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Finish the story.

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Started: 9/23/2013 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Finish the story. First round is for acceptance.


Accepted. Begin our second work, good sir.
Debate Round No. 1


Once upon a time, there was a thing. The thing's name was called Everybody. He lived in a place called Everywhere. Everybody was friends with Nobody, Anybody, and Somebody. Nobody lived in a place called Nowhere, Anybody lived in a place called Anywhere, and Somebody lived in a place called Somewhere. Everybody was different from each other. Everybody was not like Nobody, and Anybody was not like Somebody. Everybody was unique. One day,...


...Everybody went to Anywhere told Somebody Everybody thought he was unique. Anybody (living about Anywhere) overheard, went to Nowhere and told Nobody, and Nobody couldn't have cared less. Nobody thought Everybody being unique was quite a stretch.

"Everybody think he's unique and told Somebody. What makes him think Somebody in Anywhere cares? Or Somewhere? Or Everywhere? Nowhere, maybe," thought Nobody. "But nowhere outside of Nowhere would Somebody or Anybody care. Everybody knows Nobody couldn't care in Anywhere or anywhere."

It is about this time you should know Nobody was the boss of Nobody Cares, Inc. Everybody, Somebody, and Anybody worked there.

"Nobody can try to care," said Somebody, who came from Anywhere to Nowhere (as they all worked in Nowhere at Nobody Cares, Inc.). "After all, this is Nobody Cares. If Nobody couldn't care less, Nobody Cares means nothing. You should care."

"Leave me out of this," You responded.

"Yeah, what he said," said Me.

"No, Me, me. Not you," You replied.

"Oh." Me. "Oh, my."

"You and Me, we'll talk later!" Nobody exclaimed. "Only Anybody and Somebody can talk now."

"And Nobody," Somebody interjected. You and Me walked away, but You came back briefly.

"Can Anybody find Me Somebody to love?"

"Somebody doesn't roll that way," Somebody said, then, to Nobody in particular: "You, shouldn't ask Anybody to do that. That would make Anybody uncomfortable."

"Anybody and Everybody," Anybody confirmed.

"Everybody especially."

"Did Somebody say my name?" Everybody finally got to work.

"Hello, Everybody. How are you?" Somebody asked.

"I'm good," You replied.

Everybody shouted, "You, shut up." Everybody disliked You. Frankly, he was sick of You. You finally left.

Nobody calmly stated, "Everybody and I need to talk. Somebody and Anybody, leave my office now." Somebody and Anybody left. "Now, Everybody, we can begin."
Debate Round No. 2


"What is it?" Everybody asked.
"I have a special assignment for you." Nobody said.
"What is it?"
Nobody replied, "I want you to destroy Anybody and Somebody."
Everybody asked, "But why?"
"Because, I. HATE. THEM!"
Everybody thought, "Maybe Nobody is crazy. He's probably nuts! But if I don't do it, he'll probably come after me. Then I'd be seriously screwed. I guess I have to say yes."
Everybody said, "No."
Nobody replied, "Ok, then." He pressed through a button and spoke through the intercom, "Everyone, get Everybody!" Everybody started to run. He smashed through the walls and out of the building. He ran and ran. He ended up Somewhere. Just when he lost Everyone, he saw Somebody with Anybody.
Everybody called, "What are you doing?"
They replied, "Hiding."
"Why?" Everybody asked.
"Why do you think!" Somebody replied. "Nobody has gone crazy!"
"He's a complete psychopath!" Anybody added.
Everybody said, "We use to be friends. What happened?"
"I think I know the reason why." Anybody said, "It's because we farted Nowhere."
"WHAT!?!?" Everybody exclaimed.
"Yes, Nowhere smells like a pile of butts now, thanks to us."
"Wow, this sucks." Then, they were spotted by Everyone.
Everyone yelled, "I founded them!" Nobody and Everyone started to chase after Everybody, Somebody, and Anybody. So the three started to run away. But Somebody tripped.
"Take my hand!" Everybody called. But it was too late. Nobody captured Somebody. Everybody and Anybody couldn't do anything, so they took off. They eventually got to Anywhere.
"So, what should we do?" Anybody asked.
"I don't know."


