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Famers Storywriting Debate Tournament Round #1

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Started: 4/7/2012 Category: Arts
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"I thank my opponent TUF for taking part of Famer's story writing debating tournament. The basic idea of this debate is that both sides must together write a story. Whoever creates the most interesting continuation/orientation/conclusion of the story wins the vote for "most convincing arguments"

Rules of this debate:

8000 characters maximum
72 hours for time to argue
7 days voting period
Yes to voting comments

Points for spelling and grammar are awarded as per usual.

There will be no points awarded for sources.

However, as the rules of the tournament goes, if any of the debaters forfeits a round (unless both forfeits an equals number of times), they will, by default automatically lose all 7 points as a result.

Good Luck!

Title: The Hunters Betrayal


He lay there stunned. Nose bleeding, physically broken, staring at the ceiling. "How had this happened?" he wondered, "how had he of all people, managed to find himself in this situation." Just then, a young man, stood over him staring down at him with a cold gaze, "Allister!" the man croaked, "why are you here?"

Allister smirked and let out a laugh, "Let me give you some advice old man, advice I recieved long ago from you, never trust anyone." The man watched as Allister raised his axe in the air...

Two days previous

Tjorb�rn quickly dodged Allisters axe swing and kicked his legs out bringing him to the ground. He then jumped on him with lightning fast agility and put a knife to his throat.

"Very good Allister," he said, "youve come a long way since I began training you."

"Thank you master Tjorb�rn," he replied. Both men got up and walked over to a weapons rack sitting in the corner of the room. They placed their weapons on the rack and walked out of the room into the den of the house. "If I may ask master," Allister began, "when will you bring me along on one of your jobs?" Tjorb�rn sat down on a chair in front of the fireplace. "Come Allister, sit down and I will answer your question."

Allister came over and sat, and waited. Tjorb�rn had a pensive look on his scarred face. He was thinking of when he first met Allister. A young boy with no family, living on the streets. He had attempted to steal his coinpurse and Tjorb�rn had chased him all throughout the streets of Elkvale. Finally catching him at his hideaway in one of the numerous alleyways scattered throughout the town.

He had been thoroughly impressed at the young boys athleticism in running from him, and after thoroughly giving him a good scare, he decided to take the boy as his apprentice. Over the next 10 years he had molded Allister into what he was, a warrior, a fighter, a killer. Tjorb�rn was a bounty hunter to some, a hitman to others. If you were able to pay, he was willing to kill, no questions asked.

He knew the dangers of the work he did, and was hesitant to allow Allister along on one of his jobs. He had become like a son to him and he did not wish to see any harm come to him. "Soon, Allister," Tjorb�rn finally spoke, "you are almost ready but not quite."

Allister groaned, "but master! Youve been saying this for a year now!"

"I have," Tjorb�rn responded, "and the same stands true as when I began saying it, you are not ready yet."

"But ma-" Allister was cut off mid sentence by his chair tipping over and falling to the floor. Tjorb�rn had upended it with his foot, "No buts, boy, mind who is the master and who is the apprentice here." With that Tjorb�rn walked out of the house leaving Allister to calm down.

Allister lay there for a few seconds before standing up. "He thinks me a weakling," he thought, "refuses to bring me along so I can actually get some usable experience instead of useless sparring." Allister got up and walked into his room. He looked into the mirror inspecting himself.

At 6 feet 6 inches he was taller than most people, even his master. Though his frame was wiry, he had over the course of his training gotten well-built and was now what others would describe as lean and muscular. His leanness fooled many into believing he was weaker than he actually was. He smirked remembering a few months ago when this massive brute thought him an easy target for a fight. The massive man had been very drunk and had been tormenting him the entire night, until finally Allister had spoken a few "choice words" to him about him, his dog, and his mother. The man had then attempted to attack Allister with the sword he had with him and Allister thoroughly embarassed him, sending him quickly to the floor with a few teeth missing, a broken wrist, and without his sword.

Allister brushed his dirty blond hair aside and applied war-paint over the scar on his arm from a sparring accident between him and Tjorb�rn a few years ago. "I known I'm ready," Allister said aloud, "I am fully capable of defending myself and I'm sure there is no danger involved in me coming along."

"Aye Allister," Tjorb�rn spoke from behind him, standing in the doorway, "but are you ready to kill? Even if the person does not deserve it?

"Yes!" Allister replied, "I would have no problem doing so!"

"What of women and children?" Tjorb�rn asked, "You know what my work entails, to kill, with no emotion. No regard for what is right and wrong, or innocent or guilty. The only thing this line of work is concerned with is who is paying for the services."

"Master you know I would have no problem doing so, you have trained me well, I remember all youve taught me, everything and I'm fully ready to come along and assist you." Allister responded.

"Aye boy, and I say you are not, and what is one of those things I taught you?"

"That you are the one who decides what I can do or not do master," Allister sighed, "but I know I am ready! I want to prove my worth."

"Enough of this boy," Tjorb�rn barked, I brought in firewood so you can start a fire and cook some dinner for yourself. I will be back tomorrow, you know what I'll be doing and you know what to do if I do not return." With that he turned around and walked out of the house.

Allister sighed again and walked out into the den and started a fire. A short half hour later he was eating in silence. Sulking over Tjorb�rn's refusal to allow him to accompany him. When he finished he cleaned up and exited the house to dump the garbage onto the refuse pile. When he returned he was schocked to find a woman standing in the den...


Allister- Apprentice
Tjorb�rn- Hitman/Bounty Hunter
Woman- Your choice on what part she plays TUF

You know the end result from the prelude, lets see if we can both connect the beginning to it along the way

Theme: Medieval Fantasy (no modern weaponry as you noticed, swords/daggers/axes)

Good luck TUF :)


