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Favorite unknown youtuber

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Started: 2/15/2014 Category: Entertainment
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Pick a youtuber whom is not known well and explain why you like him/her.

Pretty simply, just provide any arguments as to why they are your favorite.

My adversary shall post no argument in the last round. If he posts anything in the last round other than "no round", he drops the debate and all 7 points due to an extra round. He will also start the debate off next round.

We are not going to argue about what is considered known. Just someone people have not heart of alot. Just a fun debate


I thank Mikal for creating this debate!

Basic Clarification
Pro states that we aren't going to argue what is considered "known", however, I think known should have somewhat of a definition in this debate. For example youtubers such as:, smosh, pewdiepie, and nigahiga are well known youtubers who have well over 10 million subscribers. A lesser known youtuber would have let's say under 100 000 subscribers. I'd say that would be somewhat of a benchmark on the popularity of the most known youtubers versus a lesser known youtuber.

My Favourite "lesser known" Youtuber
MrGoldenSports nicknamed GS is my favorite youtuber that would fit the category of "lesser known".[1]

Background Info
MrGoldenSports is a sports video game commentator that commonly is known for commentating video games such as Madden 25 and occasionally NBA 2K14. About 2 months ago, he revealed that his name was Nelson Marrero. MrGoldenSports is a husband, father and is of Puerto Rican descent. His channel views have been increasing over the last year, but usually takes a decline when football season is over.

Why I like him

He's hilarious and often has "clean humor"

Most well-known youtubers such as pewdiepie swear every 2 sentences in almost every video. On the other hand, MrGoldenSports almost never swears; occasionally he says a** every 20 videos to describe a crappy play in the game or a team like the jaguars. MrGoldenSports also has catchphrases when he gets an interception in football such as: DON'T TEST THE USER, HE'S SO DISRESPECTUL, SOMEBODY PLEASE.... GET THIS MAN A LINK TO MY CHANNEL SO HE KNOWNS NOT TO THROW THE BALL MY WAY. Lots of times instead of using the word "d*****bag" he'll say dirtbag to make it cleaner. I appreciate his clean humor because youtubers swearing every 20 seconds kind of gets old.

His Occasional "Dirty Humor"

Once in a while, MrGoldenSports will have an inappropriate catchprashe. For example, when a receiver or runningback gets wide open in a football video game, he'll sometimes say, "Usually you gotta pay 75$ an hour to see somebody that butt naked," referring to a prostitute or maybe even a jiggolo (a male prostittue), you never know.

His inadvertent humor

I think his inadvertent humor is the most hilarious. Many times MrGoldenSports will say something that sounds a bit homosexual. For instance, when explaining how over-powered the Quarterback sneak was in Madden 25 ( a football game) he said, "the Quarterback will literally ride the Centre's back all the way, for 5 yards." When MrGoldenSports was describing his sickness, he stated, "Ah man, I really got it in the throat". After such phrases, he'll say, "No Homo." In a recent video, he was asking subscribers for help with his new sonic-care toothbrush.

MrGoldenSports: "So I get the head and slap it right on, I don't know the proper terminology so If any of you have a smirk on your face, no homo...... So anyway I slap the head on, and I rotate it and I'm examining it , you know, I'm touching the bristles, and I charge it, just a little bit, ya know..."

"And yo, this is the most powerful toothbrush I've used in my life, so I put the toothpaste on, and put it in my mouth, and it's so damn strong (he makes grinding noises "nenenenene") and the toothpaste gets slapped off of the toothbrush. So I'm thinking to myself how am I supposed to brush my teeth if I can't get no toothpaste on."

"And it's so strong, I had to hold it with two hands, like I'm holding it with two hands, and trying to put the head in my mouth etc."

Watch the first video , it's hilarious. The hilarity starts at about 4:30

He's loyal to his subscribers

Even with MrGoldenSports is sick, he continuously posts videos as you can see in the first video. When his son wis sick, he still continued to post videos. MrGoldenSports is an extremely dedicated youtube commentator, and thanks his subscribers in every 50th or so video. When he reached 1 million cummulative views in a month, he continuously thanked his subscribers. Here is the video (2nd one):

At one point, GS didn't post a video for a month. It turned GS and his wife had financial problems; their hotel in Connecticut actually triple charged them. They were hundreds of dollars in debt. However, he still let his subscriber know what was going on, and manged to upload a video through his android phone. It got to the point where he had to sell his laptop which held all his sports commentaries to help support his family.
The third video shows this.

Therefore, MrGoldenSports is my favourtie unknown youtuber.

