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Examinations should be banned

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Started: 1/16/2017 Category: Education
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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Exams definitely should not be banned. "The affirmative side said that exams are only a snapshot in time, and that if people remember an answer after a test, then that could stop them from getting the results they desired. Clearly, this is incorrect because if they cannot remember an answer during the exam, then they did not study it enough for it to be permanently existent in their minds, and maybe they do not deserve the results they desired.
" The affirmative team also said that exams bring extreme levels of stress, which can lead to things as extreme as suicide " but again this is wrong because there are many different outlets in which stress can be erased, whether it is relaxation, seeking help from a teacher or trusted adult, or even channelling the stress into motivation. Without that stress there to push you forward, how many students do you believe will actually study or put effort into their schoolwork? It is almost fair to say that stress is necessary throughout the course of your school years, so why should we ban exams because of that?
"The affirmative team also argued that exams do not accurately measure the strengths or weaknesses of students. Does that mean we have to ban them? Of course not " there are many other options other than exams that can lead towards final results. For example, and art student"s major mark will not come from an exam, but from their folio, or their final piece of artwork. Why would we ban exams when they do accurately reflect students" capabilities? Only students that are capable have the exams lead to their final results, and it isn't like we haven"t been taught what we need to know. If students do not pay enough attention during class time to learn the required knowledge, then perhaps they do not deserve to get a high exam result.


i think exams should be banned.exams do not tell the ability of a student.a student might have good IQ but they may not be able to remember the provided notes.A student might be good at memorizing the notes provided but they may not be able to work under pressure.Examinations are actually a test for how much you can remember and how well you work under stress.if a child does great in class but isn't able to do well in an exam, the child may lose motivation or give up on her/him self.Also final exams are just a test on how much information you can cram in bulk.if you are successful in mugging up the information,you will get a good grade.But if you learn the work line by line and make sure you remember everything clearly and word by word,you may not be able to score well,given the time provided.this just shows that no matter what your learning technique or your smartness,exams are stressful on the student and may cause the child to lose self hope and get stressed
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