry.


Donjaundebater1212 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Since con forfeit i decided to use this round for my closing statements.

1. Change in the inherited characteristics of biological populations has been observed
2. Genetic mutations occur frequently
3. Natural selection has been observed
4. The fossil record and geology shows clear evidence of change in inherited characteristics over time
5 . DNA evidence shows that all organisms within the phylogeny are related within taxonomical ranks

Since con has forfeited he has been unable to refute any of the evidence

Conclusion: Evolution by natural has been verified by an extreme wide range of independent scientific field and therefor you should vote pro.


Donjaundebater1212 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


kyuubey forfeited this round.


Donjaundebater1212 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by kyuubey 4 years ago
Con hasn't even posted his arguments yet...
Posted by Nathaniel2840 4 years ago
I am sorry, but con has better evidence and support
Posted by kyuubey 4 years ago
Maybe i should have been more clear on that. When i referred to old earth creationism i mostly refer to the belief that the age of the earth based on scientific evidence is accepted but still believe that darwinian evolution did not occur. Gap creationism and progressive creationism are examples of this. This should not be confused with theistic evolution.
Posted by kyuubey 4 years ago
Maybe i should have been more clear on that. When i referred to old earth creationism i mostly refer to the belief that the age of the earth based on scientific evidence is accepted but still believe that darwinian evolution did not occur. Gap creationism and progressive creationism are examples of this. This should not be confused with theistic evolution.
Posted by stubs 4 years ago
Old earth creationism generally accepts evolution.
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