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Feminism is used against men.

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Started: 6/27/2012 Category: Society
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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First round will be an acceptance round.
I think feminism is used against men and is insane.
My opponent (obviously) will think the opposite.
After an opponent has been chosen, we both will come up with rules.
4 rounds (1 acceptance round) translates to 3 rounds.


I accapt this challenge. now that thats over with........

Bring It

but I warn you once you do you better go find your seat and get your binder and notebooks out cause your about to get SCHOOLED!

It is on like Donky Kong now let the debating begin.
Debate Round No. 1


Before I start the debate, let me just delve in what I mean. I think a better choice of words for the title of this debate is "Feminism is selfish" rather than "Feminism is used against men". Also a lot of people think that I'm "Calvin Cambridge", I have no idea who that is.

Also, I'm apparently a sexist. For giving an opinion. Sweet!

Anyway, my only rule is to list your sources. The con can feel free to add on extra rules in the next round.

Alright, so lets start with the definition of feminism. According to Wikipedia, "Feminism is a collection of movements aimed at establishing equal rights for women"( I find this ironic since feminists try to create equality between both sexes while only focusing solely on the issues of one (women).

Feminists usually believe that most inequality that exists favour men over woman. This is entirely untrue. Domestic violence against men is just as common as it is against women. ( The only reason not many people know about this statistic is because no one cares! The media constantly portrays women as the ONLY victims of abuse, while the police usually never believes the man! Any time a man retaliates in self defence against a woman who ATTACKED him first, he is usually pinned as the instigator ! In society, if you attack a woman: you're a pig! If you don't retaliate: you're a coward! (See Youtube video)

Next argument is about children/pregnancy. Men never get any say when it comes to abortions. It's almost always the woman's choice. If a woman isn't ready for a child and gets an abortion, the usual response is "It's alright, being a mother is hard!", yet if a man isn't ready for a child and the woman is, the response is usually "Well tough luck, now pay up you dead beat". Why is there never any sympathy towards a man? Why is it ONLY the woman's choice? The typical response is "Her body, her choice" even though this argument completely contradicts itself. If it is her body and her choice, shouldn't it also be her responsibility? The man usually has to pay after birth! Not only that, but the baby is a result of BOTH sexes! Finally, can't the "Her body, her choice" argument be used for the fetus being aborted?

Then of course we have child custody, child support, and welfare. This just COMPLETELY hypocritical. Here is what it boils down to:

Pregnancy - My body my choice!
Child Support - husband can pay! It's his child too!
Child Custody -'s my child! Yeah, mine!
Welfare - husband can pay for that also!

My final argument for round 2 will be circumcision. Female genital mutilation is widely considered terrible, and a horrible traumatic experience (which it is). Yet male genital mutilation? MGM (Circumcision) is still widely practised in the U.S! The absolute travesty, is that it is performed WITHOUT CONSENT. It is a clear violation of human rights, with no benefits. A lot of feminists will say "It's just a piece of skin" even though it has scientifically been proven over 20'000 nerves are removed with circumcision (

Best of luck Con.


To Begin one thing I’m definitely going to make clear, the resolution be nothing other than “Feminism is used against men”. I could successful still school my opponent arguing “Feminism is selfish” but I’m not going to make that a goal of any kind, I accepted a debate challenge knowing nothing other than the resolution was “Feminism is used against Men” and I expect and demand to keep your honor by sticking to the resolution of the challenge that YOU issued Pro.

So for anyone to vote for Pro in arguments he must prove the resolution that “Feminism is used against Men” not because of any arguments he makes that it is “selfish”.

I have no problems with your definition “a collection of movements to raise the equality between men and women” so we can press on from there

Domestic Violence:

Domestic Violence is a non-relevant issue to what feminism is or is not used against. Domestic Violence is caused by people being evil, not by human movements. Feminism does not cause it and it certainly does not promote it.


Uh, the man already had his choice when he chose to have sex with her. He doesn’t want a kid than he shouldn’t a planted his seed. That’s really case closed to that argument.

Child Support/Welfare:

This is not an issue of feminism either it is an issue of justice and responsibility, if you have a child you should support it in someway, its called “manning up and being a man” if you’re a man like me. No human activist movements change that fact.

Child Custody:

Your source with the statistics on child abuse percentages is fascinating. Although it does not help your case. Of course they are going to be higher for women there are more homes with women in them because fatherless homes are becoming a huge problem. And the factors going into this problem are not feminism but rather what I would attribute the extended age of adolescence that is showing up in young men, forcing younger women to grow up faster.


Circumcision is a religious right of Jewish family’s and has nothing to do with sexism. At the best you could start a debate over details to consent involved in this to ageism (disregard of the concerns of youth and prejudices toward youth) as we grow up adults get to make our “consenting” decisions for us for quite awhile and we do not start to truly get the legal status to grant our own consent until we are about 16 years old.

So it seems I have refuted each of my opponents arguments thus far to support the resolution “Feminism is used against Men” thus leaving him yet to prove it. If he cannot come up with a way to do so in the remaining rounds you should all vote Con!

I await my opponents response

Debate Round No. 2


salshasam forfeited this round.


Marauder forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Missed third round. Sorry.

All feminists believe the patriarchy. The patriarchy states that men are in control of everything, from child care to authority. Feminists believe that all cases of inequality have favored men over women. So then how is domestic violence irrelevant? Almost ANY PSA about domestic violence shows feminists saying how bad it is, and the amount of physical/psychological damage they go through (even though women are also at fault of this, yet it is rarely mentioned, since people usually view the man as a coward).

