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Feminism is still necessary today

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Started: 10/28/2015 Category: Politics
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Because men and women are still not equal in some ways I believe that feminism is still needed today.


I will be accepting this debate on the grounds that we do not need feminism in this country anymore for it has done some good things but has evolved to the point that all it does now is degrading males and trying to get more rights for women while men get less rights.

I will now turn my debate over to pro for their side of the argument
Debate Round No. 1


As a feminist, I completely disagree. I understand that a lot of "feminists" are using this term as a weapon against men but that's not what we're about. Feminism is about equality for men and women, women are above men in some things and men are above women in other situations, feminism wants men and women to be equal on all levels. Feminism IS NOT about degrading anyone, it's about equality.


Scorchtheblaze forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Con hasn't replied so my previous arguments still stands.


I am very sorry about not replying I was not able to get to a computer during the weekend and I should be able to continue with this without any further interruptions.

You immediately address the fact that you are indeed a feminist and argue that there a lot of "feminists" that use the term as a weapon against men but that is not what you are supposedly about. However, over the years the term of a feminist has evolved to the point to describe a someone who stands against men and wants more rights than men or, as it as known as to most people, a "feminazi" which leads everyone to believe that this new and evolved form of feminism wants to take the rights of men and eradicate them. This new form actually went to the point to spark the international saying, I am not a feminist because, in which girls and women would speak out against feminism as it had progressed to the point of, as I said, taking the rights of men and eradicating them from all existence.
Debate Round No. 3


"the belief that women should be allowed the same rights, power, and opportunities as men and be treated in the same way, or the set of activities intended to achieve this state"

"The advocacy of women"s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes"

I am telling you again, what you're saying is NOT feminism. You're talking about a misandrist not a feminist. Therefore feminism is still necessary today because women and men do not have the same right, power or opportunities as men.


Alright just gonna point this out here, you did not give any sort of difference between rights, power, and opportunities that women don't have as men. You failed to point out something like the wage gap, completely bogus, which says that women are payed differently in their work field than their male counter parts. Before you attack me and say something about the wage gap and how it's true, you might wanna do some research first for the wage gap has been created because women say that they earn 77 to 78 cents compared to every dollar man earns. This is false for the wage gap is only determined due to the job choices selected by any given person as you need to consider:
1. Hours worked
2. Field in which someone works
3. Is the selected field high paying or low paying

The wage gap has been used by feminists in an attempt to making a point rather than randomly saying things in hopes that they make a point across and even though its been busted many times before, it is still being used by feminists today.

"Therefore feminism is still necessary today because women and men do not have the same right, power, and opportunities as men."

I agree, men don't have the same opportunities as men, but women do. If this debate were to be taking place in the 1800's then I could see why you would actually say this but this is the 21st century. Women are able to vote, go to College/University, and a woman can actually work outside of the house now. An example, in 2013 a little research was put into a University that had a higher percentage of female students graduate in a 6 year graduation plan. According to the research, the 6 year graduation rate was 56 percent for males and 62 percent in female and it was higher for females in both public (60% V. 55%) and private non-profit institutions (68% V. 62%). This shows that women have the same opportunities in education as men do.

Moving on to rights, women are allowed to vote, get a divorce, own a bank account, equal pay, stand for an election, work, religious office, and quite possibly the biggest of all, women can join the army. Women were not able to vote which was one of the key motives behind the start of feminism, no wage gap, no army, no divorce, voting was the number one cause of feminism and under the 19th amendment that was ratified on August 18, 1920, all women have the right to vote. Let's jump forward to when women wanted to begin joining the army, women were outraged by the fact that they were not able to join the army which led to another reason why women wanted feminism. Let me just show you the timeline of events that led to the introduction of women into the military,
1973 - The all male military draft ends and more opportunities arise for women to join the army,
1976 - Some of the first women are admitted to the service academics
1978 - Women in Navy and Marines are allowed to serve on non-combat ships
1991-1992 - 41,000 women are sent to serve in the Persian Gulf War where 2 women are captured
1991 - Congress authorizes women to fly in combat zones
1993 - Congress allows women to serve on combat ships
2000 - Captain Kathleen McGrath becomes the first woman to command a U.S. Navy war ship
2008 - 16,000 women are sent to fight in the middle eastern countries such as Afghanistan, Bosnia, Iraq and other countries such as Germany and Japan

This timeline shows and puts an end to another reason women claim that they "need feminism" and that women do not have the same rights as men. Women also have the same power as men as many women have been members of the supreme court (Sandra Day O'Conner, Elena Kagan, Sonia Sotomayor, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg just to name a few), some women are state governors, and some women are even running for president as we speak (God please not Hillary Clinton). Face it, due to the history and changing of America's times, more and more groups of people are gaining rights, feminists are just another apple in the basket that are begging for the attention even though they no longer have anything to fight for. So in conclusion, we do not need feminism in the American society for the rights and differences that have been discussed here have been proven either false or have been fixed over the years and feminists no longer have anything to fight for.

Thank you for the wonderful debate even though you never claimed what you were fighting for and with that being said, here are my final citations:
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Scorchtheblaze 1 year ago
I'm just gonna say this now, I posted that debate as it was my original debate for round 2.
Posted by WhyNotPeace 1 year ago
Honestly... Feminism is not needed in this country anymore. After the granting of Suffrage in the constitution for Women of all races in the nineteenth amendment and the Equal Pay Acts of 1963, feminism completed its needed role in our Progressive Era. There is no need for Feminism in our first world anymore. I could perhaps see the need in third world countries and such, but not here. Women are CEOs, employees, actresses and all of the like just as men are. We are truly, lawfully equal. But it doesn't seem to be enough to those who cling to the feeling of "making a change" or "delivering justice". Now things are being forced into law that is gynocentric, such things would be "assumed guilty until proven innocent" men in rape trials and as carterip put it perfectly, the consent factor for intoxicated pairs and who is blamed for "rape" if both are intoxicated beyond a certain point. We can fix these things without Feminism... perhaps Egalitarianism or Humanitarianism... but not really Feminism. Seeing as "Modern Day Feminists", or Third and Fourth Wave Feminists, or as you should call most of them, "Misandrists" are soiling the name of Feminism with their hatred and injustices against men.
Posted by carterlp 1 year ago
Historically speaking our social structure was centered around the idea that Men worked, made money, supplied the family with necessities. While Women work at home raising children. I have no quarrel with the fact that women want to break from this. However there are multiple aspects in which Women are vastly superior to men. Statistically speaking, Women get sentenced to shorter terms than men do for the same crime in the same degree. Along the topic of the court system the jury tends to find women more trustworthy.

Some feminists believe that because a women is drunk she cannot consent, but that literally is double standards because with the same level of intoxication a male would be the one charged with the rape.

In this debate I'd like to hear some ways how males are more entitled to things than women.
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