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Faith in god is faithlessness in man

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Started: 1/4/2017 Category: Science
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Faith in god is faithlessness in man. Man seeks solace from heaven when he has no friend or relative to help him in times of crisis. As materialistic people put more faith on money and not on fellow men they don't come to the rescue of fellow men in distress. Millions of people the world over go hungry and rich nations and people do not help them.
When man finds that nobody helps, even the close relatives, in difficult times he tries to safeguard his security by having more money which can purchase everything. So it is the social alienation that makes men seek solace from something other than his own community. When the earthly problems are solved by one's neighbor, his local government , the nation or the world, he has no other option but to pray to something existing above in the so called heaven that he strongly believes can help him


My opponent claims to the absolute statement that man seeks solace from heaven or other divine forces when he has no human or material support. Since he has made an absolute claim, my only responsibility is to provide an instance in which his absolute claim is not valid and since my opponent makes the following three claims: that faith in god = faithlessness in man, man seeks solace from heaven when he has no other human to provide support and materialistic people put more faith in money than other men, I shall be rebutting these claims.

Faith in God=Faithlessness in man
I myself have neither faith in God nor faith in mankind, though perhaps I do have faith in mankind going by my opponent's signs that materialistic people have no faith in man such as helping others and giving to charity, which I do. Moreover, the statements, "Faith in God" and "Faithlessness in man" are not congruent in the least; popular Christian philosophy states that faith in man is nearly as important to faith in God, and what my opponent claims are signs for faith in mankind i.e helping others in time of need, is a well-known calling card of contemporary Christianity.(1) Therefore, there are also those that are both religious (faith in God) and are prone to charity and to draw support from others (faith in man). What I'm trying to say is that it is entirely possible to both put faith in man and in God, or neither. It is possible to put faith in God and therefore man because they trust that God will act through man. More on Christian catechism can be found in the sources, I suggest you read the section labeled "Charity" for the purposes of this debate.

Man seeks solace from heaven in the absence of solace from man
This, again, is not inherently true. I can site my own brother-in-law as an example. My brother spent the final years of his life wracked with mental illness; he had a psychosis after his brother and father were murdered at the same time (I can site the news article, but I'm afraid, for purposes of privacy, one must message me privately for the link. I insist on sending my opponent the article upon request) and went into a spiral in which he trusted no one, not even his own wife, kids or mother. My brother-in-law was also a religious man who often spoke about the nature of God, but he didn't like him; he was a misotheist. He sadly passed by his own hand putting no faith into the support of God or other men as indicated by a note left behind.

Materialistic People
I'm going to give my opponent the benefit of the doubt with this one and suppose that PRO was going off of the colloquial definition of materialism as, "A tendency to consider material possessions and physical comfort as more important than spiritual value" instead of the philosophical definition, "T
he doctrine that nothing exists except matter and its movements and modifications," in which PRO is correct in the former case, but incorrect in the latter.

As the burden of proof rests with my opponent who made the positive claim, I rest my case for this round, adding the statement that any argument I would make can be found in my rebuttals of my opponent's.

(1) More on Christian catechism:

Debate Round No. 1


People who do not have faith in man should go to heaven to live in because everything on earth like homes, roads, fleet and so on are made by fellow men.One cannot live on this earth without using materials made by other people. Our life will be miserable without other people's contribution.


I would like to open my argument by stating that PRO has not addressed any of my rebuttals from the previous round and, in addition, doesn't seem to have posed any new argument. My opponent posted three sentences which, while they concern the issues addressed in the debate topic, don't directly address the question or support his position.

Since my opponent has the burden of proof, has not responded to my previous argument, nor provided any new argument, I'd like to forfeit the rest of my argument.

Thank you.
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