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Fidel Castro: Heroic leader or Cruel dictator

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Started: 10/11/2014 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I came here to see if I could find a decent augment about Fidel Castro. Please only take this debate if your serious about it.

Here's my argument

Fidel Castro and his buddy Che Guevera have created a oppressive and cruel government.

The Human Rights Watch has pointed out numerous and continuous abuses against human rights in Cuba. EX: Unfair trials, executions, suppression and censorship of free speech.

They took land from the farmers by force. They shot or imprisoned protesters of the government. Then the protesters were exiled from Cuba. Fidel Castos "revolution" didn't bring freedom to the already oppressed Cuban people, just another dictator.


I accept.
Debate Round No. 1


I'd like to thank my opponent for taking this debate.

My opening argument still stands


Brendan_Liam forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


itsmagyk forfeited this round.


Brendan_Liam forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by kkkkatie126 10 months ago
Fidel Castro was a great man. So sad he died. He will be missed.
Posted by kpup00 10 months ago
My grandfather's closest friends were executed overnight while he suffered in jail. Castro may have done a few things for Cuba, such as improve the economy for a couple years. But, like any dictator, he left a path of suffering and misery in his wake.
Posted by itsmagyk 2 years ago
I totally forgot I had created this debate until I was looking around on my account.

@masterdebater072399, You're telling me that everyone that fled from Cuba actually liked him? Then the ones who spoke bad about Fidel Castro were paid by the US to spread propaganda? Right, not because they had left family behind that they would never see again or he had taken everything away from him. Batista was a very different dictator then Fidel and horrible in his own right. The only reason Fidel came to power was BECAUSE of how horrible Batista was. However, Che Guevara and Castro were no better. They could throw you in jail or even execute you because you look "suspicious"

@Brendan_Laim, Again I'm sorry I was so late. (lmao 5 months late). I thought you had just abandoned the argument. The basis of your argument is that Fidel is a hero because he has survived CIA and mob assassination attempts. You then follow up with a sucker punch to the US. Nothing the US has done, as a modern government, can compare to what Fidel did. I don't know if you understand how Fidel Castro came to power. Batista, near the end of his rule, had destroyed the constitution and dissolved parliament. The people were outraged and riots broke out. Fidel Castro took this chance and started to gain power. He claimed he would bring a better life to Cubans and end this oppression under Batista. (He also claimed he was not a communist). Long story short, he takes power and basically goes back on everything he had said. So many innocent people lost their lives and others fled after losing everything. His "people" helped plan a revolution to take back Cuba. (see Bay of Pigs). Fidel Castro may be a strong and intelligent man. That doesn't mean he was a Hero.
Posted by masterdebater072399 2 years ago
If you think Castro is/was cruel, check out the government before him. The Batista regime was nothing pleasant. They would kill and murder for fun, Castro and did it for a cause. The Cubans who tell you Castro and Che were evil are just paid to go along with the negative American propaganda against socialism, communism, and dictatorship. Che and Castro were both men of honor with good intentions, let"s all be realistic, when were/are revolutions never violent?
Posted by Brendan_Liam 2 years ago
i thought i had 2 days, i wasnt trying to screw this up and while i forfeited round 2 and should get no votes, , I'll still post my argument here so you can at least counter and have a proper round 3 I hope:

Regardless of how Fidel has treated his people-one thing can be said, from a clear perspective, he is a leader and a hero simply because he remains in power.

How many dictators have remained in power, as long as Fidel, in the BACKYARD of the United States for 5 decades or whatever it is? I believe there are only two truly communist nations left: North Korea and Cuba.... that alone proves he's a leader, he's one of the two that survived the Cold War from the 2nd World and emerged with economic philosophy intact.

The Chinese or CCCP for example, reverted to a mixed economy under Deng Xiaoping, after the Gang of Four (with Mao Zedong) was executed... that's not really communism anymore. Cuba is.

Fidel has a lot of courage to stand up to the United States, as a leader and even moreso when we loom off his beaches... I mean, Kruschev bowed, but Fidel didn't... Everyone bows after enough pressure-look at how we've manipulated Iran and Iraq for decades... still do. Not Cuba.

Damn right he's a hero, simply for standing up to the biggest bully in history if for no other reason. And since he did it with everything on the line, proof in numerous attempts on his life by the CIA, all failed... yes, he's a real hero for his people, which makes him a heroic leader for sure.

I'll leave it at that, but I would point out that the US has done much worse things to its people than Fidel. So as long as we agree cruelty is a common event by some governments on their people, I would have to suggest you fail simply on the or-by stating he's no heroic leader. Sure as heck is. He's one of the best underdog stories in history, gotta love Fidel... at least his people are aware of the screwing they're getting, more than I can say as an American.
Posted by Randomguy69 2 years ago
He gets Cuban B itches though
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