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FNAF is a terrible over hyped game

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Started: 5/5/2015 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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A over hyped piece of trash i'd like to see anyone prove other wise


I accept the challenge, and wish the pro, best of luck in the debate.
Debate Round No. 1


Lets make this quick and simple
FNAF is a game where you survive 5 nights, a very odd first person strategy game. Awfully boring game mechanics. The game isn't interesting its only popular for its story.
1. You can't move, you have to actually use monitors and cameras
2. Unrealistic
3. Garbage gameplay, the only thing you can actually do is use a moniter and your camera
3. Boring - Terribly boring, game, you cant walk around and see where they are coming from, yet you stand in a place, which doesn't make any sense especially when they attack.
4. Not scary- After the 4 jump scares it isn't scary especially when spring trap gets to you, its just unexpected.
It fails to show manual on how to play, I actually had to ask others what each key was for. Along with its silly fanbase that worships Chica like she is a god.

I have yet to see how this game is well made, just overrated garbage


Now, in order for me win this debate, i must prove that fnaf is merely an ok game, whereas Pro must explain why the game is both terrible and over hyped.

Allow me to list off a few things that makes the series amazing

1. The game has an innovative story line that keeps everyone guessing and it manages to successfully create doubt at every turn. It is still debated whether the second game is a sequel or a prequel

2. It is accessible to almost anyone who wants to play, but it takes skill and patience to learn, therefore allowing the game to reach out to a diverse fan base with relative ease.

3. The suspense of the game play creates tension and does a very good job of drawing the player in.

4. While yes the fan base may worship Chica, but if we were to look at almost an game, there would be a fan base that we saw as questionable.

To conclude, while i see that not everyone loves the game, i do not see how those same people are unable to admit the merits of the franchise, but i guess to each his or her own.

I eagerly await you rebuttal.
Debate Round No. 2


1. The storyline is good that's all

2. Being accessible to play doesn't mean its good, there are many mobile apps based off a video game, and they are terrible

3. Suspense? Its the same thing over and over, you get jump scared, then killed if you are lucky. I an predict what will happen next

The game is not scary at all, during the first time playing, you're going to get scared for sure, once used to it, the game play is garbage


The above link is Bonnie attacking. Im pretty sure thats scary (sarcasm)

The game is the most boring game I've ever came across, you lose power just to close a door and the game cheats you, a animatron can be a few cameras away from you and when you put down your monitor, your done. The idea of scary was a terrible idea really

A bear with a top hat
A bunny
A chicken
And a fox
Are suppose to be scary?

The game doesn't even show you how to survive the night, when I first played, I didn't know how to lure em, how to make em go away, just simple and garbage


Pro has brought up some good points, and it very well could be used to explain why fnaf is a terrible game, but, pro has failed to bring forth a single shred of evidence in regards to the game being over hyped. With this alone i could declare victory as i do not have a case to argue against. But in the spirit of a true and fair debate, i shall continue on with my case.

The ultimate question to be asked (At least in terms of our debate, I'm sure there are more important or more serious questions to ask), Are you Ready for Freddy? When i first saw the game, i as well thought it was a joke, until the jump scares set in. It wasn't the run of the mill type, it left you guessing and afraid.

The game is scary, because it isn't. This game draws upon an imaginative horror and successfully manages to force the players mind to come up with scenarios. So at face value, this game is not scary at all. But, as we dive deeper into the games, deeper into the rich story line and lore that this is filled with. We start to fill in the blanks and start to realize the true form of untapped horror that this game possesses.

Game Theory (YouTube)
Markiplier (YouTube)
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by PowerPikachu21 3 years ago
Guys, the game does tell you how to play, there's the Phone Guy, who tells you that the animatronics will try to stuff you into a suit, and you have to close the doors when nessicary (when you see them in the doorway with use of the lights).
Posted by lol101 3 years ago
Posted by lol101 3 years ago
Why is your profile picture an image of Freddy Fazbear if FNAF is overrated?
Posted by the_ultimate_creation 3 years ago
Posted by Lumberjay85 3 years ago
Are you speaking of the first game, or the entire series?
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Reasons for voting decision: Con wins, but not exactly by a landslide. Both arguments weren't too convincing, although Con did support his/her argument with more reasoning.
Vote Placed by gabep 3 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Yes, the game is overrated. Neither made convincing arguments though.