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FIFA should use modern technology in matches

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Started: 7/15/2010 Category: Sports
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Voting Period
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Gentlemen from FIFA, it's time that instead of empty talk about "smart ball" and the introduction of goal-judge not only consider but also introduce modern technology in football! Goal that is not recognized by the English in the match with Germany is an example of a drastic error that simply should not happen in the world championship, especially because there is no way to prevent this kind of failure.

Those who long remembered, among which I have and I will say that the history of Germans back what they took in 1966, the World Cup finals in London when the English, in overtime, led 3-2 Jeff Harsta phantom goal. The goal was awarded Bahramov former Soviet judge, or something like that, the more I do not remember, after whom the stadium in Baku (Azerbaijan) today bears his name. On the subject of that goal made a lot of analysis, studies, specialists were involved in all types of ballistic Descriptive Geometry to the doctor and has never been proved that the Harst really beat Tilkovskog at the 101. minute.
If some of the goals and now leads controversy about this has no doubt. Goal was pure as tears, the ball was at least half a meter in the net, and immediately saw on TV and in the stadium, even the England coach Fabio Capello celebrated his fists clenched until his tie on his face was left shocked expression when he realized that Judges are seen naked ...

I am sure that Sep Blatter, FIFA president, defended the right of judicial error, and that for the umpteenth time to reject a video camera as the ultimate arbiter, but football will survive and Blatter and Platini, who is also against the introduction of technology. For 5, 10 or 20 years in their place there will be younger people, with different views on this subject but if many sports have introduced "e-judge" why the football was no exception. The solution is relatively simple: four judges who now has a "responsible" task to show the replacement players and compensation time to sit with the TV signal receiver and the main judge of any contentious situations. Chief Judge should stop the game, go to the TV and went to see what the slow-motion clip is judged and what is not judged. The idea is that I am the judge recognized his mistake and correct it, or leave the decision which was made. No one needs to rule over him because the two criteria led to chaos.

Electronics has long been present in American football, rugby, tie-break brought a revolution in tennis, basketball for years and titles decided by looking slow recording of the last rubble ... Why should football be untouchable? Why insist on "the right to make mistakes when there may be a" right of correction "? Aside $ 9 million by the English (maybe) lost (does not mean that won the match and was 2-2) fallout in the eighth round, but what about the nerves and feelings of the British fans? Players certainly have the feeling that something they denied, revoked, they are prevented in the reaction that might be for history, for a large shift ...

Lord of FIFA, finger on the forehead. Time is definitely of electronics.

Tevez first goal in the match Argentina-Mexico, made from thick offside, only confirmed my thesis on the need for electronics (and) in football. Fatal two errors in one day, in the eighth round of the World Championship! If the judges-much.


Thank you, my gorgeous opponent, for setting up this debate. It seems it was needed, going by the comments section.

I'd first like to say that I've generally no interest in any sort of sport of foreign origins, aside from playing them, and it's not for any stupid patriotic reason, just that I have enough to talk about with our own national games and I prefer them anyway. I have, however, watched quite a few soccer matches, and I've made a show of myself once or twice at the pub on my feet roaring for teams from which I couldn't name a single player. It does grab you... at least after a few pints anyway. I think the reason the game grabs you so much and has been such a success is partly due to all those things that using modern technology would kill.

Soccer players break the game's rules constantly and are often fully aware that they are doing so. Can I use a person as a source? [1] The way it is now allows for an element of strategy that has been in it since the game's beginning and introducing modern technology as a means of more efficiently enforcing the game's rules would kill this element of strategy. I can't speak for the players and what way they'd want the game reffed, but they certainly seem to take advantage of human refereeing limits at every opportunity, and it's also a fairly sure way to put themselves down in world history. Who hasn't heard of the Hand of God? [2]

In my opinion, it would be a shame. Soccer is, basically, a non-contact sport, so it'd be fairly boring to watch if the rules weren't broken in probably every match that has ever been played. It would be like watching the olympics, or tennis. There's nothing to cheer for in those sports. The only thing I'd ever watch to do with tennis is if someone gets a tennis racket bounced off them or something like that.

Sport happens to be the main topic of conversation for quite a lot of men, and, as it is now, soccer generates more humourous conversation, helping us all to get along just that bit better. I know this might sound like complete bullsh1t to anyone who only watches the World Cup, but I'm sure the Brits have some idea what I'm saying. Soccer is a drama. There's bad guys and good guys. Take Brian's ranting about Ronaldo, and I'm sure one thing will come to mind for the English when I say Drogba. It's just good crack to support. There are plenty of funny digs to be thrown at fans of opposing teams. Tighten the rules and all we'll be left with is admittance that a player is either good or bad. That's boring! Us fellas need something to bond over... and for a lot of us, soccer is that something. Tightening the rules would be like taking all those different kinds of shoes from women and leaving them with just bad one or good ones.

This is a terrible argument. I wrote it last night and at the time I was fairly spaced out of it. I'd try and fix it now, but I've only half an hour and I'll be leaving any minute anyway. I'll make myself more clear in my other rounds.