Challenge Accepted, I am very enthused about this story.
Please click all links as you come to them for Extra details, and footnotes.
The First Task
The shock Allister had endured was overwhelming, and was unexpected. Before him, stood the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. The woman was of average height at Around 5'6. She was slender, with Opaque colored skin. Her hair was long, brown, and straight. It poured over her shoulders like a waterfall, down to her lower back. Allister stared into her bright blue eyes, awestruck.
Suddenly, he snapped out of his trance, and moved towards her. "Who are yo-" Allister tripped clumsily on the chair that he was using earlier, and landed face flat on the floor. Allister quickly got back to his feet, and looked up, only to find that the woman that was once there, was gone. Quickly, he rushed over to the spot where he had seen her, and looked about wildly. He checked Tjorbörn's room, then his, then finally the sparring room. She was no where to be found. The only exit being the door behind him, he had no clue as to where she could have gone. Finally after about 10 minutes of lucid searching, Allister gave up. He had a long day of training, and was obviously hallucinating. There was no woman, he must have just imagined it. Allister, grabbed his bow, and headed off to the woods to hunt.
Allister showed up to his training session mid-day, around the same time he and his master always met up for training. Allister stared out into the plains, admiring the beauty and grace of his surroundings. He loved this place. This was more of a home to him, than any place allister had ever lived in. After losing his parents age 10, Allister had known only one home, and it was this one. Tjorbörn was like a father to him.
In any case, he was the closest thing that Allister even had to family.
Allister sighed, and let the cool breeze of the summer wind glide gently across his body. The tall grass in the meadow in front of Tjorbörn's home, moved methodically in the breeze, their movements were almost hypnotizing.
Where was Tjorbörn? He was never late.
Allister thought of the conversation he and his master shared the previous day.
'but are you ready to kill? Even if the person does not deserve it?' Tjorbörn's words echoed back in his head.
Of course he could. What, did Tjorbörn think that he had learned nothing over the past 10 years?
Allister remembered when he was first confronted with death upfront.
Allister now seemed angry that Tjorbörn would even ask him this. Of course he could. Allister grabbed a rock and stood up. Anger flooded his heart. He was ready. He threw the rock as hard as he could, off into the meadow. He grinned and admired his strength, as the rock flew about 30 yards into the meadow.
Suddenly a hand plopped down onto his shoulder.
Allister didn't hesitate this time. He drew his knife and flipped around ready to skewer his victim.
"Whoa, it's just me Allister! Put the knife away, boy." Tjorbörn stood wife the blade of Allister's knife pressed bluntly against his neck.
Allister lowered his weapon and let out a sigh of relief.
"Your late." Allister replied bluntly.
Tjorbörn looked peeved by Allister's willingness to accuse, but decided it wasn't worth the lecture.
"Come inside, boy. We have certain matters to discuss." Tjorbörn then turned and walked towards the home.
Allister was confused. What was there to discuss? He followed him bewildered into the house. Allister sat down as Tjorbörn started the fire.
Tjorbörn sat down. The warmth of the fire was delightful, and Allister took it in gratefully, as he watches the flicker flames lick the air.
"Allister it is time. I have thought about this long and hard, and I believe you to be ready for your first Job" Tjorbörn
Allister was dumbfounded. He opened his mouth to reply, but the words escaped him.
Tjorbörn continued " I have been contacted recently by an agent who is willing to pay big money for the completion of this job. I am entrusting you with this responsibility, Allister."
Allister was still confused and shocked. Just yesterday, Tjorbörn had lectured him on how we wasn't nearly ready. Suddenly, the nearby fireplace, seemed to have gotten hotter.
"Well don't just sit there, say something!" Tjorbörn said vexed.
Allister snapped out of it, and mumbled in response, "That's great! Who is my first target!?"
Tjorbörn was silent, and looked pensive about what he would say next. The fire nearby seemed uncomfortably warm to Allister at this point.
Tjorbörn responded in a solemn tone. "King Melvar of Elkvale, is who our next target is."
Allister's heart dropped.
The plans had been worked out. Allister and Tjorbörn had studied their plans for the past 2 days, such that they were sown into their memories, step by step. As the two men rode into Elkvale, Allister couldn't help but feel worried. This is what he had been waiting for. He had been dreaming about this day for years, and now that it was so close, suddenly, he wished for that anticipation back, but it was far from gone. Allister felt alone, though his master was close to his side.
The two entered the city dressed in fine clothes, worn only by those of royal decent. Both were draped in long blue robes, laced with the finest silk in all of Midland. Gems lined the cuff's of their robes, and both men remained as they entered the city. The guards, after taking a look at the two of them, did not hesitate to allow the men passage into the city. It was a busy day in ElkVale. Citizens walked to and from work, from market places to their homes, all oblivious to the plans of the two newcomers. As Allister and Tjorbörn made their way to the city, both men and woman who came close, would bow with respect them.
While allister gave the appearance of royalty with his clothing, he felt rather silly in those clothes.
I could never be royalty, Allister thought, If I would have to wear these every day.
Finally the two men arrived at the palace. Two palace guards stood at the entrance.
" What business do ye have at the palace of the king?" Said the guard standing to the left of the palace doors.
Allister tensed up. He hadn't expected questions, and had hoped to gain easy entrance to the palace.
Tjorbörn looked at the man Cooley, and responded " We are friends of Melvar's traveling from Shelton. May you grant us passage?"
The guard looked Tjorbörn up and down, then determined he wasn't threat. He then nodded, and proceeded to opening the palace doors.
The two men dismounted their horses, and went inside.
Allister began to admire the palace.

Both men trudged up the stairs, ready to complete their mission. At the top of the stairs, the palace stretched out even farther along. There were multiple corridors, filled with all sorts of rooms. The main corridor that lay directly in front of them, near the end, was embraced by big red wooden doors with golden place holds. Tjorbörn nodded at Allister and broke off towards the right as planned. Allister didn't waste any time as he snuck off to the where he studied the kitchen to be. Sure enough as he turned the corner, he found the kitchen, only a few doors away. He was about to rush towards them when suddenly two guards walked out of them talking to each other and laughing mildly as they told one other stories of their day. Allister Quickly darted back around the corner. He had no time, he would have to proceed to the mission after the guards were gone. He had nowhere to hide. Allister noticed a door with the words "Mirva" above it. He drew a knife out from under his robes, and quickly dashed in the door. There, in the the room, sitting on a chair, was the woman he had thought he had seen. Allister lowered his weapon, astounded by her beauty.

Good luck to my opponent! I will let you be creative with what happens next.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank You TUF, for a great round, I really enjoyed reading it.

Allister stood in awe of Mirvas beauty, "Are you ready?" she asked, "there is not much time before it begins."

Allister had been eating alone at the local pub, anxious for his first real experience at what was to be his job. He wished that he could fast forward time to tomorrow and be done with it all. "imagine it," he thought to himself, "my first assasination and its the King of Elkvale! People will speak of this for generations, and they wont even realize it was myself who performed the deed!"

Just then the same man who he had embarassed a few weeks ago, in this same place, sat down at Allisters table. "I came here to reacquire my sword from you, kid," he snarled, "Now either you hand it over or I'll cut your head clean off." Allister looked at the man with a smirk on his face. He could see the axe the man was carrying, and the knife he had strapped to his leg. He knew none of them would be of any use to him, as Allister was much too quick for the large man to hit.

