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Famer's Story-Writing Debate Round #2 Sans_the_Ander vs. TUF

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Started: 4/24/2012 Category: Miscellaneous
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I thank my opponent TUF for taking part of Famer's story writing debating tournament. The basic idea of this debate is that both sides must together write a story. Whoever creates the most interesting continuation/orientation/conclusion of the story wins the vote for "most convincing arguments"

Rules of this debate:

8000 characters maximum
72 hours for time to argue
7 days voting period
Yes to voting comments

Points for spelling and grammar are awarded as per usual.

There will be no points awarded for sources.

However, as the rules of the tournament goes, if any of the debaters forfeits a round (unless both forfeits an equals number of times), they will, by default automatically lose all 7 points as a result.

Good Luck!

Title of Story: Number 15


Hello? Is this thing working? Ok, it's recording. Thank God. My name is Adam Knight. I don't know if anyone will ever hear this, but I hope against hope someone does. This is my story, and it needs to be told. So much has happened since the day I was chosen, and Earth needs to know about it. Firsthand. From me. Because I have been involved in every single part of it. I don't know of a better place to start than from the beginning. I don't have much time, so here I go.

It was just a normal boring day at Park High. First I get a usual boring lecture from my math teacher, Mr. Franklin. I swear he's from another planet, with his bulging eyes and abnormally tall body. "Now today we'll be learning about derivatives...." His voice just bounces around in my skull. I can't pay attention in that class. I just find myself staring at his eyes, wondering if they could actually pop out of his head at any moment.

My next class is good ol' chemistry. You would think the class would be cool, mixing chemicals together and whatnot. But the teacher, Mrs. Goode, just stands up and talks, and we take notes. Well, we're supposed to take notes. I sleep.

Third class of the day? Spanish. Ugh, I absolutely dreaded that class. Why couldn't everyone just talk in English so we didn't have to learn foreign languages? The teacher in that class, Ms. Rose, sounds JUST like a chipmunk. And the fast sentences of Spanish that poured out of her mouth made it ten times worse.

My final class - English. English was the worst class of all. It was just awful. I have the reading abilities of a 6th grader, and the creativity of a rock. And just to make today special, Mr. Hannon gives us a pop quiz. Great. I knew I was going to fail as soon as he handed us the quiz.

Once the bell rings signaling that the school day is over, I dart out of class. I never liked being in school. I was definitely not good at it. I have a very short attention span, I cannot concentrate, and worst of all, I'm lazy. Very lazy. I scrape by my classes with C's and D's. At first my teachers would try to encourage me to do better, but after a while, they all realize it's a lost cause. They realize that I'm a lost cause.

I'm not good at anything, really. I tried every single sport imaginable while growing up. Football, soccer, baseball, basketball, tennis, track, and even lacrosse. Every single time I ended up sitting on the bench, never playing in a game. I tried to learn how to play all kinds of musical instruments. Nothing ever clicked for me though, and I could never get past the basics. I even tried my hand at art; drawing, painting, and even sculpting. My lack of creativity held me back in this regard, and once again I was not successful.

Although I was not very athletic, I was naturally very quick. I could always beat any of my friends in a race. My reflexes were above average too. I could always catch something before it hit the ground if I dropped it. I also have a quick mind. Why this never helped me in school I have no idea. But I was always good at finding quick solutions to any real-life problem I faced.

I still remember the time I almost got into a fight. The guy had to be ten times bigger than me. I was just joking around and talking about his mom. He took it to heart though, and got up in my face. I analyzed his body language and could tell that he was going to swing. I knew I'd have to be ready, and I braced myself. He swung, and I ducked while barely sticking my foot out to trip him. Because of his missed punch, the momentum of the giant about to punch me made him trip over my foot, and I ran out of there. Problem avoided.

I didn't really fit in anywhere at school, so I only had a few friends. Those few friends weren't really close to me though. I would only occasionally talk to them at school, when I saw them. My real friend was my dog, Cocoa.

With the school day finally over, I gladly go home. Cocoa is there to greet me, tail wagging and tongue out ready to lick my face. I throw my bookbag on the ground, homework and all, right where I would leave it until tomorrow morning. I go in the kitchen to get a soda, eat something quick for dinner, and then assume my normal after-school activity; video games.

I'm about to beat a game I just got a couple days ago when all of a sudden my mom walks in, turns off my system and says, "Trash." I know what that word meant, and I reluctantly stand up to go collect the trash and take it outside. Cocoa goes with me, like always. I lift up the lid and dump out the trash. I am about to turn around, when all of a sudden Cocoa runs toward the woods behind the house, barking her head off. Confused, and worried about my best friend, I start to run after her.

I arrive at the woods, and I can't see Cocoa or hear her barking anymore. I start to get worried. "Cocoa! Cocoa! Come here girl!" Silence. The only sound I hear is the sound of wind blowing through the trees. I stand there, calling out for Cocoa, over and over.