It's weird to read things that you wrote and have no memory whatsoever of having written them.
Debate Round No. 1


First to say that I do not watch football from the World Cup, I do it from long time ago ( in my country watching football become some kind of tradition).

And yes, players are constantly violating the rules, therefore we have a situations in which a player end up in hospital with serious leg fracture and the other player gets a yellow card because the judge is not sure that the foul was a red card for.

And yes, I agree, and that some teams have strategy to play rough and 'dirty' and I think it just needs to stop. Some had obvious intent (part of the strategy) to disable the opponent's players to continue the game. That fouls should be presented to a judge who will show the player a red card and later player will be punished by FIFA ban on playing in a certain period of time (my proposed double greater delay of the injured player).

No possibility of the existence of judicial errors will also reduce the possibility of bribery and corruption which will further improve the game and make it more equitable.

Neither I do not know someone who has not heard of the 'Hand of God' but you should at least for the moment put into the skin of the English players who have seen it all and they were powerless ... One man who is not doing his job well sealed the fate of England on Cup. Who says that England would not win the World Cup and became more popular than 'God's Hand'?

It would not be boring to watch football without violating the rules. I think you not understand the best option 'slow clip. " Fouls would (probably) still exist, only this time rough fouls can be adequately punished.

Football has long ago stopped to be a game and became a business. Big money is at issue, and judicial mistakes make teams huge losses. Teams usually get an apology from the representatives of FIFA, but it does not change the situation and the teams are powerless.

I am presenting some of the most drastic example of judicial error:

1. Hand of God
World Cup quarter-finals in Mexico 1986, Argentina-England 2-0
Maradona scored the goal by hand

2. 2nd Uefa Cup round, 1985, Real Madrid-Rijeka
On the result 1-0 to Real Madrid, the Belgian judge Schoeters showed second yellow card for team from the former Yugoslavia ... Rijeka's player Damir Desnica was sent off because of complaining (!) judge for a decision, an he was deaf-mute from birth...

3. World Cup Final, England 1966, England-West Germany
In additional time, after 10 minutes England have a great chance to score. Geoff Hurst shoots, the ball affects the cross bar and fall somewhere around the goal line! Main judge goes to the support and after a short agreement decide to accept the goal... ( Rule is that the entire ball must cross the goal line for goal)

4. 1982 World Cup semi-final West Germany - France
German goalkeeper Schumacher slashed Batistona, French player who finished in the unconscious in the hospital. The judge has just proved that the game continues...

5. World Cup Germany 2006 Croatia-Australia
Judge Paul Graham send Croat Josip Simunic off only after he was shown the third yellow card
The yellow cards were shown in 61, 89 and 90 minute. After he showed a third yellow card, English judge realized his mistake and Simunic finally released the game.

6. see this


badger forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


This is the last round so I will recap.

To improve quality of game FIFA should use modern technology in matches. That is the only way to have a regular game and that always win the best. As we know 'the winner takes it all, the loser standing small' so FIFA just have to provide real winner.

I hope that modern technology will be active one day... And I also hope that I will meet that day :)


badger forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by badger 7 years ago
i'll clear myself up eventually and i'd more to say too.
Posted by badger 7 years ago
lol, yeah it really was. 'twasn't the best time for me to attempt a debate... i'd a free house all week.
Posted by Kinesis 7 years ago
That was pathetic badger. Zetsubou, the two arguments presented against GLT have been A. Mistakes are part of the game and B. It would be unfair for countries without video technology. Both are clearly absurd.
Posted by Kinesis 7 years ago
'maybe even 2-4 in England's favor'

Now now, don't get carried away.
Posted by tBoonePickens 7 years ago
"FIFA/UEFA gave a solid argument against Instant Replay in international football."
Really? Where is it?

England has been playing like crap for a while, and the WC was no different. However, they did tie it 2 - 2 against Germany but were WRONGFULLY denied the tying goal. At that point, England was kicking arse and had great momentum. Had the tie been accepted, the game might have had a different outcome: maybe even 2-4 in England's favor.

That said, once they bumped uglies with woulda been all down hill! Hahaha! =P

All joking aside, it is about time that FIFA adds some technology to the game. How many times to we see a play replayed (many times replayed more than twice) and play still hasn't resumed on the pitch? There is PLENTY of time for it and it would not slow down the game any, if done properly.

I have some great Ideas on the subject but I'll wait for the debate to finish before posting.
Posted by Zetsubou 7 years ago
FIFA/UEFA gave a solid argument against Instant Replay in international football.
Posted by guesswho 7 years ago
A game lasts for 90 minutes. A controversy lasts forever!
Posted by badger 7 years ago
i've a lot to clear up lol.
Posted by brian_eggleston 7 years ago
Luckily for you, Badger, I can't vote because Natalija already has my full support. England should have been 2-2 with Germany at half time.

And Badger, I'm surprised you took this one being Irish - Ireland could have gone to the World Cup if the ref had access to instant reply in your qualifying match against France - and Thiery Henry would have been sent off into the bargain!
Posted by badger 7 years ago
do you think i'll convince you to my point of view?
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