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Feminists and SJWs want to give minorities power and discriminate against majorities in the process.

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Started: 3/29/2016 Category: Society
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This debate will be about SJWs and Feminist's ideas.

I will be arguing that their ideas are unjustified, useless, and discriminatory against majorities.

You will be arguing their arguements and ideas are needed and that they are not harmful.

1. Round 1 is acceptance only
2. No semantics or trolling. Let's have a civilized debate.
3. Cite your sources
4. Use proper spelling and grammar
5. BoP is shared

Good luck


I accept. Thanks for posing this debate and good luck!
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for accepting. I wish you good luck as well.

Before we begin, I would like to direct your attention to and read through some of the news articles. The things the SJWs are protesting are ridiculous, like right handed people need to "Check their privilege" or beige colored bandages are "White privilege" while there are real issues they should be protesting. Instead of protesting stupid things like saying "All lives matter" is white superiority, they should be protesting the high amount of minorities in prison, the "Shoot first, ask questions later" attitude we see in some police officers, or trying to not make minorities look like threats at a first glance simply because of their race. Those are real issues that we should be fighting, not all these stupid protestests about tiny things that aren't even discriminatory. They are trying to silence the majority and give power to the minorities, like when professors or students are silenced and forced to appolgize simply because they are conservative is ridiculous. Now, of course we all should be treated equally, but saying that these "Privileges" are oppressive is ridiculous.

Now that I have talked about colleges, I will move on to affirmative action. Affirmative action is pretty much racism and sexism against whites and males. Before I begin, of course I don't believe in workplace discrimination or hiring. Right now, colleges and workplaces are going out of their way to hire minorities. My proof? Apple. In tech jobs, 22% of jobs are held by women, but only 18% of computer science graduates were women. Do you know what that means? Apple is going out of their way to hire women over equally or more qualified men. That is unacceptable. Apple also managed to hire Asian employees 18% of the time when only 4.7% of Americans are Asian. Once again, Apple is going out of their ways to hire minorities. Here is my idea: HIRE THE BEST PEOPLE. Don't discriminate based off of race or gender. Just hire the best person. It doesn't matter what the color of their skin is as long as they are the most qualified person available.

Next, I will debuk the wage gap. First, the wage gap. We have all heard the figure, but the actual figure is all the women in America make 77% of all the men. That doesn't account for many relevant factors such as position, hours worked or job. So you could be comparing a jobless women to Bill Gates. Obviously there will be a difference. Once all the relevant factors are taken into consideration, the gap narrows to the point of vanishing. Why am I bringing this up? Because many feminists want to discriminate against men by paying them less and women more over a false idea.

There are many more things I could talk about, but I simply don't have time. So what I ask you to do in your argument is to respond to my points and show me that in general, SJW's and feminist's ideas are not discriminatory to majorities. I wouldn't be surprised that the next thing SJWs are protesting are how the grass is green which shows green eyed privilege or since the person a school is named after is white, it shows white superiority. I await your response and as always, good luck!



I"d like to begin my argument by talking briefly about social justice throughout history. Social justice warriors have existed for as long as society, fighting for equality where they noticed some individuals or groups of people being given an unfair advantage over others. An obvious example of this in our past is the subjugation of African Americans into slavery in the United States. Without the social justice warriors who demanded that black people had just as much right to freedom as anyone else, they might never have been released from their servitude, or been granted personhood after that.
Social justice warriors were also responsible for the women"s suffrage movement, which led to women being allowed to vote and eventually hold political office. They were also on the front lines of the fight for marriage equality, reproductive rights and other causes which resulted in human rights being afforded to more people and a more equal society overall.

Today social justice warriors continue to do good work, fighting for the rights of minorities whose pleas for help are currently being ignored by the government and the general population. They are fighting to ensure that gay people can"t be fired or kicked out of their apartment due to discrimination, that Muslims can wear the symbols of their faith anywhere without fear of arrest; they are fighting to end racial profiling, hate crimes, hurtful acts fueled by sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and so many other social injustices that happen every day.

I have read several of the articles on and looked deeper into the site"s purpose and ownership. It is obvious that Campus Reform is heavily biased against liberal ideas, and they are gathering the most ridiculous possible SJW exploits in order to discredit actual social justice warriors and the work they do. While there is a small (but vocal) community of SJWs who focus on stupid, insignificant things and fixate on labels and "privilege", the majority of social justice warriors who are actually lobbying for the rights of minorities are not bothered with such things. This website is definitely not representative of the focus of social justice in the world today.