Suddenly, I am aware of a new sound. Whimpering! Cocoa is in trouble! My best friend, the dog that has been there for me since I was little, needs help! Without even thinking, I plunge into the woods, determined to save Cocoa. I follow the sound of her whimpers, knowing that I'm getting closer as the whimpers get louder. I start to quicken my pace, yelling "I'm coming Cocoa!", getting closer and closer to finding her.

I finally emerge from the woods into a clearing. I look around and immediately see Cocoa in the middle of the clearing, whimpering and staring straight upwards. I also notice that the clearing is a perfect circle, with carvings on each tree on the outside of the circle. 15 trees in all, each with a specific carving. With my concern for Cocoa coming first, I disregard this strange observation, and rush to my dog. She doesn't seem to notice me, and continues to whimper. "Cocoa, what's wrong?" I see that she is still staring upwards, and I start to tilt my head slowly to see what she's staring at.

A bright white light appears out of nowhere, making it impossible to see anything. Cocoa starts to bark now, but I can only hear her, so I do not know if she is still beside me. Then, as if through a loudspeaker, a voice begins to speak. I use the word voice loosely, because to me it sounded like a bunch of different people speaking at the exact same time. It was also as if they were singing, each voice a different note, in perfect harmony. It was the most beautiful sound I have ever heard.

"Adam Knight, you have been chosen. You are now one of The Fifteen."

The bright light starts to get brighter. An electric hum can be heard now, and it steadily gets louder. I can no longer hear Cocoa. I cover my eyes and try to block out the noise. But it just gets louder, and the light gets brighter. Then I feel this feeling in the pit of my stomach. It's like the feeling you get when you go down the first big hill on a roller coaster. As soon as this feeling hits me, the light and the electric hum vanish. It's dark. I seem to be sitting in a room somewhere. Who knows where I am right now?

At school I thought today was just going to be a normal day. Boy was I wrong.


Chapter 2
The dark man draws closer to door, as he walks down the black, obsolete, and cold hallway. His cape drags against the black stone floor, though the end of his cape his pretty torn, worn and aged already. He arrives at the big black door and proceeds to open it carefully. It squeals loudly as it opens. Inside the room, is a big black chair, faced with an enormous slick hologram screen, displaying tons of different information, on various and rather unrelated things.

That chair is occupied, by.... something. Dark wisps of mist emanate from the being. It is a physical being, yet dark, and almost invisible. It is best defined as a silhouette.

The man speaks.

"Master, we have found one of the 15."

The chair turns slowly.

Soon the entity faces the man entirely. 'Faces' being used hypothetically, as it technically had no face. Darkness emanated off of the body.

" We know..." It replied in a deathly voice. The voice was like a thousand shrieking infants, only hushed, and whispering.
"Hisssssss name isssss Adam Knight."

Even the dark man with the cape, shudders at the voice of his master.

"Find and kill him.... And the othersssss....."

The man doesn't hesitate to respond. "Yes master, as you wish."

He bows, and turns to leave. As he closes the black door behind him the caped man suddenly starts to melt. His once human like body, now has melted into a blob. The blob starts to form an animal. Finally a black crow is formed, it's beady black eyes looking obtruse. The bird flies away.


I am in a room. It is dark. There is something familiar about this room. The smell, the feel. I have been here before, but something is different. I... Feel.... different. I see a dim red light in the corner of my eye. I turn to see that the red light displays numbers. Specifically a time. It reads 7:34 am.

I feel confused. Then it hits me. I am in my room. But something is different now. No not with the room. Everything is exactly how I left it. Messy bed, band posters on the wall, open video game case on the floor, and a box of half eaten pizza sitting on my drawer.

No, it wasn't my room that was different. It was me. I felt... Weird. I get up, and walk over to the light switch, and turn it on. Light instantly floods the room. Suddenly I feel nauseous.

As the light turns on, I feel my eyes are lying to me. Everything is more colorful. The red's are redder, the blues are bluer. I even notice colors I have never seen or heard of before. It is almost as if I had been wearing sun glasses for a very long time, and only just took them off. The light seemed brighter, and I felt almost as if it were piercing through my soul as it radiated brilliantly; More brilliantly than it ever had in this room in the past.

My body feels different too. I feel strong as if I had been running marathons, and weightlifting my whole life. Yeah right, you couldn't get me to do that for a million dollars. Yet the feeling remained. I felt.... perfect.

What a weird dream that was.....

Then I remember.


I hear a responsive growl from my bed, and see Cocoa perk her ears up in recognition of her name.

I breathed a sigh of relief. It was all just a dream.

I sink back down into my bed. I look at my alarm clock.

Oh crap! School started almost 40 minutes ago! I am dressed in my usual night wear, a pair of basketball shorts, and a plain white V neck T-shirt.

I quickly change out of them, and into a pair of faded denim jeans, and grab a brown polo from my closet. I slip my worn sneakers on, and rush out the door on my way to school.

