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Feeding our children/family

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Started: 1/23/2017 Category: Health
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Feeding our children and family!
Is obesity the fault of the people who buys the food or the fault of the Government as argued on the Dr. Phil show episode "the fat debate"? I think it is the fault of the people who buy the food and feed their family with. We have choices in the grocery store and it is our responsibility what we cook for our family. I am guilty of feeding my family processed foods and cause their weight gain. I do not blame the government for putting these foods on the shelves of the grocery store as we have choices to what is put into our cart.


For some families, they have no choice but to buy processed foods. Unhealthy, processed foods are cheaper than their unprocessed counterparts so many low-income families are forced to eat such foods and become obese. They cannot be blamed for taking an action it they had no other choice.Of course, low-income families make up a minority of families in the western world but there is also the problem of the food itself.

The companies who make processed foods design them to be addictive so that consumers would be hooked on the food and keep buying it. They take advantage of the minds instinctive craving for sugar and fast food has actually been shown to induce a sugar addiction in both rats and humans [1]. Not only that but many of their low-fat or other "healthy" foods are complete lies and are no more healthy than the originally processed food. For example, McDonald's salads contain more fat and calories than their Big Mac but because this is very counter-intuitive many people are unaware of this and eat the more unhealthy alternative[2]. Last but not least there's the advertising that is directed towards children who are vulnerable to the influence of advertising because of their developing minds. In fact, children around 6 years old can't even tell the differences between a program and an advertising[3]!. The advertisements influence them to buy processed fast foods from a young age and indoctrinate them into eating the food as they grow up. There has also been researched that linked advertisement to childhood obesity [4] In many ways, companies and their processed foods are manipulating the general populace to purchase their foods similar to how a con man would rip off a person. It is not the fault of the manipulated but instead the fault of the manipulators.

Then comes the government who in a lot of ways is at fault for this. The general idea of what a government should do is to make society as prosperous, happy, and happy as possible and by allowing situations where low-income families are forced to eat unhealthy foods and letting corporations to create addicting food and manipulate people to eat it, the government is failing at its job. The government can be blamed for not doing is the sacred task of protecting society. In many ways, processed foods today are like cigarettes for half a century ago. Both are addictive substances that can greatly harm the health of a person but when we see countries that have many smokers, one blames the government for not trying to stop cigarette use rather than the people who actually smoke it.

Debate Round No. 1


You have very valid points. As being a single parent, I too was a low income family. Food stamps did make eating healthier harder because it did limit your choices of brands and food back in the day. So I was forced to get another job and eliminate other costs of products and services. I downgraded my brands, eliminate foods that we didn't need (chips, candy, soft drinks, ice cream and etc..), stopped my salon services and etc.. in order to give my child a healthier diet plan. The Government is all about making money as we all are. To make money we have to sell products that people will buy. The government or fast food restaurants do NOT force us to choose our foods we eat. I used to work at McDonalds and the salads calorie is based on the serving size and the ingredients in the salad. If you use the whole package of the salad dressing and eat the included cheese and croutons, then "yes" your Big Mac would be the same calorie count as the salad. It's not about the calories when it comes to eating healthy. I eat more calories then my freinds. My foods are meat without seasoning, natural made juices that I make myself, eggs, pasta and etc... No dairy and limited carbs are in my diet. Vitamin D is replaced with tuna and Vitamin D pills. I can stay up longer and walk a longer distance then my freinds who are younger and do eat less healthier. There are foods that naturally make you feel full like grapefruit, cabbage and etc... I used to smoke for years and quitting was not a hard decision for me. Actually quitting was hard but to want to quit was an easy choice due to my child. Looking at a picture of my child everyday was the motivation for me to quit smoking. Looking at my family is the motivation for me cook and eat healthier for my family. Today in the 21st century, there are more choices to eat healthier at most schools (depending on state) and fast food restaurants. There are addictive ingredients in foods but to make the addiction to change, you alone needs to want to change. Pills and Doctors may help, but you have to want to make the change. If you don't want to change, a change cannot be made. Grocery shopping is not easy for me. I prefer to buy the foods that is easier to prepare and tastes better. But knowing the physical health challenges, makes it easier for me to make the healthier choice. We do eat less healthier during the holidays and Super Bowl! Lol.
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by mmilankow 1 year ago
Making pasta with tomato sauce is a lot healthier then Mac n cheese. And making cuts in other expense or getting another job that would cover the cost of food could be considered to do for your family. It is not cheap to eat healthier but you can cut out cookies and ice cream to use it towards a healthier choice for your family. The question is, is ones family's health important enough to make changes to ones finances? My in-laws do get upset that I do not allow my child and husband to eat candies most times but my answer to them is that I love them too much to see them having any health issues. We had to sacrifice the cost in a lot of areas to pay for a healthier diet for my family.
Posted by Peepette 1 year ago
The issue is not so simplistic. There are financial considerations. If you can feed 2 kids with processed box mac & cheese for 50 cents, while it cost $4 to make it from scratch, what is your choice to make your food budget stretch? Two fresh apples for a $1, a single snack for 2 kids, then you can also get a box of snacks 6-8 servings for $2.50.
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