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Flame War Insults

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Started: 2/23/2016 Category: Funny
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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This is NOT for real. There's no beef between me and my opponent, I just thought this as a fun thing to pass time. We try to out insult each other via a flame war. Round one is acceptance.


I accept.

Za Rodinu! Za Stalina!
Debate Round No. 1


My opponent's hilarious attempt to woo the crowd in his favor by proclaiming his devotion to Stalin is a futile one. He's basically saying "vote for me! I know more things than him!" We all know Stalin is dead, deal with it. "ComradeMeow"? What kind of name is that? If I closed my eyes and pointed to two random words in a dictionary, I could come up with a better username than that. It's 6year olds like you that I hate on this site. Voting on a biased opinion instead of the actual arguments, antagonizing anyone that doesn't agree with your logic or ideas,etc. You try to make yourself cool, so everyone will respect you. Your nipple-sized brain can't comprehend the fact that it's quite the opposite. Learn to be a real debater before coming back here.


I'm not a real debater? Are you sure? At Least I'm not a 9 year old FNAF fan boy. Besides, let's think about it: My name is MUCH better than yours. "Yomama12?" Are you 6 years old? At least my user name is original. Additionally, while Stalin is dead, he lead one of the most powerful nations in the world. So in other words, as he lies in his coffin, he is still better. His lifeless skeleton could probably chew you out better than you could. Besides, I don't need to try to be cool. I am the Cool Reincarnate! After all, my luscious dome that happens to be my head agrees. Besides, I'm not the one stuck with the pacifier.

Now, let's move on to my opponent:

1) He has shown no sign of intelligence!
I mean, lets be serious. Have you ever seen an intelligent person with a FNAF shirt? FNAF Avatars? No one has. Seriously, FNAF is the bane of everyone existence and should be stomped out like everything else this generation spouts out. After all, it is pure cringe. "Damn Daniel?" More like "Damn, I'm a retard."

2) He implies that knowing more things than others is bad.

Since when was this bad? If I'm not mistaken, doesn't EVERYONE on this site know more than the average person? Well, with the exception of you, of course. Anyway, if that's true, you just gave the international finger salute to everyone on this site! Doesn't this make your blood boil? That is just an insult to this site.

3) He likes Teen Titans Go!

Seriously? This just PROVES that you're 6 years old! Didn't that show get down because all of the kiddies who watched it actually got a life?

4)He likes the worst thing known to man: MANGA.

In other words, he's a weeaboo. Go join a "fandom" that isn't full of dimwits, if you could. Then again, I think that's the only "Fandom" that you could really be liked in. After all, you have the most experience.

5) I actually use a format instead of sprouting out garbage that can easily be dissed.

There really is no need for an argument here. After all, it's not really a debate. It's more like a Noob Snipe".

I look forward to a good massacre!
Debate Round No. 2


Pacifier? Would a baby be able to type on a keyboard? Now that I think about, a baby on a keyboard could probably type a better argument by smacking the sh*t out of it.

You think FNAF is a bad profile picture? LOOK AT YOURS! Do you think I can take you seriously when you have a cat soldier as your profile picture? At least mine is a picture people would actually use for a profile picture. I could have a seizure while on Photoshop and make a better picture than yours. And thats not even pointing out your username... Besides, would you rather I have this as my profile picture? Its one of the only other things I LIKE!

Stalin's ideas died with him. get with the program. Everyone knows it's time to Trump it.

Why haven't YOU posted anything about what YOU like. Lets think about that. Are there REASONS behind it, EMBARRASSING things you want to keep private?

Manga's bad? Slow down there, or you'll get half the internet up your arse, demanding you take it back.

Teen Titans was an excellent series. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean you need to antagonize everyone that does! What if I said I don't like Stalin? Or cats? That doesn't mean anything. Your just proving yourself to be a butthurt pr*ck whos head is so far up their own arse they can't accept the fact that there's more ways of thinking than D*uchebag 101

Good day sir!


Well, It seems like I was wrong. FNAF was not the worst fandom in the world...

Undertale is.

Anyway, atleast my profile picture was one made by a legitimate artist, not some crap spat out by some fanboy (

Besides, even though Stalin is dead, his ideas live on. For example, Charles Darwin is dead, yet people still believe in Evolution and whatnot..

The reason why I haven't posted anything I like is so kiddies like you won't be confused by my superior intellect. Besides, I don't have enough time to do it. I spend all of my time Noobsniping people like you.

Manga is bad. Ever heard of a weeaboo? Besides, since when was half of the internet full of weeaboos?

