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Feminist Gone Too Far?

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Started: 2/6/2015 Category: Society
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Feminism. Why do we need it still in the western world? I don't think we truly do.(IMPORTANT FACT HERE:I'M A FEMALE) Ok, I have learned about how oppressed woman were in history and I feel really bad about how they were viewed. But here's the thing. I don't feel western women need it anymore. We have equal rights as men, fact we even have more! We automatically have this "we're the victim" card when it comes to cases against males, just because we're female. Over the years I've been alive I've noticed some habits we as a western society have about the genders. Like the biggest one in my opinion, "Don't hit a girl" but a girl can it a guy. If I am hitting and pounding on a guy just because I can't control myself(as I was raised up not to do) I better not be surprised when a guy hits me back, because I was acting out of control. I've looked up so many stories and videos on girlfriends beating up boyfriends IN PUBLIC and not one person steps in to defend the poor guy who isn't fighting back. But when the girlfriend gets verbally and physically abused in public everyone is right on the boyfriend, ready to beat him up themselves. I'm not saying it's right for a guy to hit and abuse his girlfriend, what I'm saying is that it's also not right for a girl to hit and abuse her boyfriend and for everyone to be OK with it. A lot of the responses to why the people didn't step in to defend the guy is because they though the guy deserved it or could defend himself. BUT HOW! HOW ON EARTH DO YOU EXPECT HIM TO DEFEND HIMSELF IF HE CAN'T HIT HER BACK! If she's really mad a simple shove isn't going to help and to just politely ask her to stop scratching and punching you in the gut isn't going to do it. Another problem with feminist is that they whine about not being payed the same amount of money for the same job. This is an old worn out statement which has been proved wrong, yet they keep using it! You do have to take into account that many woman do have children and have to take maternity leave. Another major issue that feminist bring up is rape. Now I don't want to downplay rape, it's a horrible thing. The slogan feminist like to use is:"Teach boys not to rape". The true definition of rape for awhile was a that only a woman could be raped and males were always the offender. Many people, even today seem to think that only men can rape, but WOMEN CAN ALSO RAPE and can rape men. Everyone should be taught not to rape but it happens anyway, sadly. We can't just put one group of people in the spotlight because we have stereotypical views of them. I most definitely don't think feminism is needed here in the western world, we need to help those oppressed women other countries get more rights and education.


I accept, Thanks for having me.

The resolution "feminist gone too far" posits an anti-feminist position. AceActsProductions's actual position should have been Pro(for) since her case postulates an anti-feminist response. Please note, based on the resolution our actual position would be:


This is gonna be fun. Lets start.I'll have something to cheer you up(hopefully) and if i'm lucky, to any readers out there as well. IDGAF about winning, all there is to it is that WE HAVE FUN debating :P.

*Note however I am not a modern feminist, nor am I a Pop Anita Serkessianist/Emma Watsonist Feminist who's dying to be a wanna be simone de beauvoir. I mostly hold post colonial feminist positions with an extra emphasize on radical feminism and only a few positions I hold are MRA(Men's Rights Advocate).

Vying for political correctness is a fallacious premise

The words "Everything is political" are often echoed by Liberal Feminists. The idea of politicizing everything is patently ridiculous. For example, after reading Clockwork Angel(Infernal Devices) by Cassandra Clare, the book is probably guilty of 4000 counts of misogynistic terms, 400 counts of patriarchal indoctrination & 4 counts of institutionalized rape. Male Protagonist such as William Herondale lashes out by calling women 'whore' especially against Sophie whom is known for being passive. Moreover, every girl in the series probably has an ambition to be a housewife, and that their life wouldn't be complete without a white shining knight.

The second book was even worse, as the Shadowhunters' Clave gathering involves the beratement of women leaders as incompetent, belonging in the kitchen. I won't spoil more, since it is a good book and IT DEFINITELY IS(FANBOY STARE) if we were to exclude political correctness. Despite being New York Bestselling series, it attracted no attention whatsoever, with no articles written on it for its nature. The reason for this is simple. We need not be politically correct. The book's aim was to instill emotional tantrum, as such shouldn't be subjected to societal criticism.

Similarly, what AceActsProduction is doing here is over generalizing domestic violence. When gender comes into our radar, it is not necessary to politicize the situation. There are different factors, namely leisure time comparisons, work ethics, social stigmas, labelling and ad infinitum. To view one aspect of social life and immediately ground it based on Social Vigilante Mentality is a fallacious premise. I could say the same of cooking shows that make fun of cooking in that they always literally throw eggs on the walls, using diet coke and adding human hair as seasoning and with that, I may utilize this as being politically correct by pointing out that it is a mockery to the art of cooking.

Thus, it is unwise to generalize it and ground it based on the socio-political approach, when the principle underlying it could be other factors namely the institution of marriage. None of which are related to 'Gender'. With that, I end my case.
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Posted by Nivek 1 year ago
You notified my email for that purpose? I don't get it. I'm no longer a feminist. You're blowing off steam at a 1 year old debate.
Posted by Polcor_Tofar 1 year ago
Rash Trump
Someone of poor intelligence that is quick to judge and use trump cards in conversation to win a debate E.g racist card, sexist card, ageist card...
I didn't employ Emma from the agency because of her work history but she wouldn't accept that and accused me of being sexist, what a Rash Trump!
Posted by Zarroette 3 years ago
You have offended me to what should be an illegal extent with your word-raping of proud feminists like myself. Enough with the mansplaining. You need to realise that the Patriarchy is so prevalent that you cannot help writing this misogynistic rant!! Remember that people's feelings are the line here!
Posted by TBR 3 years ago
You should switch pro/con from what I read in your post. A feminist is an individual. You are talking about feminism.

The entire thing seems to be a personal misunderstanding of the issues. Do you really think feminists are working to insure that they preserve some "we're the victim" card?

I'm not toughing this debate, but I wish someone would come along and take it. For the sake of women and men.
Posted by AFism 3 years ago
@AceActsProductions It seems as though you are conflating all types of feminism into one monolith. Let me clarify. There are different forms and types of feminism and many feminists define feminism in different ways. For example a well known black feminist Patricia Hill collins defines feminism as the belief that all should have equal opportunities regardless of creed, class, color and gender. All of the claims that you are making aren't just propagated by the type of feminist you are describing. It is clearly evident that you are not familiar with feminism and are using your personal experiences and opinions to justify your claims. I suggest that you google "types of feminists" or something similar so that you can broaden your knowledge in the subject. Maybe read a few articles and stop blindly ranting about it. You may find something you like :)

P.S. you should probably delete this debate because it will only end in a fruitless resolution.
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