The lack of wordplay was disappointing. Oh well...

Anybody could see that something needed to be done. Somebody was going to be killed if Nobody had the last say. Everybody agreed. Anybody said, "I have a plan. You and Me are gonna do something about it."


Soon enough, Everybody had snuck back to Nowhere. There he met You and Me.

You asked, "What can we do?"

Me: "We barely got out of there. Nobody can't be trusted; nobody can."

"Anybody will take care of it," Everbody said. "Don't worry, Somebody will be fine." Everybody was worried, but he couldn't let You and Me know. If Nobody knew, he'd smell his fear.

By now, the sky over Nowhere was turning black and Anybody could see it from Anywhere and Everywhere (he walked down the border towards Nowhere). He was worried too, but his plan was all ready to go. He just wasn't sure how this tale would end.

Everybody went into Nobody Cares with You and Me. The building was empty and silent- no workers or even the hum of the computers. Everybody knew Somebody was there, though. There was a large arrow painted on one of the walls, signalling where Everybody had to go, although Everybody was hesitant. "You, follow Me. I'll lead." The group walked through the dark corridors, unaware that Everyone was watching.


"Anybody, are you sure about this?"
"Yes. He's ready, and so am I. We can handle this."


Everbody neared the top of the building. You and Me weren't far behind. The door at the end of the final hallway was marked with a star. Everybody turned back. "You ready?"

"Yeah," You said. He asked Me the same.

"A little nervous, but yeah."

Everbody nodded, and turned back. By now, Everyone had blocked the entrance. "Let us through, Everyone."

Everyone laughed. "You wish."

"I wish we could go in," You wished.

"That's better," Everyone said, and stepped aside. Everybody hesitated, and then proceeded. Everybody stepped through the door. "Hold on," he said. "You and Me are staying here." Everybody turned. You and Me nodded and told Everybody to go on. The door closed behind him. He looked ahead and saw Nobody with Somebody, who was bound and gagged.

"Let him go," Everybody said. Nobody laughed.

"Why should I?"

"Because I know Nobody would. The old Nobody would. What's going on?"

"You think you're so unique. Well, Everbody can't be unique."

"You're unique too. I know You, and he says you're unique. Somebody thinks you're unique. Anybody does, and Everyone does. Me too."

"You lie!" Nobody exclaimed.

"I don't. Where's the Nobody I used to know?"

Nobody began to cry. He dipped his head down, then raised it again. He had a large smile on his face. "Thank you, Everybody. I just heard you telling Anyone you thought you were unique, and I didn't feel so unique anymore." He untied Somebody and Everybody took him away from Nobody. "Thank you for telling me that you think I'm unique."

Suddenly, a helicopter appeared in the massive window behind Nobody. In it was Anybody, He and We. I was in a lowered section housing a machine gun. The walkie talkie at Everybody's hip sounded: "I got him!" Anybody said. Everybody screamed at them to stop, but it was too late. The bullets ripped through the window and tore through Nobody. Nobody collapsed to the floor, a weak smile disappearing quickly from his face.


The group met outside shortly after- Everybody, Everyone, We, Me, Somebody, Anybody, and You and I.

"I told you to stop," Everybody said.

"No I didn't, You did," I defended.

You was quick to respond, "Everybody said that, don't blame that on me."

"He didn't even mention me!" Me exclaimed. "Everyone can testify."

"Yep. We can." Everyone confirmed.

"Did somebody say something? I can't hear too well," We said.

"Nope." Somebody was tired. It was a long say for him. "Anybody have any last words?"

"Can we quit saying each other's names?" Anybody asked.

We said, "Nope."

The End
Debate Round No. 3
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