"Keep your mouth shut and walk away imbecile," Allister growled, "wouldnt want me to take your pretty little axe and knife now would you?" The mans face became beet red, and it was obvious Allisters insult had throughly offended him. "Look here pipsqueak," the man yelled, "either you give me my sword back or I will kill you." Suddenly everyone in the pub stopped and stared at Alliister and the man. It was obvious they were waiting to see what would happen. Allister, arrogant as he was, just couldnt let this mana actions slide, lest he lose his precious image of being someone that just shouldnt be threatened or bothered.

"Go for it lard-as$," he replied. Suddenly the man sprang up and flipped the table over, readying his axe. Allister deftly dodged the overturned table, and stood, ready for the mans swing. The man gave a roar and charged Allister, swinging his axe. THUD! Allister dodged the mans swing easily as his axe buried into the ground where he had just stood. While the man attempted to yank his axe out of the ground Allister came up behind and kicked him in the rear and sent him toppling. Allister then quickly pulled the axe out of the ground the rest of the way and jumped back, "Such a beautiful axe," Allister taunted, "it will make a fine addition to my collection." The crowd watching in the pub all laughed raucously over his comment.

"Shut your mouth you filthy runt!" the man bellowed as he got back up. He pulled his knife from the holster on his hip. "Ha, that knife looks pretty too, should make a nice addition to my collection as well!" Allister gloated. The man charged him again and once more Allister sent him toppling. This time dodging him and tripping him as he ran by. Allister then knocked him on the skull with the hilt of the axe and quickly grabbed the mans knife. He then jumped back again, and sat down on the lap of a woman, who was sitting at the table he was then standing next to.

"Well hello there pretty lady," he flirted, keeping his eye on the large man who was now stumbling to his feet. He then looked down at the woman and was shocked to see the same woman who had mysteriously appeared and dissapeared from his and Tjorb�rn's home before. He was shocked by her beauty, and stared shamelessly at her. She smiled at him, winked, and said, "well hello, i would look behind you."

Just then Allister was picked up by the large man and thrown across the room, hitting a table and sending it toppling with a thunderous crash. He quickly jumped to his feet but not in time to dodge the punch aimed at his gut. It was so forceful that Allister felt as if every last bit of air had been forced out of his body. He went to his knees, but thankfully his years of training allowed him to have no need to recover from such a blow, as he immediately swept the mans legs out from underneath him.

He then punched the man square in the nose while he was on the ground and jumped back up, overlooking the man, blood was now pouring from the mans freshly broken nose. "I would stop if I were you," Allister warned, "you're no match for me, and if this continues it will only lead to death on your part once I am no longer amused with you." The man grabbed at Allisters legs, but Allister was too quick, and deftly avoided the mans grasp. He then kicked the man in the jaw, and looked over him again, "stop you fool, do you wish to die?"

The man began picking himself up and managed to gain his footing again. All the while Allister was watching , ready for any attack the man may have had in store for him. Suddenly the man charged Allister again, pulling a then hidden knife from his back. Allister once more dodged the mans attack, again sending him to the ground. "Enough of this," he roared, grabbing the axe that now lay on the ground. He stood over the man, ready to swimg, "concede defeat or die pathetic man."

"Never!" the man croaked, and weakly attempted to grab at Allister.

"Very well," Allister responded, "then you die." Allister swung the axe down, and the man cringed, expecting death. Yet it never came, instead the axe thudded into the ground next to him. He opened his eyes to see Allister standing over him smirking, "Well it appears out brave friend has wet himself!" Suddenly the whole pub began laughing, as indeed, the man had soiled himself. Allister then kicked the man in the face once more, this time with enough force to knock him unconscious.

The bystanders in the pub raucously applauded, prompting Allister to bow. He then looked over at the woman from before, and winked. "What say you all? Do i deserve a kiss as a prize for my victory?" The crowd roared their approval. Allister then walked over to the woman and knelt down next to her, "and what about you, fair lady? Do you think I am deserving of a kiss?"

The woman smirked, "yes I do, but not because you defeated this man."

"Very well then! Kiss me first then I will figure out your reasons second. In this case, asking questions later is a wonderful option!" Allister then leaned in and kissed the woman. Though he intended it to be a short kiss, the moment his lips met hers it felt as if a jolt of electricity coursed through his body. The kiss quickly became passionate, and the crowd roared their approval.

When it was finished he was left breathless, in awe. He had never actually felt anything so intense before. The woman looked to be feeling much the same, her cheeks were now red, and the expression on her face showed much the same reaction as Allister's. "Tell me," allister whispered into her ear, "what is your name?"

"My name," she responded, "is Mirva, and we have much to talk about now."

"Yes we do," Allister said, "perhaps you would like to speak in a more private setting?"

"Yes I would," she answered, "but first, you know my name, what is yours?"

"Allister," he answered, "Shall we step outside then?" With that both of them stood and walked out of the pub. The crowd cheering them.


ok TUF, some questions that need answering

1) What is the conversation that both Allister and Mirva will be having?
2) Why is Mirva(the daughter of the king) in a common pub
3) How does Tjorb�rns and Allisters mission of killing the King involve Allister and Mirvas meeting?

Remember we still have 2 and a 1/2 rounds to go, so lets really flesh out this story and explain it in-depth.


Chapter 3

The mysterious girl

"Come. We have much to talk about, and only little time to do it." Mirva said as she grabbed Allister by the hand and let him away from the pub.

Allister was still feeling cocky over his victory in the pub, and his adrenaline hadn't fully exasperated.

"Baby, you can take me wherever you want!" Allister said with a dumb grin on his face.

It happened so fast Allister had no time to react. Even with the years of experience in quick reaction training that Tjorbörn had given him.

The kick to his gut that Mirva delivered to him was mighty. Allister cringed, and he keeled over, clutching his already sore stomach. He was not expecting that from, what appeared to be an illustrious, magnificent, and proper woman.

"Listen now, and listen well, because I am not going to repeat myself." The woman started viciously.

"That little display you just pulled off, doesn't impress me one bit. If you think taking on a drunk, untrained, with festering pits, makes you appealing, than you have another thing coming."

Allister was taken aback, as he winced through receiving pain both mentally and physically.

Mirva didn't hesitate in continuing.

" Right now there are some things going on that go far deeper than your arrogance, pride, and need to be superior. I am speaking to you now only for various reasons, but if you think that I am stupid enough to fall for your childish attempts on wooing me, then you are a lot dumber than I had originally taken you for. Now, without further discussion, let us continue are chat in more private settlements."