I arrive at the school. It is now about 8:20. I drop my bike off in the bike rack, and chain it up. I start running to my class. Generally I would take B hall to get to Mr. Franklin's class, but this time I take the the back way, as it is faster. No one ever takes the back way though. That's where Mitchell, and his stoner buddies hung out. Mitchell was a senior. He was a drugged up moron, and a bully. He never hesitated to pick fights with anyone, no matter how big they were, or how innocent they were.

I run quickly through the courtyard.

Sure enough, Mitchell, and three of his buddies are hanging around out side, smoke forming where they were obviously smoking weed. I ignore them and keep running.

"Hey you. Stop for a second."

I stop. Dammit.

Mitchell and his buddies approach me.

"Hey you know it costs a fee to come this way!"

I turn and try to look un- bothered by this.

" I am sorry Mitch, I don't have any money. Now if you'll excuse me, I have-"

He cuts me off.

" HAHA relax bro, I'm just messin with ya, no need to get your panties all up in a bunch!"

Almost as if on Cue, his buddies start to laugh at this, thinking it is funnier than it actually is. I fake a smile, and start to turn back towards the business building. A hand plops on my shoulder before I can.

"What's the rush buddy? Need some help with those books? Here I'll help you with those." He grabs my books from me. He takes a step and then pretends to "accidentally" drop them on the ground, right in a puddle of dirty gutter water.

"oops." He says. His friends start laughing.

Suddenly I am angry. This guy is bigger than me, and is definitely going to clobber me, but I don't care. My pride is practically swelling at this point. I throw a punch right at Mitchell's face, and it lands square in the jaw. Then I close my eyes, as I expect a return punch, and brace myself. But it doesn't come.

I open my eyes. It's unbelievable. Mitchell is lying 15 feet away on the ground face down, knocked out with blood gushing out of his busted lip, and broken nose.

Mitchell's friends are all staring down at him, with open mouth's wondering what just happened. I am too. I didn't even put that much force into the punch... He had to be faking it...

Finally one of his friends spoke. "Is... Is he dead?!"

"No he is not dead numb nuts!" Said the second friend. He turns and points to me. "You! What... What did you do?"

I don't respond but just stand there dumbfounded, and appalled. Finally my senses return. I run back towards class trying to forget about the incident.

Nearby on the tip of a flagpole, a Black Crow caws. It flies away into the bright summer day.


The whole day at school felt like I was on ecstasy. Everything was surreal. Normally I would fall asleep during lectures, and generally be bored out of my mind. But not today. Everything that the teachers said, seemed to make complete sense to me for once. I actually took good notes, for the first time in what seemed like ages. Every time a teacher would ask the class a question, my hand would be the first to pop up, and I would answer the question. Ms. Rose assigns us a pop quiz. I ace it. I seem to remember every Spanish word she has taught us, though I was tuned out for that stuff most of the time.

It was like someone had entered my brain, and flipped a switch from "off" to "on".

How could nothing make sense, yet everything make sense at the same time?

Finally school ends. As I leave the building, I see Mitchell and his three buddies, among a crowd of my peers, all talking. Suddenly as I pass, everyone goes quiet. Mitchell's eyes fill with fright as he sees me, and tries his hardest to remain unseen behind a crowd of high schooler's. His face is messed up badly. It's extremely awkward to have everyone staring at me, so I quickly make my way over to my bike, un lock it, and start my ride home.

What a weird day this was becoming.. First the weird dream, Then all this Extra-sensory stuff that was going on with my body? Something seriously was messed up here.

I try to forget about it all, and focus on what I care about most... How much fun I was going to have playing my new game, when I got home.

Suddenly a big black crow, flies right in front of me. I slam on my brakes, and it sends me flying to the ground. I wince as I expect to be scraped up badly, but am unharmed surprisingly.

The crow suddenly starts to mutate, until it is shaped like a man.

Debate Round No. 1


Sans_the_Ander forfeited this round.


"However, as the rules of the tournament goes, if any of the debaters forfeits a round (unless both forfeits an equals number of times), they will, by default automatically lose all 7 points as a result."

Unforunately, due to lack of time, my opponent is no longer able to continue. I wish him luck in future debates, and thank him for the awesome intro. Due to tournament rules, please cote CON.
Debate Round No. 2


"I'm really sorry about doing this, but i'm going to change the pairings for the second round of this tournament. Here are the pairings:

Drafterman VS TUF

Sans_the_Ander VS Ren"

It seems the pairings have been changed. Lucky me, because I would have been out due to my FF for lack of time. Anyway, I thank TUF for helping with this short-lived story. This could have been pretty epic but I guess the story must come to an end.



Please vote all 7 points due to forfeit. THANKS!
Debate Round No. 3


Sans_the_Ander forfeited this round.


Due to rules, please vote CON!
Debate Round No. 4
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