Now onto pregnancy. So the man automatically doesn't get a say in the matter because he had sex? Why isn't the women at fault of this all of a sudden? She has the choice whether to have sex or not. But no, you're implying it is the mans fault only.

I "Lol'd" hard at you argument for child support. It's called "manning up and being a man"? Isn't that completely contradicting the entire idea of both sexes being equal?

Also, circumcision being a religious right for Jewish people? Even though you're not considering the fact that it goes against Human Rights, and is usually performed on non-religious people? Also, the same argument can be made that Female Genital Mutilation is a religious right!

Anyways, new arguments.

Men are constantly falsely accused of rape. Usually, the man is arrested and the "victim" gets money, even without evidence. You can even search up falsely accused rape on men and find hundreds of stories. Here's one that was sentenced at age 16. and even AFTER she admitted she was lying (years later) she KEPT the money. Whenever a man tries to file for rape, he is viewed as weak or laughed at.

Women constantly complain about being sexualized in media (primarily, films and music). Women complain that the women in films are giving a false portrayal of what women should be like (usually very attractive, skinny, etc.) and call out sexism even though men in films can be considered giving a false portrayal (six pack abs, etc.).

I would post more, but time constraints aren't allowing me. If you want more, check AmazingAthiests videos on feminism


Marauder forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by salshasam 6 years ago
No votes?
Posted by staringatangels 6 years ago
@ salshasam
And I never said that you said that most rape accusations are false. My problem is with the fact that you think that false accusations of rape mean that women are complaining too much about it. Rape is a horrible crime. And women still, on the whole, do not get the proper help from authorities. I think the danger is still greater for women to be raped and/or to not receive healthy treatment and justice afterwards, than it is for men to be falsely accused. Even your Wikipedia article suggests this--and that the data citing false accusations is highly unreliable.
Posted by salshasam 6 years ago

I never said most rape accusations were false. I said that there are many false accusations of rape pressed onto men.
Posted by staringatangels 6 years ago
@ salshasam
So Marauder hasn't really made that great of rebuttals to your arguments, as your latest round clearly points out their weaknesses. However, I've lost all respect for your position with you bringing up the false accusation of rape argument. First of all, if you think that all claims of rape by women are taken seriously, you are disconnected from reality. I know that they are not from personal experience with women who have been raped or sexually assaulted. And I know that the people in power overwhelmingly side with the guy. A classmate at college was drugged and raped by a professor. What did they tell her? "Don't say anything, he doesn't have tenure." The campus police? "Don't go to the regular police, we'll take care of it." What happened to him? Nothing.

My girlfriend was followed home and attacked outside her apartment. There were witnesses. What did the police do? Hassle HER, ask her what she had been doing to entice the guy!

Sure there are false accusations of rape, just as there are false accusations of theft. Does that mean we shouldn't be so concerned about stealing? Are you claiming that there aren't a significant number of women who are still abused and attacked by men? I understand and agree with wanting to take the reverse situation seriously too--women abusing and attacking men--but I find it hard to believe that it happens on anything like a similar frequency. My personal experience just doesn't mesh with that. Many women I know feel afraid of physical harm from men, at least some men. Many men I know treat women like crap, or at least act like women should do whatever they want.
Posted by Team_Crazy 6 years ago
I don't believe feminism is used against men. In fact I believe that females are just as strong as men in their own way and that in fact men have yet to realize that. Women can do things that many men can't I know that women can multitask and are quite good in battles. In Avengers Black Widow is just as good a fighter as the other Marvel characters and yet she doesn't have a specific 'superpower'. In the video you posted yes the girl was annoying and slapped him but the only real thing I'm angry about is that she stopped at slapping him I would have used my fist instead of a sloppy attack like that but I don't like those dramatic shows as they are a fake interpretation of real life and will not waste my time watching it every time it goes on as so many other people do. So just because that one female used her 'feminism' against one guy doesn't mean we're all like that you wouldn't judge a classroom by one student and doing that with girls is disgusting. I don't like people who discriminate others and I hope humans have come past the time were we treat others unfairly because of who or what they are.
Posted by staringatangels 6 years ago
@ salshasam
I did not say that women are oppressed. My point was that feminists speak out because they _feel_ oppressed. At least that is the argument most of them seem to make. You seem to be implying that not only is this false, but they do not actually feel oppressed, they are doing it to take advantage of what they can.

I think that you should make this clear, and if you are arguing the latter, you need to prove this is their true motive, along with the argument that their claims are false. If you are saying that speaking out against oppression is selfish because you do not deem them actually oppressed, you are on a slippery slope to justifying any sort of prejudice or mistreatment you want simply because you don't deem it objectively true.
Posted by salshasam 6 years ago
How are women oppressed?
Posted by staringatangels 6 years ago
Wow, I'm not entirely sympathetic toward feminism, but these arguments are poorly put together. "Feminism is selfish." So it's selfish to speak out when you feel oppressed? Even if I don't agree that someone is oppressed, I wouldn't call their claim that they are selfish unless I thought they were being disingenuous, ie a liar. Sadly, I do think feminism can be detrimental and divisive in some cases, but I do believe it has been a necessary corrective to inequalities in some instances.
Posted by photopro21 6 years ago
is this debating just that it is used against men? or that it is insane also?
Posted by wiploc 6 years ago
Okay, Pro, I'm tempted.

I think feminism is good, and that it benefits men. I think anti-feminists are either evil or ignorant.*

What rules do you want to agree on?

*Not to give offense. I wouldn't say that during the debate. Just letting you know who I am with regard to this topic.
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