Debate Round No. 1


I would like to thank Legitdebater for taking this debate. I am not going to lie, it brought a smile to face when I noticed he accepted this. For those of you whom do not know, he is an excellent debater and someone I respect on this site. He recently had a debate with subtai about GMOS, and I previously had no knowledge about the subject. Both of them educated me about a topic that I recently had no knowledge about. It is both a pleasure and honor to have him as my adversary in this debate.

I am going to start this by declaring my youtuber

While my adversary went with a very, very, unknown youtuber and I am going to go with someone whom is still unknown to most but slightly more popular than my adversaries youtuber.

I am picking Peter Hollens for this debate

Reasons why I chose him

Vocally amazing

Peter Hollens is an artist whom I fell in love with about two years ago. He has an absolutely stunning voice, and you can find yourself getting taken aback from him at times. He can sing all the way from a bass to soprano.[1]. A very high majority of his songs are only acapella[2]. That is how he got his you tube channel up and going. He would sing the main part of a song, and then use his voice to give beats to the song and merge them all into one. He covers a vast amount of the songs you see on the radio along with some lesser known songs and some he wrote himself. He also despises auto tune. He receives criticism for using auto tune, but has went out of his way to show people that he never uses it. He recently did a cover of Funs song "some nights", and it was really amusing. He did the entire song all the way up until the part that is really auto tuned and had an auto tune switch on the screen that was similar to this (auto tune) [on]off. He did this to show people the difference in his vocals with and without auto tune. He compiles clips of himself singing, along with using beats from his mouth, and recording different parts of the song and compiles them together. The song from fun is the first you tube video you will see in the top right corner of this round. He also has amazing vocals. As I mentioned earlier he can hit all ranges. The next two videos you will see are the second and third videos in the top right. The second is " I wont give up", by Jason Mraz. He did this as an entry to the Perez Hilton can you sing competition. He placed extremely high and did this song amazingly. It is beautiful and powerful. Every time I hear him sing this, it sends shivers down my spine. It is one of those songs that envokes passion with amazing vocal talent. I was blown away the first time I heard it. It is amazing. The third video you will see is "Shenandoah", this song just captures his vocal capacity. Some very very difficult notes in this song and he nails it perfectly.

His is a Nerd at heart

I love some of his other song choices he does. He does a lot of songs from lord of the rings, game of thrones, and even games like skyrim. One of the coolest ones he has made was the skyrim main song. THIS WAS ONLY DONE WITH HIS VOICE. I capitalized that because it blows my mind that he sang this by himself, and used nothing but beat box vocals to do it. It is amazing. The only other sound you will hear is lindsey sterling with a violin. He mentions this prior to the video starting as well. All the drums and beats you hear are his voice only. This is the fourth video you will see on the list above.

He loves his fans

This is a primary thing I look for in a you tuber that I follow and love. He loves his fan base. He is always doing charity work and wanting to go out and sing for them in person. He does requests on you tube as well. He recently did " I see fire " from the hobbit. His you tube base loved it so much they begged him to do into the west. Another song from the hobbit. This song is vocally challenging and very difficult to sing. Everyone wanted to see him do it, and he got requests and was happy to obliged his fan base. He also nailed the song. This is also another favorite of mine. It is very moving and powerful. It sends you into the scene he portrays and reminds you of a fantasy world. If you close your eyes when you listen to it, it is so relaxing. This is the fifth video on the list. THIS ONE IS A MUST SEE.

He promotes other you tubers

Even after his fan base grew, he has taken some less known you tubers and allowed them to help in his videos. He has did this countless times and is very kind to all of them as well. He likes to help people. One of the best songs he has did with another member was "Wide Awake", by katy perry. At least to me this one stuck out. It was calming and to me better than the original. This is the sixth video you will see

He loves his family

He also does videos with his wife and family. They are also all talented. He recently did the cup song with them, and has did songs like wicked with his wife. An example of this is the 7th video you will see. He is very into his fan base and his actual family. He calls all his subscribers his family and goes out of the way to help them


Peter Hollens is a great guy with an amazing voice. He has put thousands of hours of his own time into his fan base and you tube base. He has taken requests, did songs for people, went to visit his fans when they are sick. He is a family oriented guy with a very clean channel. He maintains dignity, etiquette, and poise while running his channel. He focuses entirely on acapella and wants to bring it back. He was in a acapella group in high school and loved what it did for him. He wanted to bring that joy to a fan base. He does everything from games to modern covers, and is a vocal mastermind. He is calming when you listen to him and should get a lot more fame that he has. He has devoted so much to his you tube channel and fan base. That kind of person deserves to be discovered. If you could pick one person whom you wanted to see become famous because of their personality, this could would fit that profile. He has such a kind heart and is so talented.