I agree with you that people should be protesting the high number of minorities in prison (racial profiling) and they are. In fact, social justice warriors are currently lobbying to pass the End Racial Profiling Act.

As for affirmative action, I agree. There was a point in our history a few decades ago when affirmative action was necessary, as workplace discrimination ran too deep, and sexist and racial prejudices were still too prevalent. Today, I believe that people are much less likely to choose not to hire people based on sex or race, because there are so many legal protections in place for people to pursue in that case. There"s no reason to incentivize hiring minorities or women over white men.

However, you"re simply wrong about the wage gap. I live in Canada, not the United States, so I don"t know how similar the numbers are but here women absolutely get paid less than men as a rule. Alex Johnston, a researcher for Catalyst Canada found in her recent study that the average Canadian pay gap was just over $8,000 for women and men with similar skills and qualifications performing similar roles (so definitely not comparing a jobless woman to Bill Gates). Another study found that even though women comprise nearly half of the Canadian labour force, they made up just 5.3 percent of Canadian CEOs and held just 15.9 per cent of board seats in S & P/TSX 60 companies in 2013. This is definitely a problem that social justice warriors must fight to address, as it is only fair that women who are equally qualified and doing the same job as men should make equal pay.

In summary, social justice warriors are necessary to advancing society and fighting for the rights of minorities and the SJWs featured on (along with the ones swarming Tumblr and other social media platforms) are not representative of the views and actions of actual social justice warriors who are making a difference in society. Also, there are still quite a few social injustices, such as the pay gap, racial profiling, hate crimes and many more, to be fought. Social justice warriors have their work cut out for them and it is valuable work that they do.
Debate Round No. 2


Thank you for responding!

For the first part of your argument, I completely agree. SJWs have fought vital roles in the past.
And yes, I would agree that SJWs are fighting issues like racial profiling.

But for your point about, I disagree. Fighting, or at minimum agreeing, with things like ending racial profiling is now so common that it is a stretch to call someone like that a SJW. I guarantee that if you go out and ask 50 people who agree that we need to end discrimination against homosexuals, very few of them would call themselves SJWs. And I would hesitate to call the ones who focus on labels and privilege, "A small, vocal minority." I'm sure you've heard of the Mizzou student protests. In the videos taken, their seems to be tons of students protesting. Plus, The University of Missouri is having to cut their budgets due to the damage the SJWs have caused. So to me, it seems like people fighting to end racial profiling are normal people, and people who focus on labels are the real SJWs.

I'm glad you agree with me on affirmative action.

About the wage gap, you said that, "Alex Johnston, a researcher for Catalyst Canada found in her recent study that the average Canadian pay gap was just over $8,000 for women and men with similar skills and qualifications performing similar roles (so definitely not comparing a jobless woman to Bill Gates)". While that may be true, there are still so many other factors that play a role, such as hours worked, employer, education, and other factors, such as maternal leave. Who would pay a girl the same as a guy if she took more vacations then him and she had to take a long break away. And if your point is true, then why wouldn't their be more female CEOs, doctors, and engineers. If women get payed significantly less, then why wouldn't buisnesses hire way more women if they could pay them so little? I also disagree with the glass ceiling point. First off, women in general don't want to be high up in companies. They also are just less interested in STEM careers. Women also negotiate less then men, so they will accept lower level positions more then men. Not stereotypes, but just facts. So I just feel that SJWs are fighting a battle that they already won. If the government forces them to change, by paying women more, that would discriminate against ment in the process.

If these points don't convince you, then why do we never hear about the low amount of male teachers. I know men are less interested in that career, but we are always hearing about the, "STEM Gap". Why do we teach boys not to hit girls but we don't have such a big socialital rule that girls can't hit boys? Why are laws being passed that have men being guilty until proven innocent when their is a rape accusation against men? Why is there affirmative action in favor of women? Why are women favored by the court in divorce cases? Why are there fewer female inmates and why do women serve shorter sentences for the same crime as men? All things that are sexist against men that we never hear anyone talking about.

To conclude, I simply just believe that real issues are already frowned apon by nearly everyone, so I wouldn't call people SJWs for fighting these issues. So it would make sense to call the people talking about privilege the real SJWs.
And those SJWs are unarguably fighting to discriminate against straight white men in the process. So I believe my view still stands. Good luck.



Akarn forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


My opponent forfeited, so my argument still stands.


Akarn forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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