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For and against learning international news at school

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Started: 2/7/2014 Category: Education
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Students today are already confronted with many stresses associated with formal education. Also, no long-term value here


I believe,student's should learn International News,to keep Student's informed on the happenings of the world,which keep's literacy rates up in America,and is a positive influence on their education
Debate Round No. 1


Well, there are differences between academic language and language used by journalists. . Academic English is much more formal and structured. Journalists in America are often trained to write to the 4th-grade level of education as some adults are not so literate. In other words, keep your words as simple as possible.

Even if, reading international news could really keep literacy rates up to some extent, I believe reading books is more helpful and national news should has the same influence. Since national news are more meaningful to us, why do we or students need to learn international news at school?

For me, studying international news in school is a waste of time. Students who are interested in contemporary issues can easily find access to obtain international news. For those who have no interest in news, passive learning would do more harm than good.



Isn't the purpose of Education,to learn? Isn't reading International News learning? Isn't reading a fundamental part of the education of our children,which are the future of our country,and if we are going to raise illiterate,uninformed children,isn't that where our education system has failed. We need to improve our education system,and for me,learning international news keep's children informed,and literate,besides most news stories are written at a 6th grade level. Back in the 90's when i was growing up,we did papers on international news stories,and that made me a informed individual,who today reads the news every morning. This is a great thing,especially in a country,with pretty high illiteracy rates ,for a first world Nation
Debate Round No. 2


1. This debate is not about whether be aware of globe issue is good or bad. This is only about whether it has to be learning at school.

2. My opponent said he read news every morning, as a result of papers on international news stories he did when he was young (or younger). A lot of people, who did not learn international news at school, enjoy reading news everyday too, Also, Learning news at school does not mean kid would read news often in the later stage of life.

3. In the same way, learning this subject does not necessary lead to literate individuals, as reading classes and writing classes do.

4.News will lost its value when time pass. It is undoubtedly that when kids grow up news that they learnt in school will out of date. Education is cost a lot each year. So it is unnecessary to waste education resource on such subject.


What exactly,is so costly,about learning News? It's about eliminating the issue of illiteracy in America,which is a rare problem in most 1st World Nations. What exactly is so detrimental,to a already failing education system,about reading and learning how to read international news,it will keep kids,involved in the happenings of other nations,and not utterly ignorant of what's going on outside of America. We are looking to improve the Education system,not to take away things that are a benefit to literacy. Kid's need to comprehend stories,and reading the news,is an easy way to comprehend stories,kid's may not even care about the issues happening in other nations,but guess what? When I was 14 in 1999,do you think i initially cared about the happenings in other nations? No,but guess what,i became an informed individual,do we just want to keep our children oblivious to the happenings of nations abroad? That's not the key to success in an already failing education system,not in my opinion.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Claris 3 years ago
Me? Yes
Posted by MysticEgg 3 years ago
You're against, correct?
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