That is why he is my favorite you tuber.




My Refutations

"While my adversary went with a very, very, unknown youtuber and I am going to go with someone whom is still unknown to most but slightly more popular than my adversaries youtuber."

Sports video games commentators aren't usually that well known. I checked Peter Hollen's channel, and he has double the cummulative views MrGoldenSports has.

"He promotes other you tubers"

MrGoldenSports is very similar; he promotes other similar channels just like Peter Hollen. In fact, the main reason why sports commentating is growing is because of MrGoldenSports. Ever since MrGoldenSports promoted another commentator, cookieboy17, his channel has been growing as well.

"He loves his family"

MrGoldenSports does a "dual commentary" with his son sometimes. He seems to be a loving father, and has fun commentating with his son. In the second video, start it at 6 minutes because that's when his son comes on. In fact, when he got his son to say "biblical" he actually said "bikable" thus the inspiration for the title. Also, MrGoldenSports also refers to his subscribers as family, I guess our favourite youtubers have a lot in common.

Funny Moments:
MrGoldenSports expressing his rage at Mike Wallace after he released him off his Football Fantasy team. (After he released him, Mike Wallace had a great game with 100 + receiving yards which gives you points of his fantasy team.


Watch the video from 2:00 to see him rage.
(second one)

In Madden 25, there was this fumble glitch in the nex-gen consoles (Xbox 1) where Stephen Ridley would fumble the ball when he got near the endzone. After he substituted another runningback (LeGarett Blount), he said this: "You see Ridley, hear me up, maybe you haven't tried this before, I don't know where you went to college or high school but hear me out, you see Blount ran into the endzone, but here's the best part: WITH THE FOOTBALL!" Start the third one at about 10:50

Impressive Moments:

In a Madden 25 online ranked match, MrGoldenSports scored 82 points in a football game. This is unheard of! This is especially remarkable since he is in the Top 100, which means he's one of the best madden players in the world. Therefore, his opponent was pretty good too since opponents are matched up by skill points. You can see this in the fourth video

In a lot of ways, our two favourite youtubers are alot alike in the way that they're loyal to their family and their subscribers. However, I think MrGoldenSports fits the definition of "unknown better." MrGoldenSports went through a lot of hardships through his commentating career. He actually gave up his job as a manager to provide his subscribers with as much content as they want. He uploads 2-3 videos per day which is probably the most of all youtubers, including Peter Hollen. Many people told MrGoldenSports to quit and give up, but now he's the number 1 madden commentator. Even through all his hardships, he still provides his subscribers with phenomenal "astronomically biblical" videos daily. For all these reasons, MrGoldenSports is my favourtie youtuber.

Debate Round No. 2


The first thing I want to do is clarify what I actually need to do to win. We are debating about our favorite youtuber. Both Legit and myself are giving reasons as to why we like these youtubers. How they act towards their fan base, their talent, and their video quality all play a roll in what makes them better. Sadly this is a comparative debate, so there is no way to get around that.

Rebuttals and Reforming Contentions


" Sports video games commentators aren't usually that well known. I checked Peter Hollen's channel, and he has double the cumulative views MrGoldenSports has. "

I do not want to make this a semantics debate about the definition of unknown as I stated at the start. Views are irrelevant in most cases unless you want to argue more views = better quality. This is a debate about preference. While we could play semantics with what unknown is if you were to ask 100 people have they heard of Peter Hollens, most of the time you are going to get 100 people whom say no. Maybe once in a while you will get one yes. He definitely fits the criteria for unknown

The reason he has more cumulative views is that his channel has been around for a while, and he has picked up a more subs over the past few years. Granted even with having more views and subs, he is very unknown in general.

Promoting other youtubers

While I respect my adversaries youtuber for promoting other you tubers we again sadly have to compare them. The degree of how they help, and the reasons why they help. My adversary says this

" Ever since MrGoldenSports promoted another commentator, cookieboy17, his channel has been growing as well. "

This literally makes it seems like he is targeting views. Hollens take people whom are just starting out and allows them to sing in his videos and participate in videos to help their channel grow. He is not doing it to gain views on his videos, but to help other people grow their channel.

Here is a list of artist whom he has worked with and helped out [1].


This is really hard to compare and again comes down to perspective. Both of these guys seem like they are upstanding individuals. They both love their fan base, think of them as family, and love their own family unconditionally. I will say that Hollens is always doing things with his wife and is trying to help her grow own youtube channel as well. He has recently did a world of war craft song with her, he also went as far as to do one of her favorite songs "Georgia on my mind" because she really wanted to sing it with him on his channel. Both of these videos are the ones you will see at the top right. They are the first two

Funny Moments + Impressive moments

That is the one upside to being a commentator you have hours to make up stuff and roll with it. A lot of it is off the top of your head and you will make some lol moments a good bit of the time. Peter Hollens has less of these due to the fact he is making an actual music video and all the mistakes are cut out. He does have bloopers that come up from time to time that are really entertaining as well. He also has some very impressive moments.

