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Fitbit is better than Garmin and everyone else

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Started: 1/13/2017 Category: Sports
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I think Fitbit is the best fitness tracking company by far as their design is great and they have a lot of useful features. By this I do not mean to say that the other companies are bad but I am just saying that I think Fitbit is the best of this bunch.


Apple Watch Series 2 Advantages: Six Reasons To Buy
Apple Watch Series 2 Advantages 1: GPS and Water Resistance 50 Meters
Apple Watch Series 2 has built-in GPS, which is the first big Apple Watch Series 2 advantage and helps track workouts without the need to take an iPhone. Apple Watch Series 2 is set for sports - water resistant up to 50 meters, making it can be worn while swimming or surfing. This a big advantages from Apple Watch Series 2 over other Samsung Android smart watches .
Apple Watch Series 2 Pros 2: Processor
Other top Apple Watch Series 2 advantage - up to 50X faster than the Apple Watch Series 1. The new Apple Watch Series 2 comes with the second generation S2 chip that greatly speeds up performance, a new GPU making greater graphics performance, brighter display at 1,000 nits.
Apple Watch Series 2 Benefits 3: Various Useful Apps
It boasts various common best apps for Apple Watch, including some free sports apps, with which wearers can access the Messages, Mail, Weather, Calendar, Maps, Passbook, Music. It's more like a tiny wrist computer, in a new and smaller way with the tiny watch face around 40mm. Another killer advantage of Apple Watch lies in the built-in microphone and a speaker, so wearers can interact with the watch by Siri as well as make and receive phone calls. In addition, the most popular augmented reality game Pokemon Go is coming to Apple Watch Series 2. At the same time, watchOS 3 is Apple Watch Series 2 advantage, making it simpler to open and shut up these apps especially for wheelchair users.
Apple Watch Series 2 Advantages 4: Great Fitness & Health Feature
Much of the focus has been on one of the simple and compelling Apple Watch features: a suite of fitness and health-oriented features. With a sensor that can track the steps and heart rate of the wearer, Apple Watch is able to show off the daily movements of the wearer, like walking, standing or exercising, and over time suggest customized exercises for the wearer. Besides, Apple advanced health apps with CareKit and ResearchKit in new Apple Event on Mar 21, 2016, finding a way to predict seizures with Apple Watch. This Apple Watch advantage is gaining popularity in a society where people care more about how to live a healthier life.
Benefits of Apple Watch 5: Digital Crown
The Digital Crown is without doubt among the killing advantages of Apple Watch that set it apart from other competing smart watches. A common problem with smart watches is that it's clumsy to control the tiny interface. Apple solve this problem brilliantly with a traditional feature of watches: the dial on the side of the watch, what Apple calls the Digital Crown. As one of the striking Apple Watch benefits, the Digital Crown allows wearers to correctly select interface icon and scroll through elements on the watch face.
Advantages of Apple Watch 6: Various Apple Watch Variants
With three different Apple Watch categories, two face sizes and a collection of straps, a bevy of options are available. As remarked by an Apple fan, Apple is thinking for more than one type of customer. Obviously, everyone is gonna find their favorite from the 34 different Apple Watches models.
Apple Watch Series 2 Advantages: Apple Watch VS Android Wear
In addition to Apple Watch, a pack of smart watches are available on the market. With so many hitting advantages of Apple Watch Series 2, it is believed that this Apple smart watch will catch up with dozens of Android Wear. So how Android Wear stacks up against with various benefits Apple Watch Series 2 has to offer? Which one will wow your wist? Recent reports says that Google is getting its Android Wear smartwatch platform to work with the iPhone. If Google develops an Android Wear app for iOS, will the Apple Watch advantages remain intact? To figure out that, below we list several leading competitors in the fight of Apple Watch vs Android Wear.
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Posted by lua 1 year ago
Another plagiarized article. Literally ripped for line, didn't even bother to fix the layout.
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