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Facts about Mythology

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Started: 3/31/2015 Category: Religion
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Pro is Me, and everything I present. Con may present any of their current or gathered understanding of Mythology.

I argue, My theology is accurate and theirs is flawed and gathered from false sources.

Round 1. Contribute any portion of your argument you wish if you wish to get a heads start.

Round 2: Support yourself fully by clearly defining the principals of Mythology, (any or all mythologies) But be very specific and explain in detail the associations presented by the religion and in what way you understand people to associate with the religion DURING its founding, completely disregarding post scholarly masses of ignorant and incompetent "followers".
Also, argue your best to present a case that my argument is false

Round 3: make your case as much as you please, regarding case two as being the only debatable contribution to this argument { meaning all evidence provided in round three is out of devotion to your theology and not in direct formal debate [ therefor, providing no dignified stance for your end of the debate, but is to summarize your own conclusive presentation of works for the voters. ] }


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Debate Round No. 1


The Concepts and Beliefs tied to Mythologies have been largely misunderstood in the recent centuries. In essence, I am claiming that the modern interpretations and popular belief surrounding Mythologies are false, yet the facts remain accountable.

In this overview I will focus on technicalities of Greek Mythology, Norse Mythology, and Hinduism.

It is important to realize, it was easy for Rome to convert to Christianity, because it was not in contradiction to their previous faith, but was in fact in support of it. This is because The Greek, Norse and Hindu religions were in fact monotheist, and shared the same values; Be married.

In Hinduism, There is only one God. The Bhagavad Gita clearly describes this Supreme Godhead as being the only God, while all deities and demigods are not in fact Gods, nor authoritative persons; and in fact these deities are representatives of Krishna's infinite personality attributes; Because Krishna in all his omni potency cannot be summarized easily - and in order to discuss the technicalities of existence, one must give terms and titles to describe each of the cosmos attributes, which are not biological, yet remain organic in nature (regarding their changes, weaknesses, strengths, and influences on existence). And in this way, Krishna being the All mighty, Hinduism is a monotheist religion, and it was so when Abraham migrated from the east where he came from. Granted, the adulterous population poorly schooled their children, and instead of actual education, spread tales with poor interpretation and explanation to their children, so the populations beliefs and the scriptures they were derived from where in contraction.

~ The important note regarding Hindusim then was. It was monotheist, and there is only One God, despite the many deities { which are aspects of reality defined and explained as having organic attributes, but do not change from one element to another: when it changes causing it to cease to existing in that immediate example of manifestation, it instead becomes the manifestation of another deity. and both deities remain existence such as a chemical reaction. Water as an element continues to exist when it reacts chemically become to different things, even if it doe snot remain in the example. In this way the deities change, but are also only the deity which they are. For they are not and never were Gods, or gods, they were deities and demigods]( Things and Thoughts ){ Where as Krishna was the only God ].

Norse Mythology:
***Frost Giants - the Kingdom of heaven is a kingdom in which man could never survive. The environment to chaotic and dangerous. This is because with the infinite changes of circumstances, one would cease to exist. HE would die repeatedly to the potential examples of a mortal realm. IN a universe of infinite capacity for alternate realities, the mortal soul would be obliterated, lost and forgotten. The Frost Giants were the deities capable of existing as ACTual examples in the Chaos of pre-creation. All other examples would fall short of truth, and thus would not be fruative notions.
***The Cow: Simply used as an example of the Potential to exist. The cow was a fitting choice of entities to represent the nourishment of the Personality of realities person. Of every potential example,t he cow was simply chosen for argument sake as an example a nourishment providing entity.
**-Odins, Father and Grandfather: His Grandfather was in Fact all of eternity, the realm in which The Frost Giants resided, nourished by the potential to exist, every thing of that nourshing Cow, was in fact a portion of his body and personality. He was the accumulation of all things. The frost giants metaphorical persons who exist in his timeless existence.
Odins Father, was a more pronounced example of the actual living course of a being, and the potential and meaning to life, giving as an example through him.

Odin however, the forefather of the Norse race, was in fact a man. A man who had seen war and experienced many things. He was worshiped as the Man who glorified his father Bhor, but was the soul provider of wisdom and protection to his people, and his wisdom exceeded his offspring all the days of their lives until the end of his, until they became the soul providers of wisdom, and potentially exceeded him, but not in honor or dignity.

Thor was simply a mighty warrior. Throw a hammer at someone in medevil combat? stratagize a defense against a hammer when Thor,t he great warrior stands behind it to assault you. There is none. The hammer is the mightiest of weapons to befall any enemy.

Despite the symbolic meanings, fairytales, and false recounts. The true meaning of Norse Mythology was a religion regarding the true aspects of The realities, Man's limited capacities, and the Singularity of the entity which controlled and created Heaven and Earth and governed over the dead, the Father of Odins Father. The Monotheist.

Greek Mythology:
Take note, that once man ceased to pray to the Monotheist in these chronicles, the generations of man did not last 4 generations before their kingdom had fallen and their ancestry was destroyed.
-in fact, it was recorded in Homer that Athena and Ares died in war against mortals in the battle of Troy.-

Zues turning into an eagle: free, swift, powerful, capable of climbing to high heighest uncontested. Zeus often "turned into an eagle" to go to women. HE did not in fact convert his flesh. think logically and logic becomes what you manifest in your desertion.

In fact, there was no empire of man which grew, succeeded and flourished for the benefits of the people, where the inhabitants did not acknowledge a monotheist God. And these three religions as examples support that statement.

IN all these religions marriage was of utmost importance. Acknowledging wisdom and knowledge as being important, always remembering the histories of man and the examples of scientifically proven faults they demonstrated, while in all times remembering God is One and to be humble before him.

To summarize, I will finish with the Greek tale of God, who like Jesus said, Cannot be known except by that which comes from him:
Chaos, created in his solitude, the Earth and the Sky, and Light was their child but by Chaos as a creator, and the Ocean was the Brother of the Sea whom he also created. And Time was a thing created by Chaos, and intelligence, and even the darkness. And Chaos,t he Monotheist, primordial God, established All the Titanous elements of Existence, including the demigods (thought notions) which were manifested as children of the Titans, who as an environment dictated limited possibilities.

Indeed all Mythology was in fact in it's origins and birth places glorifications of an almighty, Monotheist God.


polytheism (redirected from Polytheistic religion)
Also found in: Encyclopedia, Wikipedia.
pol"y"the"ism (p!5;lR42;ē-thē-ĭzR42;əm, p!5;lR42;ē-thēR42;ĭz-əm)
The worship of or belief in more than one god.

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Debate Round No. 2


Because my entire case was that Polytheism as we know it was at it's root and origins monotheist, and that in fact the term deity and demigods were not in fact creators who partook in creation. My case has been settled on that alone.
all contrary beliefs are false.


You should have posted sources. BOP is on pro. All demigods are half human half god. since demigods come from different sets of parents that must mean that there are more than one god. Also how would you explain the ancient Mesopotamian religion that is based on two siblings that always were? One of Fresh water and one of salt water?

Debate Round No. 3
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