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Facebook is useful for students aged between 14-16 years

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Started: 8/29/2012 Category: Education
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Age group of students-14-16 years
Topic-Facebook is useful for students aged between 14-16 years.
Rules-Opponent:This will be an 'Open Debate' and the first member to accept my challenge will become my opponent.
Rounds:There will be a total of 2 rounds of debate.
Voting Period:The voting period will last 6 months.
Time to Argue:For every round of debate, each debater will have 72 hours to post their argument.
Argument Max:Each debater will be allowed to type up to 8,000 characters for every round of debate.
Voting Comments:Members voting on this debate are required to provide comments for their vote.
Request-I request my opponent to use easy to understand English as I am not a native English speaker. Also my age is 15 so please post your arguments according to my age and fluency in English.
My English is neither very good nor very bad.
Everyone is welcome to join the debate.

I agree with this statement.
1.Facebook brings people closer by increasing interaction between them.
More people mean more views more views mean more knowledge and knowledge is what a student needs.
2.Facebook is Always "On"
Sometimes your BFF isn't around and just want human interaction of some kind. Maybe you want to sneak in a moment to see what everyone is up to in between clients at work, or when you're up at 4 a.m. and can't sleep. Regardless of when you want to log in, Facebook is there waiting for you. This can give a sense of comfort and make you feel connected to the world.
3.You can chat with teachers and your friends. We can ask questions or simply answer questions of others.
Debates , essay-writing contests and story writing ,etc require a student to have a vast treasure of knowledge and wide range of views. Facebook helps students to increase their knowledge and also help them to see things from different viewpoint.
example-A simple example of how facebook helps users to see things from a different viewpoint is this debate itself. In the comments,people from different parts of world can give their views about this topic and thus widening the scope of this debate.
3.It helps to find Those Who Share Your Causes and Hobbies

Maybe you're interested in environmental issues. Maybe you want to find someone to swap woodworking tips with. Whatever your special interest, there's likely to be a Facebook page--or a dozen--dedicated to it. These fellow enthusiasts can be a great source of information, advice and support.

4.You can meet different people and learn from their experiences.
5.Facebook can keep your brain fit.
Play Online Games

As millions can testify, games offered on Facebook can be addictive. They can also be stimulating and fun. Online games, especially those with a time factor, are excellent for brain fitness.
I request the opponent to post his views.


I accept your rules and am looking forward to this debate. I actually do use a class page on Facebook but I decided to argue this debate because I thought it would be interesting .I am going to be arguing that Facebook is NOT useful for students aged 14-16. I will list my reasons below
1.Facebook is distracting (ads)
Facebook has too many ads. As soon as you log in, there will be advertisements for things you are interested. For example if I "liked" Soccer on Facebook, there could be an ad for Soccer cleats. Unsuspecting students will get interested, think about their schoolwork later and then after 2 hours of finding the best deal on "cleats" or whatever item they were interested in. Games and applications are found on Facebook and can be equally distracting
Also, one of Facebook's main income is ads and they knowwhere to put the ads to target users.
2.Facebook is distracting (friends)
The main reason of Facebook was to connect people from different parts of the world. As soon as you log in to Facebook, the first thing you notice are how many notifications, messages and friend requests. Students will also get drawn to this and could get in to a discusiion over their topic and totally forget about their schoolwork.
3. Chat is slow and could crash
Facebook chat is frequently laggy and sometimes requires you to refresh the webpage too many times. With 20+ students on a server, with all the teens sending messages quickly, the students won't understand who is speaking and will be unable to communicate with each other. A definite probability would be that it crashes because the system is overloaded.
4.Much better providers
Nesa Blackboard, Moodle and many others have much better websites designed for an online classroom for students. Facebook is meant to meet people. So why not use the providers that were designed for online classrooms.
5.Dangerous people on Facebook
If someone who has not used Facebook before, makes an account and joins Facebook, he will be far behind on how many friends he has. For this reason, he will accept friend requests from random people and random or dangerous people will know his identity and may try to harm him, physically, virtually etc. as in stealing money. Facebook is not a safe website for people 14-16 years should be using.
6.Students will see teachers personal life
When a teacher befriends the student, the student will be able to see the teacher's personal life. This is immoral as this violates the teachers privacy. Students do not need to know who their teacher is dating, how many babies they have, their political views. This would be extremely unfair to the teacher.

From the reasons I have posted above, I urge you to vote for Con.
I look forward to the next round and hope to get a reply from Pro.
Debate Round No. 1


Nice Work!
I really liked your points.
Here are my answers or aguements:-
1.Facebook ads can be blocked by many apps available on market like Google chromestore,etc.
Some examples of ad-blocking apps are-
b)Ad-block plus
and there are many more.
Facebook ads can be useful as they can also be from companies that provide educational softwares or provide guidance to pass any examination.
Smart classes etc can be promoted on facebook.
2.Facebook is not distracting.
We have friends in our school,colleges and even in our locality but when we have the desire to work,we don't get distracted by any one of these.So how the friends on facebook are distracting.
Even if i assume them to be distracting,we can solve this problem easily by following ways:-
a)Use Facebook Discussions

One opportunity lies in the Discussions tab on the Facebook Page. A school can create a discussion about a specific topic and allow members of the community to share their thoughts within the thread. Admins will be able to moderate the thread and remove any posts that are inappropriate.
a) By exercising some self discipline while chatting.
It is your will and no one can distract you until you desire.Have a firm will and there will be no distractions.

