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Floyd Mayweather Jr would beat Manny Pacquiao in a boxing match

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Started: 3/25/2011 Category: Sports
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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This is assuming they both fight at welterweight

Floyd Mayweather is a superior boxer.
His speed is remarkable
His defense is the best
and he is undefeated

Manny Pacquiao is only the pound for pound best boxer because Floyd retired.
Manny gets hit way too easily, he relies too much on brawling.
Manny has lost before, and has had controversial bouts with Juan Manuel Marquez

There is proof that Manny can be beaten, there is no proof that Mayweather can be beaten at the pro level.


Why do you believe Mayweather is a superior boxer? There are a lot of superior boxers in my belief for example Cotto, Mosley, and Pacquiao(1). As you notice in my first source, Pacquiao comes first and Mayweather comes right after even though they both have the same pound-for -pound. You state that the reason for this is because Mayweather retire, but why would Mayweather retire especially when he was "supposedly" at the top of his game.

Speed and Power

Mayweather's speed in my opinion is remarkable, but Pacquiao's speed is also incredible. Actually, another boxer,Juan Manuel Marquez, says that Pacquiao does not only have a stronger punch than Mayweather, but is also faster than him (2).Pacquiao has the best of it in terms of power, knocking out seven compared to only four by Mayweather.(3)

Manny gets hit way too easily...

In boxing, I haven't seen one match where the boxer does not get punch. Every boxer gets punched, it all depends on the technique/plan the boxer chooses against his opponent. Also, every boxer makes mistakes. After all, he is human. What I like about Pacquiao is that he lost. Your probably saying what?! But, I have my reasons. Mayweather is cocky, likes to show off through his "speed". His cockiness is also very contagious as my opponent stated there is NO PROOF Mayweather can be beaten at the pro level.


"It would appear from my graphic that Manny has fought the much tougher, or dare I say more experienced fighters. His opponent’s average record is 45-3, while Mayweather’s is 38-4. Both have quality wins over big names, the biggest name on each resume is obviously Oscar De La Hoya."


Debate Round No. 1


Blank forfeited this round.


Since my opponent has refused to respond, I will continue my argument.

Manny gets hit way too easily...

As I stated before, in every boxing match,the boxer must get punched, after all that is the sport. Even though Mayweather has great defense, he will get hit.


I will like to clarify this point because as I read it I was like Oh my that was not what I intended. What I meant is that Mayweather believes he's the best boxer because he is undefeated and all this, yet he will not fight Mayweather because he is "retired". I believe Mayweather is scared of Pacquiao because he knows he's going to loose. After all, he did ask for Pacquiao to take a drug test by blood. Yet, Pacquiao disagreed because taking away blood weakens you. (Trust me I know by first hand experience and it sucks).

The video I posted is about the fight everyone wants to see. And Mayweather states "Whatever what they do they cannot beat me." If he fights Pacquiao, he will get beat so he decides to retire even though he is young.

Debate Round No. 2


Blank forfeited this round.


As my opponent refused to debate at all, I ask you to please vote for Con. Manny Pacquiao will win the fight, but Mayweather is just too afraid to fight against him. So, Mayweather quit. It was his way out so he could remain unbeatable.

Refering to my video in Round 2, you can see Pacquiao's punch is more powerful than Mayweather. Pacquiao's punched literally moved the boxers body. Also, while in training, Pacquiao's training was obviously more efficent because he is ducking the punch. While Mayweather's trainer is hitting him on the shoulder, tell me What boxer is going to punch you on the shoulder?

To conclude, this argument. I will like to state that Mayweather needs to come out of retirement for this one fight everyone so desperately wants to see. So, we can proove who is the superior boxer.

Thank you.

Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by alextp7 7 years ago
the last quote was from my 3rd source
Posted by m93samman 7 years ago
Wow, your argument is impeccable.
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