While my adversaries choice is a gaming master and he is good at what he does. Hollens has mastered his vocals. From time to time you will hear a song that blows your mind. One that comes to mind is "I see fire", by Edd Sheeran. This is from the hobbit, and after this he received thousands of requests to do "into the west" which is in the round above. This is the third video you will see.

Loyal to fan-base and family

As I mentioned before Hollens goes out of his way to help his fans. As legit mentioned MrGoldenSports has went out of his way to take care of his family, but this is something Hollens shares with him. He devotes countless hours of his own time to earn money for his family. He is chasing a dream while taking care of a wife and kids, and sometimes can work up to 20 hours a day doing and filming these videos. He travels all over the place to get background shots and footage for them, so that his fan base will enjoy it. Since we can acknowledge they both love their family the next question is how they treat their fan base

Hollens uploads less videos than Goldensports but this is because of the amount of effort it takes to make one. This is literally a music video and can take anywhere from a month to two months to edit. His fan base loves it though. It gives suspense and leaves us waiting for the next one. It also is a way not to get bored with his channel. The suspense is a great thing.

Then we have to compare how they treat there fan base directly. As I mentioned legit provided examples of Sports taking care of his family and uploading a lot of videos which is great. I just think Hollens has a slight edge in this. He has invested his own money to go and visit fans whom are very sick in hospitals and that really wanted to meet him. Even though his fan base is small , they still love him. Hollens goes out of his way to give back to his fans, because they help him as well. They are his life source so he is very happy to go visit and see fans that are in bad situations to give back to his fan base.


Both of our guys are great guys, are very family oriented, and share a lot in common. As I mentioned prior to this , this is not a semantic debate about the definition of unknown but whom is more talented . Just because Goldensports has less views than Hollens does not earn him a win automatically. They are both unknown and fit the definition of it. So at this point we are debating about whom is better. This is a comparative debate about talent and being entertaining. Different factors such as how they treat their fan base plays a part in this well.

Lets Review

Things our guys share in common

Golden Sports

(x) Loyal to fan base
(x) Loyal to family
(x) Funny
(x) Talented in his area (gaming)
(y) Sold his equipment to take care of family
(y) Does videos with his kids
(y) Does videos with another youtuber ( Possibly for views depending on how that was meant to be worded)
(y) Uploads lots of videos
(y) Rated top in Madden


(x) Loyal to fan base
(x) Loyal to family
(x) Funny
(x) Talented in his area (Singing)
(y) Takes money out of his own pocket to visit fans whom are sick and that want to meet him
(y) Does videos with his wife and kids
(y) Does videos with other yotubers to help their channel grow and foster
(y) Can invest countless hours of his own time, up to 20 a day filming to take care of his family
(y) Uploads videos once a month due to them taking so long to film. Leaves fan base loving it and looking forward to the next one
(y) Takes requests from fans and does them ( Such as into the West)
(y) Vocal Master, perfected over his entire life

While I think both guys are great guys and fit the profile for unknown. I think Hollens has a slight edge over Goldensports. He goes out of his way to visit fans who want to meet him, helps other youtubers just to help their channel grow, and also has perfected his vocal skills over his entire life. In sheer talent I think he has a slight edge as well. He has spent his entire life perfecting his voice and it shows in his videos. He love his family, his fans, and his youtube base. He also goes out of the way to make sure they all stay happy, even if it is as his own expense.


Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Legitdebater 3 years ago
Lol, try playing Peter Hollen's songs all at the same time. It actually sounds pretty good.
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Reasons for voting decision: I can safely say I have never heard of either of these youtube people coming into this debate. The only time I ever do go on Youtube is becuase im looking for a title to a song stuck in my head, or because i wanna watch a videogame walkthrough. Since both sides in this debate featured youtuber's who did one of those two things, i thought this one would be hard to judge. However, con's pick featured gameplay videos of sports games such as madden and nba2k, which lost my interest almost immediately. I had to skip through the video several times just to see if it ever got interesting, and it never did. Pro's choice on the other hand was far more entertaining, and while im not head over heels in love with the videos pro's pick made, i still found them extremely more interesting to watch and listen to then con's choice, so I give arguments to the pro hands down.
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro's unknown YouTuber seemed a bit more interesting so he gets the convincing arguments.. both used sources so it'll stay at a tie..