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Favorite Hip Hop/RMB Artist

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Started: 2/19/2014 Category: Entertainment
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Simple enough who is your favorite Hip/Hop or RMB artist and why

Adversary shall type "no round as agreed upon in the last round"

Failure to type this will result in a automatic loss for him/her

My adversary shall start his/her arguments next round. Best of luck


No round as agreed upon in the last round.

Hey there, I've been looking at some of your other debates, and you seem like a really cool person, so this should be fun! My personal favorite is Chance the Rapper. I'm assuming that explanations as to why are to occur in round two?
Debate Round No. 1


yeah you could have given a reason last round. I mentioned you could start the following round :)

Well I am going with the Weeknd.

This guy has kind of blown up this past year but with great reason. He has put out some hits that are just amazing. One of which is "The wicked games". After the release of this song people starting paying attention to him

"He first caught people’s attention with a song called “Wicked Games,” above, posted to his Tumblr and shared on Drake’s Octobers Very Own blog. The song turned out not to be a Chris Isaak cover, but rather a pained and aggressiveness grind that finds him looking for “what he needs” in a strip club. His voice was otherworldly, and the song earned him endearment from fans of R&B’s other rouge figures, like Frank Ocean, the XX, How to Dress Well and Miguel."[1]

He has some other noticeable ones as well such as "pretty"

His voice is dynamic and the music video to this is amazing. You will see the link above for this video.


The video was mind blowing. It had a back story to it that matched and went along with his voice. It left me breathless

All of his songs have a gloomy feel to them, with a very chill beat. Most of it portrays him trying to find loves in place he won't find it such as girls and drugs. He puts himself on a quest to be happy in alot of them, and goes everywhere to find it.

He also refused to sign a deal with young money. He wanted to remain independent. Drake endorses him and he fought his way up, but he turned a deal down from them to be a part of the group.

" HSK Exclusive - He may be known as The Weeknd, but Drake’s fellow Toronto-based artist is proving to not be a weak man. Know why? Because even though the Canadian R&B recording artist – whose real name is Abel Tesfaye – is endorsed by Drake, sources say he recently turned down a recording deal offered up by Drake and YMCMB Records. "[2]


This guy has some great songs that are chill, relaxing, and just vocally amazing. He came out of no where and refuses to sell out. That deserves respect.


If post formatting was one of the things people could vote on, you'd get that point every time xP.

Anyways, I chose Chance because he's quite honestly a poetic genius. His voice is a bit jarring for some people, but I think that the amount of emotion he's able to convey is astounding.

Chance first skyrocketed to acclaim after he recieved a ten day suspension in his senior year of highschool, releasing a mixed tape aptly titled "10 Day." as with his new mixed tape, it's completely free, and can be downloaded here:

The first song, 14,400 minutes is both musically interesting, something uncommon in Hip Hop as a genre, catchy, and extremely well written. He's irreverent, but intelligently so, pointing out the irony of a system that perpetuates the very issues that it's plagued with.

However, it is his new mixed tape, Acid Rap, where the twenty year old's talent really shines. It can be downloaded here:

One of the first songs, "Pusha Man," starts out energetic, but soon transitions over a twenty second pause to a hidden song, "Paranoia." This song opens with a hook that's nothing if not resigned, as if there's nothing one can do about the issue being adressed.

"I've been riding around with my blunt on my lips

With the sun in my eyes and my gun on my hip
Paranoia on my mind, got my mind on the fritz
But a lot of niggas dyin', so my 9 with the shits"

The song itself is about Chicago and how everyone claims to care about how dangerous and crime ridden it is, but nobody ever does anything about it. It also features some of his best lyric writing, with one of my favorite lines:

"Move to the neighborhood, I bet they don't stay for good, watch
Somebody'll steal daddy's rollie, and call it the neighborhood watch
Pray for a safer hood when my paper good, watch
Captain save the hood, hood savior, baby boy, still get ID'd for swishers
Mama still wash my clothes, still with Save Money militia
I'm a still watch my bros
Trapped in the middle of the map, with a little bitty rock
And a little bit of rap
That with a literary knack and a little shitty Mac
And like literally jack"

Moving on, my personal favorite song, "Cocoa Butter Kisses," is laden with genuine emotion and nostalgia. It details how Chance has become something that his mother hates, but that he misses the uncomplicated love that they used to share.

"Cigarettes on cigarettes, my mama think I stank
I got burn holes in my hoodies, all my homies think it's dank
I miss my cocoa butter kisses, I miss my cocoa butter kisses"

This song is so excellent that my mother, who generally hates Hip Hop as a genre, fell in love with it and the rest of his music. I recognize he might not be for those who are more into mainstream music, but I can't get enough.

Debate Round No. 2


Since my Adversary has no round next round. I will keep this pretty short. This is about who is the best artist all around.

Lets just do a brief comparison

(a)Both have good rap skills

(b)Both have came from nothing

(c)Both are independent.

They have some similarities as well. The issue is when you compare lyrics and vocals. I think the weekend has a drastic edge in this. I am going to post a comparison video above. This is

Wicked Games


Coca Butter Kisses

I challenge you to listen to both videos and judge the lyrics on both songs and then the vocals. It will become apparent the weeknd shines in comparison.

