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Fast Food and Animals

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Started: 2/4/2016 Category: Science
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We put animals though extreme torture just so we can make fast food which is hurting out bodies as well. The animals used for fast food, (cows chickens pigs other farm animals) are put though hell (literally). Try to imagine yourself being put into a small cage where you have no room to do anything, not even take one step, and then have your head put through something where your neck begins to ache because you cant escape, and then a man comes and picks up your scat from the cage, mixes it with grains and force feeds it to you. Then that meal makes you sick and so they give you a bunch of antibiotics and hormones and continue feeding you your own droppings and finally once your as sick is ever you get slaughtered. This is what these animals go though and they don't deserve this any more than we do. I am not saying we quit eating meat. I am saying that 1) if our meat is treated this way we are also being poisoned by all the antibiotics and hormones that they were fed. 2) they don't deserve the cruelty that they go through, and the meat that we eat should be free range grass fed and cruelty free! I have never eaten at fast food place and i hope that you can support me too! :)


You haven't really been clear about what exactly you are debating so I will take my best guess.
I assume we are debating about whether the mistreatment of animals and generally the methods used in fast food production are unjustified,immoral and generally wrong.

I will start by admitting my personal thoughts about this matter. I almost whole heartedly agree the the mistreatment of animals is wrong,and that fast food industries are known for less than savory methods and practices. However,to continue this debate,I would like to explain that the people doing this aren't cold blooded sociopaths,they are just businessmen,and good ones at that.

Let me elaborate; The fast food business is incredibly large and popular,serving millions all over the world, for two basic reasons. Affordability and taste. Both of these things they achieve through the mistreatment of animals you just described.

*Affordability is achieved through cutting costs,while at the same time keeping a good image to the general public. These costs are cut from one of their biggest expenses,meat processing.Large numbers of animals are kept in small spaces and restrained to cut staff and space costs. Feed costs are cut by "picking up their scat from the cage, mixing it with grain and force feedings it to them" (I had never heard of that one,I will take your word for it that it's true...seems impractical..)

*Taste,besides the fatty oils and excess of salt,is achieved by feeding animals different hormones to get them to grow faster and bigger,so that you or anyone else can buy a large,tasty burger for 1.99.

So whatever our thoughts about this matter may be,fast food and all it represents is so ingrained in human society that trying other humane methods of raising animals (to be slaughtered) seem simply impractical for any real money making businesses.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this and maybe suggest a realistic compromise that will satisfy both worlds.
Debate Round No. 1


Yes , these people are business men and trying to make money. I believe that these small spaces are not for costs, but they are to make the cow not be able to move causing him to get fat. This treatment to the animals is COMPLETELY unfair to the poor animals because they have the exact feelings the we humans do. This is cruelty to their lives that they were living before. Now they are being tortured just to satisfy our fast food cravings. However this food is not good for us. The toxins from how they were treated is now going into our bodies when we eat it including hormones. Hormones are very bad for us because they can mess up our hormones as well as cause obesity. A big juicy burger for 1.99 is not a burger. These burgers are filled with antibiotics, bacteria, and even cardboard fillers. Mcdonalds and other places might be having great business but they aren't doing anyone a favor. The animals nor the people. Here is a link about the abuse that chickens do not deserve. Please read it all its HORRIBLE. You would not want to go through that would you?


Again,I repeat that the cruelty exists and is unacceptable,and in actuality some fast food restaurants are allegedly trying to change. Most multinational fast food corporations however won't bother trying to change something that isn't in their economic interest.

The US food and health administration is adamant that growth hormones fed to cows and other livestock are in minute amounts and are not harmful to human health. The FDA also stands by the fact that the meat is safe for consumption. I leave the legitimacy of their statements to your judgement. ( ) Side effects have been attributed to them,however proof is as of yet mostly circumstantial.

These animals,regretfully,were bred only to be slaughtered and made into food. It's a heavy thought,isn't it? It's the heavy truth of the matter though. Not too many people care about how those animals will be treated. Also,these are methods that have been working since fast food was conceived,and unless the public outcry is more expensive than the changes in methods,not much is going to change.

The burgers may not be of the best quality,but when most people think cheap and tasty,they think fast food,and ignorant as it may be, its true at it's core. The same people that drink and smoke couldn't care less if their burger wasn't the healthiest meat available.

Again,I understand the cruelty exists,you've said so extensively twice,so I ask, is there a way to realistically fix this issue in a way that can be accepted by these companies,or will you and everyone end up uselessly whining and protesting at their keyboards?

I meant no offence obviously as this is simply a debate but you understand my meaning don't you?
Debate Round No. 2


Just because the truth is truth that does not mean it has to be the truth. We can change the truth and stop abusing our animals. I have many many many friends that I know who have all boycotted against fast food places knowing how bad it is and some have even become vegetarians. No living thing deserves to be treated this way even if it is for money or economic development. All living things deserve equal because they feel pain and suffering just like we do and no body deserves to go through such torture. My mom said her first McDonald's burger in the 1960s was great Without hormones or antibiotics or cardboard fillers or preservatives. And these fast food places don't have to abuse the animals like this. Like would you want to be thrown in boiling water alive? Or be put into a plastic bag to suffocate alive? I am not whining about it, it's just in issue I feel strongly about because I can't stand to know that millions of innocent lives of animals are being sacrificed just for fast food. Here are some more links sir.


Littleg forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


I am glad you agree with me on this one because this is an issue i care alot about and your one of the first people who have disagreed with me. Even one of my soccer team mates said "Ew Mcdonalds is gross" yesterday. I hope you can spread my word about this issue too. :)


Littleg forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Eagle2016 2 years ago
This is so true that is why I am a vegetarian.
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