Allister didn't blame her for wanting to get out of there. A few concerned people were staring at the scene Mirva had just caused, and he figured to save his humility, it was best he leave now. In all the years Allister had spent training with Tjorbörn, he had never experienced a blow like the one this woman had delivered. Allister felt like a beaten man as he followed Mirva throughout the city.

As they trumped through the cobble stoned streets in silence, Allister thought deeper of the woman's words.

What did she need to speak to me for, then, if not too woo him? Then the even bigger question popped up, that Allister had totally forgotten about, occurred. What was this woman doing at Tjorbörn's house? Allister suddenly grew suspicious. Something was going on here, and now that he had been dispatched of his gloaty behavior, he had to reconcile on the issue at hand. How did he know to trust this woman? What if this was a trap! Tjorbörn had always taught Allister to trust no one.

Maybe now was a great time to follow that rule. Allister placed his hand on his knife, preparing for the probability of an ambush.

Mirva noticed the movement out of the corner of her eye. "Trust me, warrior, you won't have any need for that." She said Cooley.

Allister was starting to become peeved at this woman's intuitiveness.

"Tell me, why should I trust you? Why are you taking me this far near the edge of the city? Enough of these games!" Allister retorted angrily.

Mirva just snickered, which only seemed to press Allister more.

"You don't have to come, boy. Do I have a blade pressed against your neck? Do what you wish, it doesn't concern me.
But if you must know, our destination is not much further. I chose somewhere I feel to be secluded." finished Mirva.

Allister's curiosity was so peaked, that he decided not to argue. Following Mirva didn't present to be a threat at the moment.

Allister's curiosity grew even more as they entered the city slums, The lower half of the city that was rarely visited by anyone other than rats, and the dirty homeless citizens.

Finally they arrived at what appeared to be an inn. Allister had never been in this are of the city before, as it was generally considered dangerous, and where most of the low lifes spent their time.

Mirva approached the door, opened it, and walked in like it was her own home.

Allister followed cautiously. The inn wasn't very big, only being several floors high. Spacious definitely wasn't the word to describe it. There were several people around the inn's lobby doing various things; Betting, conversing, eating, etc. The second Allister and Mirva entered, all eyes floated to them.

"Come." Mirva commanded as she headed towards the staircase. Her and Allister headed up the stairs, and confronted a dark. splintered, and aged door.

She opened the door and entered quickly, Allister not far behind.
The room was fairly empty, beside a couple of chairs, and a dusty bed.

"Sit" Mirva said indicating one of the chairs. Allister did so, and Mirva sat in its companion.

"You obviously have went to some great measures to keep our conversation discreet, my lady. What is this about?"

Mirva sighed heavily, and looked considered her words carefully before speaking. Finally she began.
"I am an imperial spy, working for Kin Melvar of Midland, Allister."

Allister peered into Mirva's eyes waiting for her to continue.

And that, she did.

" Your master, Tjorbörn, is not who you think he is. You think he is a bounty hunter, right? That he kills people more money right? Well that second part is only half right. I have been tracking Tjorbörn for months. Yes he does kill people, yes he does gain a profit from this. But, what you don't know is that he is playing you like a flute Allister."

Allister didn't know what to make of this, but rather remained silent and continued to listen.

" Tjorbörn belongs to a new rebel group, called the 'Thressians.' The Thressians goal is to usurp the city, and take it back as the rightful owners. They plan to destroy every living being in the city, and then the rest of Midland, as their belief is that the only way to defeat 'corruption' is to destroy all beings that may have been tainted. If you don't fully understand the gravity of this, let me tell you in detail. They plan to destroy EVERYONE. Every man, woman and child, that stands in their path. They mean nought to this group of people. ElkVale isn't the only place where the Usurps are happening Either. We have traced this group in Kella, Yudar, and also in the capitol. Tjorbörn is thought to be the leader of the operation-"

Allister cut, her off, he couldn't contain himself any longer.

"You lie! I have known Tjorbörn for most of my life. Do you mean to tell me that he would keep this from me? What purpose would he have in doing so! Your accusations are unfounded!"

Mirva waited calmly, as if the outburst were expected.

She continued. "Have you ever wondered where Tjorbörn spends most of his time Allister? Why is it that he is out doing 'jobs' each day? Why does no one look for his supposed victims? Surely someone would have rumored the outbreak of deaths from his endeavors? He has lied to you Allister. I know how you must feel. But you ask why he is doing this? You are one among few, of the many minions he is trying to train to become his 'perfect' army. All you are to him is a pawn on the battlefield. If you die, it will be little to him. He hopes that your loyalty will confirm to his plans to quell the nation. It is our goal to put a stop to him."

Allister was shocked, in every essence of the word. His head spun. What she was saying made sense, but Allister had always dis-regarded those questions as un-important. Allister's head spun. He felt dizzy. None of this seemed real. The events of the day were taking it's toll on Allister, as he tried to gather himself.

"Why are you telling me this?" Allister replied at a loss for any more words.

Mirva's answer was short, but complete. "We need you. You may be able to prevent the death of millions. Are you in, or are you out?"

This question wasn't as easy to answer, as it may have seemed.

Good luck budda, and have fun! I certainly am!

Debate Round No. 2


Allister was in shock. The choice before him was by far the toughest he had encountered in his short life. To betray Tjorb�rn, the man who had been like a father to him, the one who had trained him into the man he was today. It seemed an impossible decision to make, yet, if what Mirva had said was true, the right thing to do would be to stop Tjorb�rn, and prevent the unnecessary desth of countless people.

"Never trust anyone," Tjorb�rns words echoes in Allisters head. He remained silent for what seemed like an eternity in his mind, examining the decision before him from all possible scenarios. Mirva could be lying, this "conspiracy" could just be some attempt at Tjorb�rns life. Allister knew very well that his masters line of work caused him to make many enemies.

"Well?" Mirva questioned, "what will it be? Are you going to help or not? The fate of the kingdom rests with your decision." Allister remained silent, with a pensive expression. Finally, he said, "How am I to know this is true? You could be lying."

"Foolish boy," she snapped, "you think I would even be approaching if I did not already know this with certainty? Why would I waste my time?

"Then producing proof of this plot should be easy!" Allister snorted, "please do show me something."

Mirva scowled at him before finally saying, "very well, follow me, we're going to the kings palace." She quickly turned around and began walking away. Allister stood for a moment, in disbelief, "the king's palace!" he thought, "ill need to remain prepared, this could be a trap." However, ultimately, his curiosity and desire to see the inside of the kings palace was too great. He quickly checked to make sure his knife was well-hidden on his leg, and jogged to catch up with Mirva.