Some other Lyrics

This part of his song the morning

" [Verse 2]
Push it to the limit
Push it through the pain
I push it for the pleasure like a virgin to the game
A virgin to that money
A virgin to the fame
So this my only chance
And when I'm over only pray that I flow from the bottom
Closer to the top
The higher that I climb
The harder I'mma drop
These pussie azz niggahs tryna hold on to their credit
So I tell them use a debit
Watch they image start to lessen
I warn them like discretion
Why these niggas testing?
Always fuckin twisted
Why these niggahs testing?
Sht that I got them on straight bar hopping
To the music of the ambiance
Get sht popping
Zombies of the night
Niggas ain't talking if they hyping to the crew get it in like pockets
Downtown loving
When the moon coming
Only place to find baseheads and hot women" [1]


I think when you compare both of these artist, both are talented in their own right. The thing is the weeknd is a better vocal artist with better lyrics. That is what this is all about.




One could argue that Weekend has a better singing voice. However, I think that the lyrics and background music fall well short. Weekend comes across as, in all honesty, good but somewhat standard. I don't mean to say that he seems ingenuine, but he doesn't incorporate musical elements that wow me simply because of their originality, like most of Chance's songs.

That said, I'm going to focus mainly on lyrics. The song that you posted has lyrics that, while meaningful, are not rife with interesting wordplay, and are generally meant to be taken completely at face value. I'll use Cocoa Butter Kisses out of convenience, and show you exactly what I'm talking about. Note, I'm not writing the explanations myself, but am instead using the ever so useful "rap genius" site. The simply click on a verse, and it provides context and explains word play. Here's the link:

[Verse 1: Chance The Rapper]
Okie dokie, alky, keep it lowkey like Thor lil bro

Low key is slang for keeping something quiet and not bringing attention to it while its homophone, Loki, refers to the brother of Thor — the hammer-wielding Norse god turned Marvel superhero.

Also, Hoodie Allen calls Chance’s manager (Pat The Manager) Thor in “Long Night” because of his long, golden, luscious locks.

Note: “Okie dokie” is a goofy way of saying OK or alright and“alky” is short for alcoholic

Or he'll go blow the loudy, saudy of sour Saudi

He’s smoking “loud” (high quality weed) — Sour Diesel to be exact. Saudi is also known for it’s oil, which can be based off of diesel, and is also sour.
Chance is smoking here, but he also does wax.

Wiley up off peyote, wilding like that coyote

Alex Wiley is another Chicago-based rapper whom Chance has worked with in the past, notably on his 10 Day track “Windows”. According to this line, at the time Mr. Wiley was tripping on peyote, a pretty intense hallucinogenic cactus. This is also a deceivingly clever play on words as Wile E. Coyote is a popular cartoon character.

In addition to shouting out his cohort Alex Wiley, “wil'ing: is slang (like "wildin' out”) meaning freaking out/trippin'.

Fun Fact: Funny enough, peyote is native to Mexico, a place whereChance once documented himself tripping.

If I sip any Henny, my belly just might be outtie

“Henny” is short for Hennessy, a brand of cognac alcohol. Drink too much of it — especially when under the influence of drugs — and he might just let out some things he wants in via vomiting.

This is also a play on innie/outtie bellybuttons: note the similar sound of “innie” and “Henny”.

Pull up inside a huggy, Starsky & Hutch a dougieI just opened up the pack in an hour I'll ash my lucky
Tonight she just yelling, "f*ck me," two weeks she'll be yelling f*ck me
Used to like orange cassette tapes with Timmy, Tommy, and Chuckie
And Chuck E. Cheese's pizzas, Jesus pieces, sing Jesus love me
Put Visine inside my eyes so my grandma would f*cking hug me
Oh generation above me, I know you still remember me
My afro look just like daddy's, y'all taught me how to go hunting (BLAM!)

The rest of the verse above contains even more of the same kind of thing, but unfortunately my computer has decided to stop being able to copy-paste, so I'm going to have to request that you click the link and check out the meaning of the lyrics.


As Mikal has stated, both artists are talented individuals who deserve respect. However, I think it evident that of the two, Chance brings a creativity and "literary knack" that is unmatched. His lyrics are colorful, the meaning behind them heart felt, and his voice is soulful if not technically amazing. Weekend is great, but he's far more derivative, while chance is nothing if not revolutionary.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by GodChoosesLife 3 years ago
Your on a roll with these new debates.. This looks like fun :)
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Reasons for voting decision: Mikal successfully proves that The Weeknd has more depth to his lyrics than Chance does - comparing a rap about his mom not wanting to kiss him because he smokes cigs to songs about searching for love in all the wrong places. Not really a contest. I have to say, I did like Paranoia, but the rest of Chance's stuff didn't sound like anything special. S&G (readability point) for formatting - Con's was nearly unreadable at some points, especially in his last round. Work on spacing and font size. Conduct - Pro said no arguments in the last round. Con argued in the last round. Also, Mikal should win because . . . boobs