3.Facebook can be prevented from crashing.
Instead of using chat we can use facebook discussions.Even with 20+ people discussion will not crash.Also crashing of facebook is influenced by many factors like computer performance,browser performance and internet speed etc.
How facebook discussion helps-

A school can create a discussion about a specific topic and allow members of the community to share their thoughts within the thread. Admins will be able to moderate the thread and remove any posts that are inappropriate.

4.Facebook is popular.
The providers that the contender has mentioned are not very popular and their development is very slow as compared to facebook.
5.Facebook is secure.
A Secured Connection

If you've ever done your shopping or banking online, you may have noticed a small "lock" icon appear in your address bar, or that the address bar has turned green. This indicates that your browser is using a secure connection ("HTTPS") to communicate with the website and ensure that the information you send remains private. Facebook currently uses HTTPS .

The vast majority of people who have used Facebook have never experienced a security problem. However, if facebook detect suspicious activity on your account, like if you logged in from California in the morning and then from Australia a few hours later, it may ask you to verify your identity so it can verify that your account hasn't been compromised.
Visit the link below for more security info-

Facebook has an option to ban strangers from sending friend requests to you.
So no dangerous person can send you friend request unless you want him to.

If you ever receive hurtful or abusive messages or posts on your profile page you have options. Depending on how serious the situation is, you can ignore it, ask the person to stop,unfriend or block the person, or tell your parents, a teacher, a counselor, or another adult you trust. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect.

You can also report inappropriate Pages, Groups, Events and fake or impostor profiles. (Remember that reporting is confidential, so no one will know who made the report.)

6.A Note on Settings and Privacy
We can block people from tagging photos on facebook or from viewing personal info.
Profanity Blocklist

Facebook allows the Admins of a Page to enable an automatic screener for profanity. To enable this profanity blocklist, do the following:

1. Click “Edit Page” in the upper-right of the Facebook Page
2. Select the “Manage Permissions” tab on the left side of the screen
3. In the dropdown beside “Profanity Blocklist:” select “Strong”
4. Click the blue “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the page

If there are specific words that a school would like to prohibit from being used, it can write them in the box beside “Moderation Blocklist” on the same page. If a user tries to use one of these prohibited words, it will automatically be marked as spam and won’t show up on the Facebook page.

The key to any school successfully leveraging Facebook is finding what fits the personality of the individual school.The important thing is that each school makes their Facebook Page an extension of the amazing things they are doing every day in the classroom.

While Facebook is at times a bit daunting, when used effectively it can provide schools with an excellent opportunity to engage the communities they serve and act as a key component in a school’s online presence.

Some more benefits of facebook:-
Share School News

Facebook is an excellent opportunity for a school to connect with families and share information rapidly. If a school is consistent in keeping the information updated and accurate, students and families will likely come to rely on the Facebook Page as a resource to find information about what’s going on at the school. There are many different types of information that a school could choose to share on its Facebook Page.
A Facebook Page is a great place to post noteworthy happenings around the school via a status update that posts on the Page’s wall. This is an easy way to keep families informed as to what’s going on during the school day. Additionally, it only takes moments to do (which in a school is always a good thing). If an event is particularly exciting, take some photos to share. For instance, Citizen Schools shared photos of a recent visit from Arianna Huffington and Tim Armstrong.
Share Upcoming Events

A Facebook Page is an excellent opportunity for a school to post upcoming events using the Facebook Events app. Utilizing Facebook Events can potentially lead to increased attendance at school functions. A school can also update attendees about any change in plans and send out a reminder as the event approaches.

Make School Announcements

Facebook is a great space for schools to make announcements to parents and students. For instance, if there is an ever-coveted snow day, announce it on the Facebook Page. If a school shares the snow day on its Facebook Page, the news will be sent to the walls of everyone that has Liked the page. Consistency is the key here. If the page is consistently updated with school news, followers will develop an expectation that they can count on the Facebook Page when they want to learn about something concerning the school. I’d also bet that news like a snow day will get plenty of Likes, which will spread the news quickly across the community’s social graph.

Use Media to Showcase School Culture

Many schools pride themselves on creating a unique culture that promotes not only academics but also the social development of its students. Facebook provides an opportunity to showcase this unique culture with those who can’t be in the building during the school day.

Share Photos

Photos are an excellent way to showcase school culture. A school may choose to use photos to highlight a variety of aspects of the school, including:

  • Students exhibiting values the school encourages
  • Celebrations of student work
  • Field trips
  • Experiential learning activities
  • Assemblies or school-wide celebrations
  • Recognition of individual students for excellence

I request my opponent to not to request or try to influence the voters by asking them for their votes.This is against the laws of debating.Let the audience judge.
I hope you understand my point.



Unfortunately, I cannot find my debate word document so I forfeit. I apologize but I have searched my whole computer for it but it is not htere. I apologize very much, but I have no time to rewrite it so I forfiet. Thank you to my opponent, and I enjoyed debating with you
Debate Round No. 2
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PakiPatriot34 I understand.No problem.
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PakiPatriot34 Let the viewers decide the result.You should not ask for votes.
Posted by Wiscon 5 years ago
Don't ask voters to vote in your favour
Posted by Wiscon 5 years ago
PakiPatriot34 I request you to post your arguement as soon as possible.
I don't want this debate to go too long,just be active and post as soon as possible.
Posted by ObiWan 5 years ago
If this is still here later in the week I'll take it for sure.
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