The trip through town was short, as the pub that both had just been at was a short distance from the palace. When they arrived, the guards saluted Mirva, which confirmed to Allister she was indeed a person of importance. They entered through the gate and Allister was shocked by its size. Once inside the palace Mirva lead Allister straight to the throne room. Mirva walked up to one of the guards standing outside the closed door.

"Notify the King that I need to see him immediately, tell him its about his problem." She commanded. The guard saluted and opened the door, entered and closed the door behind himself.

"We're seeing the King!?" Allister gasped, "you're not being serious are you?"

"Of course I am, I have been serious this entire time and you have only doubted me, well I have a feeling
you will take the King's word much more seriously then my own. Suddenly the door opened again and the guard held it open. The other guard opened the other side and Mirva walked in. Allister quickly followed, admiring its beauty. In the center of the room was a large circular mahogany table. Studded with gold around the outside edge. There was an opening in the table that allowed what looked to be 2 people to stand in the middle. The room itself was massive, and opposite the doors, on the other side was the Kings throne.

The King was seated upon the throne at present and Allister saw he was a powerful presence. He was
A hulking man near six foot, shorter then Allister but extremely muscular and well built. Much the same as Tjorb�rn, but slightly shorter. He has graying hair so Allister guessed he was likely in his 40's. On his cheek there was a large scare going from his eye down to his jaw. This Allister assumed was from his days in the Imperial Legion.

Indeed the stories of King Melvar were legendary in status. The scar on his face, it was said, had been recieved while at the battle of Duskwood. According to lore he had been cornered by 8 men, and single-handedly managed to kill all of them, recieving nothing himself but the small wound. the pairwalked up in front of the throne and Mirva knelt before the King. Allister just stood in awe, not quite believing he stood in front of the great King Melvar. Mirva notice this and elbowed him. Allister understood the point and knelt himself. "Thank you for granting us this audience your majesty," Mirva proclaimed. "What news do you have Mirva?" Melvar asked, "have you found a way to stop this... Tjorb�rn from assasinating me?"

"I believe I have your majesty. Here with me is apprentice of Tjorb�rn Thundermane, Allister..." Mirva looked at Allister, it was obvious she did not know his full name. "My name, your majesty, is Allister, I do not have a surname."

"Very well," King Melvar chucked, "Mirva, how is this man to help us? Especially considering he is Tjorb�rns apprentice, you really expect him to betray his own master?"

"So it is true what she says then?" Allister asked. The king looked at him, "and what is it she has said?" He asked calmly.

"That my master intends to kill you, and is part of a conspiracy to usurp the throne and throw the kingdom into chaos!" Allister responded, "This couldnt possibly be true, I asked for proof and now here I am before you."

The King sighed, and pondered what to say, finally he began, "I see, well as little as my word means, I assure you, what she says is the truth. We have suspected this for quite some time, as you may have noticed other cities stewards have been slain recently. Those cities are still in a state of unrest as the position is being decided by myself. We knew eventually the plan would be ultimately to assasinate me, and throw the entire Kingdom into chaos. Now recently we found out from allies, that your master, Tjorb�rn Shadowmane is a part of this plot, and is the one who will carry out my assasination."

"This is unbelievable!" Allister exclaimed. Yet, as much as he wished it to go away, the doubt remained. Indeed stewards had slowly been assasinated in recent times, and coming from the King, he had little reason to doubt the truth of the situation. Allister, as much as he had been trained to kill, and feel no remorse, still could not bring himself to stand by and watch and countless people were harmed.

"Even as it may be," the King said, "its going to happen, as it stands, Mirva how do you expect this boy to be of any help?"

"Simple," Mirva responded, "he will poison his food or drink. I have something that will weaken Tjorbo�rn significantly and the best part is the effect wont be felt for quite some time. Allister need only slip it into his food at lunch or dinner before they depart, and Tjorb�rn will be no threat at all. Of course I think it suiting that Allister kills him."

"Well only if the man wishes to do so," the king stated. Just then Allister spoke up, "I will. I could likely take him even at full strength. Hes trained me well and I've learned a few tricks of my own."

"Very well then," King Melvar responded, "Mirva make sure this plan happens, you have my approcaval. If it should fail I will defend myself as best I can."

"Thank you your majesty," Mirva gratefully replied, "this will not fail, I assure you."

With that Mirva and Allister walked out of the Throne Room.


Thank you TUF for making this so much fun! Good luck!



Chapter 4
The rebellion
Allister was conflicted. Had he just agreed to the king of midland, that he would kill his only friend, the person that had sheltered him for years, the person that had taught him everything?
All without even hearing whether or not this was true from Tjorbörn himself.
This was simply to much for allister to process in one day. Tomorrow was the day when he had to kill Tjorbörn. He decided it best just to sleep on the Idea. Maybe he would be better mentally prepared in the morning.
"Allister, wake up! Heavens boy, it's almost as if you'd forgotten what we were doing today!" Tjorbörn said as he woke Allister up from his sleep.
Allister snapped out of his dream elusively. Part of him was glad that he was ripped back into harsh reality, though part of him wanted to drift back into the peace of the dream.
"Today is the day where you will apply all that you have learned, Allister." Tjorbörn said, with the look of eagerness in his eyes.
Allister was almost excited, but all excitement was instantly terminated by memory of the previous day.
Allister looked at the man he had come to trust more than anyone in the world. The man who gave him everything. How would he do it? How could he simply kill this man, as if it were nothing?
The task at hand seemed impossible.
"Would you like some wine master?" Allister said trying to remain as calm as possible.
Tjorbörn looked at Allister pensively intrigued by the offer that was made. "Okay Allister, but quickly. We must prepare."
Allister nodded, and quickly made his way off into the kitchen. He proceeded to pull a bottle of wine from the cupboard, along with a goblet. As Allister poured the drink he had to resist shaking the best he could. He peered behind him to make sure Tjorbörn was not entering. He wasn't. Allister turned attention back to the glass, to notice it was overflowing! "Oops!" Allister whispered to himself, and he capped the bottle and put it away before cleaning up his mess.
He then pulled out the tiny sack that mirva had given him, and poured it's contents out on the table. Two tiny beans rolled out, looking innocent.
Allister remembered Mirva's words.
"These beans, are called Acai beans. They are among the deadliest poisons known to man. These can kill a full grown man in any time span between 4-5 hours."
Allister picked up the beans, and hovered them over the goblet. Suddenly his hands became shaky. He couldn't bring himself to do it. He clenched his fist, and gripped his blonde air in mental agony. "No, I can't do it this way. If Tjorbörn is going to die, he is going to die honorably. By my sword."
Allister thought, hoping that he would be able to bring himself to do at least that if the time came.
"Allister, where are you boy? I'm parched." Tjorbörn said from the other room. Allister didn't answer. He sighed heavily, then grabbed the goblet and returned to Tjorbörn.
Tjorbörn didn't hesitate to grab the goblet, and he downed it quickly. "And it would have been so easy..." Allister thought.
Tjorbörn finished his drink, and then peered at Allister. "Repeat to me the plan boy, just to make sure I know you know what you are doing. This mission is very important."
Yes, it was important. More important than Allister had ever presumed it would be.
"We are going to disguise ourselves as royals" Allister said, We gain entrance to the castle. You will head off to the kings room, and continue to subscretely take out his guards. The king eats dinner every day around the same time, and I will have successfully poisoned his feast. If for some reason the poison does not work, you will proceed to finish him off through methods you have yet to explain to me..."
Tjorbörn just laughed. "Don't worry about that last part Allister. If it comes to that, I will be more than prepared. Remember, we will meet in the courtyard outside after the deed has been done, where we are due to collect our earnings."
Allister nodded. Tjorbörn smiled. "Very well, let's see how well I have trained you, Allister." And with that, they departed.


