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Favourite/Best Villain

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Started: 4/28/2012 Category: Entertainment
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Hi! This is not actually a debate per se, it's more of pro making his argument of who his best villain is and why? (Comics, TV-Shows, Films, Video-Games, Anime etc.). It's for a school project, I'm going to make a list of favorite villains (I choose subject myself) and I'm just wondering what someone who knows a thing or two about this on this site thinks. You can also tell about more than one villain... Well it's only one round so just tell me who you think... I'm new at this site so please tell me if I'm doing anything wrong, and excuse my english, It's not my native language, hope you get the whole picture anyways. You don't have to vote, because I'm not going to debate against pro at all. Thanks :)


Well fine, but next time post this in the forum page.

My #1 villain would be the Joker from the Batman franchise.
I mean, what would be the perfect villain for a dark, brooding, shadowy and depressing superhero? That's right, a clown. Joker is the total opposite of Batman; he's insane, high profile, has a sense of humor and knows Batman inside out.
Also despite having no powers or abilities whatsoever (only a few combat trainings), he is still the worthiest foe of Batman. It's mainly because Joker has no pattern or algorythym. This is perfectly explained in the Killing Joke. Joker just does things on impulse, that's why he's so insane. He does whatever he wants and that makes him hard to catch.

Another great villain is Jigsaw.
I must be one of a kind but I actually like the saw movies for it's plot. Jigsaw is not some power-crazed guy who strives for attention and ruling the world. He's a just an old fellow who happens to have an unfortunate illness which made him think about the value of lives. He decided people aren't as grateful for their lives as they should be. Determined by that thought he decided to make everyone battle for their lives.
The great thing is that he's not a killer, sure he pushes people to the edge, but he always gives them a way out. So in a way, he actually helps us.
He also has a way of twisting events around him, making him hard to catch, not to mention his three allies.

That's two of my favorites.
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Posted by famer 6 years ago
This really should be in the forums. I would have quite a lot of stuff that I could explain, even though I don't watch a lot of movies, anime etc. But, as you have mentioned, this isn't a debate, so I can't take it.
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