Spoiler Alert: The reason why i'm a "D*uchebag" is because Teen Titans is utterly horrible. Oh look, it's a bunch of super dramatic teens1! Just because you don't like other people's opinions doesn't mean you can realize the truth: TEEN TITANS SHOULD BE STOMPED OUT.

I'd also like to point out that I still use a format, unlike my opponent.

1) My opponent has not talked about how he is a weeaboo.

Weeaboo are the scum of the earth. Need I say more?

2) My opponent has not talked about how he implies knowing more is bad.

He has not once responded to this, most likely affirming that he agrees with this.

3) Have you ever seen anyone with an undertale shirt?

Just look up "Undertale fanart" and you'll be blasted with the sheer...You can't even describe it.

4) He is still a FNAF fan.

Again, he has not responded to how he is not a FNAF fan. So, he still a scumbag.

My professional diagnosis:

Yomama12= Scumbag
Debate Round No. 3


You are onviosly trying to dig into the bottom of the barrel with your arguments, If you had to look at my profile JUST to find something to rant about. Don't forget there's still a couple of things YOU have avoided...

-you never rebutted about the whole username thing
-your rant on my likes are totally BIASED!
-what is this "format" you speak of? "Being a d*ck 101?
-so what about the whole Darwin thing? Christsianity believed the Earth was the center of the universe for thousands of years. But look where that got them.
-your saying of weeaboo being "scum of the earth" is nothing but a biased remark against a whole community. That's like me saying people who believe In Stalin's ideas are complete trash and should kill themselves for the betterment of the whole world
-Fandoms are none of your business. If you don't like a fandom, just LEAVE IT THE F*CK ALONE! You don't need to make millions of people mad at you with one statement.

In conclusion of this round, your complete rambling is nothing but a complete waste of a debate. A mute autistic baby could say a better argument.



Me digging at the bottom on the barrel? Please. Just look at your arguments:

-You never even said anything about the whole username thing! Infact, if anything, you dropped that arguement!
-Like your rants are unbiased? Going against stalin? Don't act like you're the "good" person here. If anything, you're the antagonist.
-Most people on the Internet would agree that weeaboos are bad. Infact, there's a guide to NOT be a weeaboo! [] I mean, no one likes them! Besides, you didn't say anything about not being a weeaboo, which implies that you are indeed a weeaboo.
-This "Format" was obviously hard for you to spot, due to your lack of it. It's not hard to see.
-Again, weeaboos ARE the scum of the earth! Even the Japanese, the creators of the content weeaboos band around, hate them! []
-Fandoms shouldn't of even been brought into the arguement at all. They are horrible. They are disgusting. They also are 40 year old men who look at MLP fan fictions. But the reason why this whole 'weeaboo' thing came into play, was because you act as if you are part of one!

Let's just paint a picture of my opponent:
He is a 40 year old Weeaboo who enjoys writing fan fictions. He sleeps by his waifu body pillow every night, licking it gently. His favorite fan fiction to write about is Teen Titans Go! He despises common sense, and the fact that the majority of is smarter than him. He sleeps in his basement in his mothers house, and eats Hot Pockets for a living. He is the scum of the earth, to put it simply. Oh, and he's also a Scumbag.

I assume the next round is the conclusion.
Debate Round No. 4


So you're basically that if I want to, I can believe in anyone's intentions and people wont hate me for it. What if I said I like the KKK? You would probably bring that up, wouldn't you?

You realize that Manga is made by everybody, not just Japanese people. That's pretty much stereotyping at it's finest.

We shouldn't have brought in fandoms huh? That's a laugh, considering YOU"RE THE ONE WHO BROUGHT THEM IN IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!

Implying that every person in a fandom is a 40 year old brony is also stereotyping

Here's my picture of my opponent:

He is a superiority complex-minded, virgin d*uchebag who likes nothing more than to antagonize on sight with everybody who doesn't share his hot passion for dead Russian leaders. As you silently make love to a Stalin cardboard cutout with a cat as a face, trying not to get caught(as he lives in his mother's basement), you ponder where life could have been if you haven't been so stereotypical about your old Japanese boss, who fired you after you asked what Manga he was thinking of making.



ComradeMeow forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Fx-82ZAPLUS 2 years ago
Boring flame - war .
Posted by ComradeMeow 2 years ago
I died. Don't let the forfeit fool you.
Posted by RadiatedDalek 2 years ago
Posted by ComradeMeow 2 years ago
This debate has turned into something otherworldly.

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