Mirva stood eyes glistening from the lantern on the desk in her room.

Allister stood in awe of Mirva's beauty, "Are you ready?" she asked, "there is not much time before it begins."

Allister tried to snap out of his hypnosis. Overtime he saw this woman, he almost became transfixed with her. The feeling of warm peace flooded over him when her presence was near... It was then that Allister knew, that it was her who he had dreamed of.

"I said, are you ready!?" Mirva repeatedly adamantly. "Umm.. Yes!" Allister quickly responded fully snapping out of his trance.

"Did you poison the drink?" Mirva said as she gathered her dagger, to conceal it in her boot.

"Um- " Allister started, but Mirva cut him off.

"Never mind, of course you did. Let us go."

Allister stumbled after her as she raced out the door.

"Tjorbörn will be in the King's room by now." Allister said.

They quickly made their way to the big doors that belonged to the king. Mirva looked at Allister, and Allister at Mirva. He nodded. With that she pushed open the door.

Allister's draw dropped in shock at the scene before him. Five guards lay silent in a pool of blood on the ground. Neither the king or Tjorbörn were to be found, however.

Allister tried to hold his stomach as the smell of blood filled his lungs. These men all had lives, families, and loved ones. They had all been taken away from them in one fatal blow. Allister's gut clenched as he wondered how he could ever do this to a man. He had hurt many drunken blights in the past, who sought to bully and abuse others. But he had never killed a human being before, the way that Tjorbörn had just done. Allister felt dizzy.

"Come on! We may be too late! Why hasn't Tjorbörn dropped dead yet?"

The two made their way through the king's room, and entered the dining room, Allister right behind Mirva.

Allister had no time to react, as he saw the swift blow from the butt of a sword quickly strike Mirva down before him from the other side of the door. Tjorbörn stepped out over Mirva's unconscious body, ready to deliver the final blow.

"Stop!" Allister screamed at Tjorbörn. Tjorbörn looked pensive as he noticed Allister. "What are you doing here? Did you poison the food?"

Allister quickly responded "Yes I have. They will be serving it soon. Keep the girl alive, we may need her in case the plan doesn't work!"
It took everything Allister had to keep his composure and stop from shaking. Now was his chance, he had to take Tjorbörn out. Allister, put his hand on his blade.... and then let it drop. He still could not bring himself to do it.

Tjorbörn looked at Allister calmly. "Okay it is time for us to depart. The king will be dining soon." With that, Tjorbörn quickly stashed mirva's unconscious body into a nearby custodial closet, that looked rather un used.

The two then made their way out of the castle and out into the courtyard.

As they made their way outside the castle, Allister noticed that the day had turned to dusk. The sky had darkened slightly, and the sun was barely visible over the horizon.

"Now is the time to do it." Allister thought to himself. He could not stall any longer. Allister drew his blade.

"Tjorbörn, I know of your plot to cause a rebellion. I also plan on stopping you."

Tjorbörn looked confused for a second. Suddenly he laughed. "You would betray me? Your master for over 10 years? You don't even realize what is going on Allister. You see, you have already contributed enough. The rebellion strikes tonight. You can either stand with me or stand against me. I do not the Latter."

Suddenly, as if on cue, A heavy pounding started coming from the nearby city walls. The sounds of a siege hammer. Arrows drifted over the city walls filling the rooftops, and the city streets. Ginormous rocks carried themselves over the walls crushing houses with sheer power. Allister ran to cover.

War had just begun. No, this was not war. This was be a massacre.
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Allister stood under the cover, the earth shaking about him. The whole town was scrambling about in a panic. Flaming boulders launched from catapults were bombardinf the city, making it seem as if an earthquake were occuring. The city of elkvale was quickly going up in flames.

"Allister! boy, are you with me, or against me?" Tjorb�rn shouted at Allister over the deafening sounds of boulders colliding with the ground. Allisters mind was swimming in a sea of confusion, what should he do? If he didnt go with Tjorb�rn, it was likely he would die anyways in the mass slaughter that was sure to occure when the attacking army broke thru the gates. If he did, it meant he was condoning this unnecessary bloodshed. Then he thought of Mirva, despite their conversation after their meeting at the pub, he still felt a strong connection to her. He couldnt just leave her with Tjorb�rn...

"I'll go with you," he finally decided.

"Excellent lad!" Tjorb�rn patted Allister on the back, "I knew you would come to your senses!" With that both men set off, with Mirva in tow. They quickly traveled through the city, making their way to a small exit that Tjorb�rn had discovered one day. They walked through and into the underground tunnel the door led into. Neither knew how old the tunnel was, but both had come to the conclusion long ago that it was an old smuggling route that the long disbanded thieves guild once used.

The thieves guild itself was notorious in Elkvale, and the Kingdom of Elsar itself. Once the most powerful guild in the kingdom, it had the ear of the King himself, and remained that way for nearly two centuries. Until three decades ago when Melvar became King and decided the guild itself was a blight upon his Kingdom. He had shown no mercy, and every member of it had been slaughtered. It was rumoured that the thieves guild was still around, but thats perhaps a story for another time...

The men made their way through the tunnel. They walked for what seemed like hours. The tunnel itself was miles long, and extremely dark. Luckily they had torches set at the entrance and had grabbed them before they set out into the tunnel itself. About halfway through the tunnel Mirva awoke, she struggled immediately and tried to free herself from Allisters hold as he was carrying her. Allister easily stifled her and whispered into her ear, "shut up and act like you are still unconscious, we're almost there."

