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For playing video games, computers are a better choice than consoles

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Started: 12/5/2014 Category: Games
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Computers, like desktop PCs, the Steam Box, and laptops (mostly) can perform better than a console when talking about video games.

Pros of computers:
They can be easily upgraded to meet specific requirements for games of similar architecture.
They can cost less than a console and can be optimized to reach any amounts of refresh rates.
Computers are compatible with all kind of software, like Fraps for recording (or any other similar software), overlays (like Origin's, Steam's, Teamspeak's, etc), shortcuts can be configured, better anti-cheat systems are developed (or hacks are made, for those who enjoy this), and hardware, like console controllers, motorized chairs, driving set-ups, multiple screens for better fields of view, etc.
Computers have a wide range of components that you can choose from, which will fulfill your required needs; from a professional sound card for the music industry, to an enterprise entry-level GPUs for animation, real-time rendering scenery, and public 3D demonstrations.
Computers can also offer a lot of extra services, with no extra cost, like VoIP calls, fully flexible internet browsing, customization tools, enterprise-level and community-made support applications like drivers, controllers, game modifications, etc.
Developers have created ways of playing old and new video games from portable and stationary consoles, on computers, and most of these can even connect to the internet, and simulate a real console.
Many services and applications offered for computers only are mostly free, and if not, there are much better, reliable and customizable alternatives for what you need.
Computers also own amazing exclusives for all the likings. The list is big and varied so I will not list it as examples.
Virtual Stores like Steam and Origin always set up events with discounts ranging from 60%, up to 90%, or even 95% off on games. And if you are not like the people who buy the game and then try it, and instead you feel like trying it out at a friend's house or at a video game store, you can get a copy of the game very easily to try it out and decide if you'd like to buy it or not, for the benefits of multiplayer, DLC, backups, cloud services, etc.
When on multiplayer games, most of the servers can hold 32, 64, 120, and even 3000 players at once, creating amazing chaos and fun, or perfect and massive roleplaying if you are into that.
Subscriptions for games are mostly a thing of the past., and if you enjoy their free games, places like the Humble Bundle exist to give out games for a good cause, like donating for charity, while you get a pack of games for the low prices of $3 to $10 USD, with games that range from the most indie, comfortable, relaxed, warmest, interesting and deepest of games, to the most Triple A titles (like the case of EA, giving Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4 and Mirror's Edge in a cheap bundle).

Cons of computers:
Triple A titles like Beyond: Two Souls, Infamous: Second Son, The Last of Us, and other great masterpieces do not get on the PC bandwagon for multiple reasons. Despite of people trying to port and emulate them on PC, there's still a long way until it happens.
If you are looking to play with friends, most of them are probably on console, playing games like Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare, of having fun on the streets of Grand Theft Auto V. Your friends are not likely to move to PC, unless someone with a smooth and nicely looking machine can show them the benefits. And it is quite difficult to find someone who does. Why spend money on a PC, if your friends (who are of your importance) will still be playing on their consoles?

As a final dependency:
If you are the consumer who doesn't buy many games often, and you are worried about how much money you spend, you usually don't have an appropriate budget for playing on PC, and if you feel like moving over to computers, you are stuck with two choices. It is either buying an expensive laptop, that claims to be the next-generation gaming system, hoping that it will last long without getting slower and slower over time, or spending quite some money on a custom-built computer for reaching great frame rates next to extreme graphic eye-candy.
And if saving money is a top-high priority, consoles may seem cheap at first, but after constantly paying $60 USD for most of the games, and having a monthly or annual subscription to play the games on line, you will already have balanced out the money you have spent, with the money you could've spent on a professional machine, without worrying about spending more than you could've afforded (quoting a reference to the fact that you can try out games before buying them).


All of your arguments are invalid or untrue.
It is very hard to upgrade a PC, and consoles are more easy to upgrade. To upgrade with console, just buy the next console in the next console generation.

Consoles are more powerful. Uncharted looks better than counter strike on lowest settings.

Typing is more accurate on console.

Consoles do not try to confuse you with high framerates, making games go too fast. Slow and steady wins the race!

PS4 has 2 USB ports, PC only 1.
Debate Round No. 1


"All of your arguments are invalid or untrue."

You have not proven so.
"It is very hard to upgrade a PC, and consoles are more easy to upgrade. To upgrade with console, just buy the next console in the next console generation."

It is not. If you have built your own computer, then you already have the skills to upgrade it. If you have purchased your computer, then the store can upgrade it for you. If you stick with the console, you'll have to wait many years until the next one with better hardware comes out.
"Consoles are more powerful."

Since a computer can hold any kind of hardware with it, and a console cannot, your argument is invalid. Also, you are not specifying which console you are talking about against which computer.
"Uncharted looks better than counter strike on lowest settings."

Ah, the super common Argumentum ad populum fallacy. Good or bad are subjective terms. A debate is always about facts and being objective, therefore your argument is invalid. Also, you did not specify what counter-strike you were talking about.
"Typing is more accurate on console."

If you are typing with a keyboard, then it's the same on console and on a computer, since you are using the same method. If you are talking about dragging your selector with the controller, then that is nowhere more accurate than a keyboard.
"Consoles do not try to confuse you with high framerates, making games go too fast. Slow and steady wins the race!"

A higher framerate with allow you to react more quickly to anything. A lower framerate will limit your response time, making you a more vulnerable player.
"PS4 has 2 USB ports, PC only 1."

Depends. If we are talking about the Raspberry Pi, then-
Oh wait, even that has 2 USB ports.

There's no custom-built computer that has less than 3 USB ports.


UnderDude forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


MaxZamoraJ forfeited this round.


UnderDude forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
7 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 7 records.
Posted by MatthewL 2 years ago
First of all gaming consoles are way cheaper if you want a lag free gameplay experience. you have to have atleast a 1000$ gaming pc to have smooth gameplay and graphics.
Posted by Hylian_3000 2 years ago
There's so much Con could have used to defend Consoles (trust me, I've debated this before), and he just misses all of it.
Posted by EqualityMakesaDiffernce 2 years ago
Pro will win easily
the con argument states
"Consoles are easier to upgrade, you just need to buy the next console in-line"
I because im pro- pc gaming
would say
PCs are much easier to upgrade as you do not have to wait for hardware updates and you don't have to buy a new computer EVERY TIME you want to upgrade it, of course if you are using a laptop it is not as easy to game on but pcs have way more flexibility and ay more software options like Operating systems (Linux,OSX,Windows) and prgorams themselves(Chrome,Steam and more) so easily pcs are better then consoles.
Posted by l3gendluk3 2 years ago
Wow pro winning by a long shot.

"Can't upgrade as easily"
Well instead of being stuck with the same components for 3-4 years, pc users can upgrade at any time - the main one being graphics card which usually entails one removing the external power connecters, unlocking the installed one and taking it out, putting the new one in, plugging in the external power, ???, profit

"Consoles have a higher power"
By simple specs, even low end pc's have more power than the APU driven consoles. Please don't try compare different games

High frame rates do not affect game speed, only how fast it renders

Obvious troll is obvious.
Posted by MaxZamoraJ 2 years ago
I can see how all of you come from /r/gaming, the territory of the console empire. My arguments haven't been claimed as invalid. If you think they are, justify your reasons.
Posted by fireguy354 2 years ago
wow con, I understand how pro's arguments are invalid, but I got to say, yours aren't that good either. There lies!
Posted by semaj9001 2 years ago
That's a pretty bad con in the first round with either complete lies or arguments with no actual data.
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