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Fat Acceptance: Good or Bad?

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Started: 3/18/2015 Category: People
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There is a new movement going around titled the "Fat Acceptance Movement". Their goal is for every overweight/obese person to be treated the same as a healthy person. Why should people be against this? What does this mean for you?

1. Healthcare costs rise as people care less about their body.
"Obesity-related medical treatment costs between $147 and $210 billion a year" ( . Taxpayers are facing increasing costs from this, it is estimated that by 2030, that price will rise to $390-580 billion. "In 2010, ...[it was] reported that nearly 20 percent of the increase in U.S. health care spending (from 1987-2007) was caused by obesity" (
2. In the workplace: "Full-time workers in the U.S. who are overweight or obese and have other chronic health conditions miss an estimated 450 million additional days of work each year compared with healthy workers-- resulting in an estimated cost of more than $153 billion in lost productivity annually". Business owners are now paying more because obese/overweight workers are taking additional "sick days' because of conditions caused by being overweight/obese. "Medical expenses for obese employees are 42 percent [higher] than for a person with a healthy weight, according to the CDC". Again, medical expenses have continued to rise. If a workplace is required to pay for their employee's healthcare, they will be spending way more money than needed. In the longer term, businesses can suffer from this spending loss.
3. Social Acceptance: Years ago, smoking was accepted, you were cooler, your sex appeal was higher if you smoked. Ads even said Doctors recommend smoking ( It was then found that smoking is actually quite bad for you! Children are heavily influenced by what adults do, you may recall candy cigarettes. Companies made these sugar sticks that looked a lot like cigarettes, the box looked the same. It all came down to training them to buy them when they are older. If we accept obesity into our society and say "It's just fine for you to be so heavy that it's bad for you!", kids will go ahead and do it! In 2015 it is easy to find an overweight child, some parents don't care what their child eat, but many do, they want the child to be healthy because it ins't exactly "pretty" to be fat. But when it's acceptable, parents will stop caring. Obesity life expectancy is already 7-10 years shorter than a healthy person, now if even more people become obese, who's to say it won't shrink even more?

Obesity can be prevented, many states now have required gym courses to help kids stay in shape. The U.S Government has stated that "healthier diets could prevent at least $71 billion per year in medical costs". The U.S is already in lot's of debt, why make it worse? Fat acceptance is something that should be stopped before it spreads.


I do realize that obesity is causing America issues, however I think everyone in this world should accepted. Thin and fat.
Debate Round No. 1


"I do realize that obesity is causing America issues, however I think everyone in this world should accepted. Thin and fat."

I am going to bring up smoking again. It was incredibly accepted throughout the 1900's. We have moved far away from it now, but it still happens. When people see a smoker, they often say "Stop and put the cigarette down". But why can't we say the same to "fat" people? If they have no self control over that, then why shouldn't we in a way "encourage' them to stop? Accepting for people to live an unhealthy lifestyle is not okay, that is allowing them to take years off of their life.


It's their life, they should be allowed to do what they want. If they don't want to stop then we will just have to accept that nothing will change.
Debate Round No. 2


"It's their life"
While that is true, they are damaging more than just themselves, tax payers HAVE TO PAY MORE because of people not taking care of their body. Using the "it's their body" idea is a bad argument. If we go by that logic, then why can't I shoot up some herion, or snort some meth?

There is so much evidence that being fat is bad, and as my opponent has not provided any facts to say why it's a good thing, there is literally no reason being fat should be socially acceptable.

We can publicly shame smokers, but it's wrong to shame fat people? Both are bad on the human body and fat acceptance should not be a thing. This is my final argument, I would hope my opponent will provide actual facts backing the pro side of fat acceptance.


Okay first of all you can shoot up some herion, or snort some meth. That's your choice, we don't care if you do that or not. Not our business...just like fat people aren't our business! I know for a fact that we need to accept everyone. Everyone should be comfortable in their own skin. That's what their trying to promote.

I've Only Got 1 Thing To Say To Folks Who Don't Understand Fat Acceptance

"Sometimes a shallow and facile understanding of a complex movement is just fine. And sometimes you need to spend some more time on Wikipedia reading up."

Say if you were fat, wouldn't you want people to accept you?


Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by mostlogical 2 years ago
Fat acceptance is a feminist movement, feminists have a low goal, therefore fat acceptance is bad
Posted by kingkd 3 years ago
Being fat has to do with genetics sometimes.
Posted by ErikC 3 years ago
I think I know which ones the fat one.
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