Mirva looked up at him and nodded, understanding the meaning of his words. Allister knew what he would have to do. He knew what was planned all along. Soon the time would come and all of the planning would come together. The three of them finally reached the end of the tunnel, the cave entrance in sight.

"Stay here," Tjorb�rn commanded, "I'll be back in a minute once I make sure the entrance is safe. Put out the fires. So you aren't seen." With that Tjorb�rn walked out of the cave. Allister quickly set Mirva down. "You need to hide, I cant let you put yourself in danger anymore."

"Nonsense!" Mirva retorted, "I can protect myself just fine!"

"No," Allister responded, "you can't. Not unless you think you can defend yourself against an entire rebellion!" Mirva had a cross expression on her face. Allister could tell she wasnt going to go hide and stay behind. No, even in the short time he had known her he knew she wasnt the kind to run and hide in these situations. Just then Tjorb�rn came back.

"I see the damsel has awoken!" He joked, "what does she have to say about the situation she finds herself in?" He asked Allister.

"You know, let me go scoundrels, you can't do this, do you know who I am, the normal stuff," Allister replied nonchalantly. Tjorb�rn laughed and walked back out of the cave, calling out to Allister to follow. Mirva and Allister followed and came out of the cave, and were greeted by the sight of a group of soldiers on horseback. Tjorb�rn was already on a horse, a white stallion that was draped in a burgundy covering. A true war steed, "Get you and your 'prize' onto the horse boy, we dont have time to waste."

Allister helped Mirva onto the only available horse and hopped on himself. With that the group was off. They rode for at least an hour, possibly two, and finally arrived at a small cabin. Tjorb�rn dismounted from his horse and spoke quietly with one of the horsemen in the group. As Allister and Mirva were dismounting the group of rebel horsemen rode off.

"Into the cabin," Tjorb�rn commanded, "we must wait for another to arrive." He walked into the cabin. Mirva looked at Allister, both exchanging puzzled looks. "Why are we here?" Mirva asked, "who is your master waiting for?"

"I have no idea," Allister admitted, "This wasnt part of the plan Tjorb�rn explained to me!" Neither of them could think of any reason why they were in the middle of the wilderness, at a cabin. Yet, both still walked inside.

When they entered a knife immediately hit the wall next to the entrance. Allister looked over to see Tjorb�rn standing in the middle of the cabin, inside a makeshift large circle.

"Come boy," he taunted, "you think I dont know what you have been planning all along? You really think I didnt hear your conversation with your precious little Mirva did you? We stopped because I intend to face you like a man. We will settle this here and now, if you kill me, you can go free. My mission has already been accomplished, Elsar will soon be in a state of utter chaos, there is no reason for me to even do this. Save that after I spent years training you, caring for you as a father, you betray me! For what? This tramp? So be it Allister, know that for your treachery you will die!"

Allister pulled the knife out of the wall and circled around the ring Tjorb�rn stood in. The staredown between the two men lasted forever. Finally Allister spoke, "If I fail," he said, "Mirva still goes free, unharmed and untouched." Tjorb�rn laughed, extremely amused by Allisters words.

"Very well boy," Tjorb�rn accepted, "your delicate little flower will be allowed to go once I am done slicing your treacherous neck, vermin."

Allister stepped into the circle and both men began circling each other. Suddenly Tjorb�rn lunged at Allister, who quickly dodged his attack. Allister attempted to use Tjorb�rns momentum to send him to the ground. It failed, as somehow Tjorb�rn managed to shift his weight in the opposite direction and flip Allister onto the ground. Allister quickly rolled over in expectation of the knife the plunged into the ground where he had just been, then quickly jumped to his feet again.

"Haha Allister, I've trained you well." Tjorb�rn jeered, "but you still do not stand a chance." With that the two men returned to their fight. Both men were equals, neither truly gaining the upper hand. It was clear this was to be a fight of endurance. Five minutes it went on, then ten, fifteen. Fifteen minutes had passed. Both men were fatigued, bleeding, physically exhausted. Suddenly Tjorb�rn was on the ground! Allister had somehow managed to knock Tjorb�rns blade away and knock him out cold. Allister stood over Tjorb�rn for a second then walked away.

Tjorb�rn stirred, he lay there stunned. Nose bleeding, physically broken, staring at the ceiling. "How had this happened?" he wondered, "how had he of all people, managed to find himself in this situation." Just then, Allister stood over him staring down at him with a cold gaze, "Allister!" the man croaked, "why are you here?"

Allister smirked and let out a laugh, "Let me give you some advice old man, advice I recieved long ago from you, never trust anyone." The man watched as Allister raised his axe in the air...


Thank you so much TUF for making this awesome story with me! The ending is up to you, I'm sure it will be excellent. Thank you to famer also for creating this tournament, what an awesome idea. Finally, thank you to voters who read this entire story, I hope you enjoy.


