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Started: 11/11/2014 Category: Politics
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Nobody has ever had the courage to actually debate this with me without forfeiting or using ad-homenim.

Anyways, here's my argument:

Modern feminism is harmful for many reasons. The first hint at this is the prefix "Fem", or about women. Not about men, because feminism doesn't care about inequality towards men.

Now, I would like to address the issue of the "wage gap". The wage gap of 77% was a statistic measured many years ago. This is just assuming this statistic is true, which I don't think it is.

Next I would like to address the issue of domestic violence. Is domestic violence against women a problem? Yes. Of course it is. However, statistics have pointed out that close to 40% of domestic violence victims are men. Little to no attention has been given to this issue

Finally, I would like to address body image. Are women pressured to stay thin? As with domestic violence, yes. They are. But, again, so are men.

If anyone has read this far, thank you. I hope that someone will debate with me to help me shed light on feminism.


I thank my opponent for instigating this debate.

1. Feminism: "Feminism is a collection of movements and ideologies aimed at defining, establishing, and defending equal political, economic, cultural, and social rights for women."[1][2]

There has been, and still is, a prejudice against certain people. These prejudices have resulted in much abuse, but the female sex has been abused, and mistreated more than many others. It was not until 1919 until women were allowed to vote, and were considered equal in the eyes of the law[3], it was only in 1993 that the United Nations first passed a resolution for the protection of women rights[4], and despite this even today women are abused, beaten, and have to face glass ceilings.[5]

I will be advocating for Feminism as a positive philosophy where feminism is the belief that women, and men should be treated equally in all formal respects such as law, merit of job, education, et cetera. I will attempt to show that my opponent has a misguided understanding of feminism, and has no basis nor proof of the statistics he cites.

I shall be presenting two positive line of arguments.
1. All Are Born Equal
2. Women Are Yet Mistreated

LOA1: All Are Born Equal
"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." -Declaration of Independence

Even here the word "man" is used. This may seem to be a "free doctrine" when in fact here "man" is not gender neutral, and does not apply to dark skinned men, or women. In fact this only applied to white men. Even in one of the greatest documents of history, one finds prejudice.

Though the document does get one thing right: that each person is born with inalienable rights, and all are equal. Including women, girls, or members of the femine gender. Women are also sentient creatures, and possess the same cognitive abilities, reasoning capacities, as men. Thus we asert that women are in fact equal to men, and it would be much perverted of our opponent to disagree and state that women are in any view "inferior"

At this point we have won this debate. For so long as the belief that women and men are equal is prevalent the philosophy that they should be treated equally is naturally acceptable. That is truly what feminism is, not a doctrine which states that women are superior to men, or exactly the same (after all there are biological differences), but rather that women have the right to be treated equally in formal matters. They should be entitled to the same court benefits, the right to vote, the same education, the same salary, and the same treatment as men of equal caliber.

I shall be giving my second line of argument, and my refutations in the following second round for lack of time. My internet connection was having issues, I apologize.


Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for the response, especially since you had a bad internet connection.

Let me refute your points.

First off, I reject your definition of feminism. I think feminism was the belief that men and women should be equal, but I proved that this is no longer the case in third wave feminism.

I also reject your premise, because I stated in my first argument that MODERN feminism is harmful. My opponent has implied that it is the fault of men today that women weren't allowed to vote in some states until 1919. It was wrong that this happened, but taking revenge on men won't solve anything. In fact, it will cause embitterment between both sexes.

Your first argument is invalid, because I never said that men and women weren't intellectually equal (although they generally don't have as much physical strength as men do, which I will provide the proof for below). And again, you can't blame the phrasing of the Declaration of Independence on men born two centuries after it was created.

I don't think you have won this debate. Maybe I am wrong though. Maybe you can prove yourself in the second round.

Good luck (source for men's vs. women's strength)


Theophilos forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


My opponent has forfeited, proving that I have won the debate.


Theophilos forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Conqueror_Of_Middle_Earth 3 years ago
Datxdude you unquestionably won that debate well done.
Posted by DATXDUDE 3 years ago
Posted by DATXDUDE 3 years ago
how the hell am I losing

my opponent forfeited two rounds...
Posted by Theophilos 3 years ago
I apologize but for lack of time I could not write an excellent round.
Posted by Theophilos 3 years ago
DATXDUDE I will not.
Posted by DATXDUDE 3 years ago
Please don't forfeit.
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