Chapter 5
Reality check
Allister stood over his master in Triumph, Axe raised. Suddenly, Allister felt that this wasn't going to be so easy.
10 years... 10 long years... And it comes to this? Allister looked at the bleeding man beneath him and his heart felt heavy. Allister had never murdered someone. How could he start now? Let alone on someone who had trained and cared for him his whole life?
As Tjorbörn moaned with pain on the ground beneath him, Allister suddenly felt sympathetic. Allister tried to bring the Axe down, he really did, but he could not bring himself to do it.
"What are you waiting for Allister, kill him!" Mirva shouted eagerly from the other side of the cabin.
Allister raised the Axe a little higher, but still felt he could not do it. A bead of sweat formed at his brow. Everything was quiet, even the distant war cries, clashes of steel, and destruction seemed to have been muffled.
Suddenly Tjorbörn spoke through coughs of choked up blood.
"Are you waiting for the grass to grow Allister? Be a man, and finish me off. I have trained you better than this. You should know never to-"
Allister cut him off "Never to hesitate in killing a downed opponent. I know." Allister said calmly. Allister tried to picture him beheading the man below him, and almost threw up at the thought. He bit his lip in irritation. He bit his so hard, that blood began to trickle down his lip.
Tjorbörn started to laugh. Though is laugh was hoarse and week, his held every bit of manipulation it in tone such that it was condescending.
"Your weak. That is all you are. HA! And to think I thought you were ready for this. This is my mistake though. I should have seen your weakness when I first picked you to be my assistant. You are an bastard. I thought killing your parents would give you motivation, make you into a heartless killer! But apparently I was wrong." Tjorbörn ended the statement in a cold dead piercing tone.
Allister practically almost dropped the axe upon learning this shocking information. He- he must be lying! Allister thought. Suddenly the images of his parents face popped up in his head. He had not seen them in 11 years since they mysteriously died, but he always thought of their faces, the last images of them. As he thought of the information that Tjorbörn had given him, the images shattered.
No this cant be!
Tjorbörn, upon viewing Allister's expression of shock and dis-pair, only laughed harder.
" That's right boy. I slaughtered your loving parents. Oh how joyous it was to listen to their screams and pleas for death, as I killed them slowly. The way they begged me to stay away from their son. They way they wet themselves, as I made sure they suffered, knowing you were about to become my ultimate weapon! Yes, the memory is one I adore...." Tjorbörn said, before laughing maniacally.
Allister stood there, stock still, as a statue. His expression was frozen with disgust. Tears started to flow from his eyes as he thought of what Tjorbörn was saying.
Tjorbörn continued "Yes, their son cannot even be strong enough to avenge them, even now when revealed their murderer. They would be dis-appointed in you Allister. I sure am."
Allister suddenly took everything full force, as things finally set in. His blood boiled. His eyes almost turned red. Allister started to grind his teeth. He felt anger course throughout his body. Suddenly he felt nothing but hate. Hate for the man below him who had taken everything from him.
"And yet here you stand. Weak and oblivious still, Allister. Fine then. If you aren't going to kill me, allow me to get back to business. I have a war I need to take care of." Tjorbörn started to raise himself weakly off the ground.
Suddenly Tjorbörn fell back down, as Allister's axe impaled Tjorbörn right in the abdomen.
Tjorbörn screamed in pain and blood instantly started gushing out of him covering the floor forming a pool around him.
Allister peered deep into Tjorbörn eyes. Veins were practically popping out of both of the men's heads.
"YOU-!!! You.. took... EVERYTHING.... from ME!" Allister screamed at the man.
Tjorbörn's eyes suddenly looked fearful, previous confidence forgotten.
"...Do-.. don't do it... Allister... Please..." Tjorbörn managed to whisper out.
Allister twisted the axe inside of Tjorbörn, and added more pressured. Blood spurted out, spraying allister all over. Mirva watched, transfixed in horror, and Allister was sprayed with red liquid. Mirva ran outside, as she could not watch anymore.
Allister didn't seem to notice the blood on him, nor the incredibly loud and intense screams of pain from the dissected man beneath him. Allister formed a grin. He pulled the axe out with a gut wrenching (no pun intended) sound. He then proceeded to bring the axe down, again and again repeatedly on the man. He started with both of his hands. Then he made his way down to the legs. Finally Allister relieved the man of his scrotum. The Screams were horrifying! Mirva almost cried, as she heard the man inside get tortured. Finally the screams seemed to turn into a low whimper, as the man was dying. Under normal circumstances Allister would have been surprised the man was still alive. But Allister didn't care. All he cared about was ending the life of the man who took his life away long ago.
Allister was covered in blood, soaking wet in it. He smiled, as he got within inches away from Tjorbörn mutilated face.
"Thanks for the lesson, master." he said bluntly. Suddenly the axe came down, and buried itself deep in Tjorbörn's skull. Instantly Tjorbörn's body jumped like a live wire as his nerves kicked off right before his death. Finally he lay still, fingers twitching a few more times.
Allister spit on the his body, then turned and left the cabin.
Mirva screamed when she saw Allister. He was beaten bruised, and covered with blood on every inch of his body.
She stared at him in complete horror.
"We have a city to save" He said plainly. This voice was different though. This was the voice of... of something else. All traces of humanity had seemed to vanish from his face. He was no longer the eager boy always eager to learn. No, he knew everything about being a killer now. The last thread holding him back from being the warrior he had always dreamed of becoming, was finally shred.
Mirva nodded, shakily. "Let us go then." With that, the two rode back to the city.


As they arrived to the scene, both of them were appalled. The scene was utter chaos. There were no longer man outside the walls, they had all managed their way in. The enemy hoard was outstanding. There had to be over 1500 men attacking. Normally this wouldn't be a problem for the city of Elkvale, as their city stood strong with around 5000 soldiers in it's stronghold. But this was different. The city had been taken completely by surprise. There simply wasn't enough time to prepare for the attack, and right off the back most city guards, and suddenly active duty soldiers were already killed. Bodies were strewn across the streets, from both sides, though the majority were sided with the empire. The rebels clearly had the upper hand. Allister stared in horror as the scene before him continued to unfold. There were so many bodies covering the earth, that you could scarcely see the ground anymore. Men, woman.... Children... heart sank as he viewed the battle scene. So much death.... And to think all of this had been caused by Tjorbörn.

People that Allister had known his whole life, lie dead in the street. Arrows flew chaotically around the city. There seemed to no longer be any sense of tactic in the assault, it was now just an all out brawl of death. The empire by now, had formed a decent sized force, however at this point is was still less than that of the rebels. There were still about 800 rebels, compared to the empires feeble 500.

Please read the ending in the links below.

Thanks for reading guys!
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Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:00 
Reasons for voting decision: Too much to read. Have fun, but it's not a debate.
Vote Placed by InVinoVeritas 6 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Agreed with after the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Who had better conduct:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:Vote Checkmark--1 point
Made more convincing arguments:--Vote Checkmark3 points
Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:10 
Reasons for voting decision: Buddamoose had slightly better spelling/grammar. Otherwise, I don't see how I could fairly judge the writing presented here.
Vote Placed by drafterman 6 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Agreed with after the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Who had better conduct:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:Vote Checkmark--1 point
Made more convincing arguments:--Vote Checkmark3 points
Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:10 
Reasons for voting decision: This was, indeed, a close one, story-telling wise. I waited this long because I wanted to devote some time reading this in depth. In the end, I think Budda had better mechanics and formatting, and I'm not sure the outside material introduced by TUF via additional debates is in the spirit of this tournament.
Vote Placed by imabench 6 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Agreed with after the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Who had better conduct:Vote Checkmark--1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Made more convincing arguments:-Vote Checkmark-3 points
Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:13 
Reasons for voting decision: This was a close one to call but the ending given by TUF sealed the deal. It may be the advantage since he got to make the ending himself, but I have to give him arguments for a great ending. On the other hand I saw that at the end of each round buddamoose asked questions and gave character lists which helped keep me up to speed, so i gave him conduct. Great story! :D
Vote Placed by 16kadams 6 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Agreed with after the debate:-Vote Checkmark-0 points
Who had better conduct:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Made more convincing arguments:--Vote Checkmark3 points
Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:00 
Reasons for voting decision: I dont see how any side can win this